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Molly's Beginning

Molly and the Pumpkin King

© Halloween Town Tales

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She slowly stepped on the ramp and checked her surroundings. She closed her eyes and sigh.
"Ready to go?!" He came out of nowhere when he asked. She yelp and stared at him, panting. "There's no to be jumpy. I must say, you look very adorable in that outfit! Cute and mysterious!"
"I guess I can take that as a commitment."
"Anyways, lets go down the ramp and out the door!"

As they walked down, Molly can't seem to shake off her nervous feeling. I know I told myself to be brave. She thought. Easy said than done. I still fear about this world of his. Oh, why can't be only a bad dream! She shivered a little. No, must say calm! She took a deep breath and sigh as they reached the front door.

"Are you ready to see what my wonderful world has in store?!"
"Not really." She shivered again.
"Don't need to worry, I did promise I'll protect you."
"I think I had enough excitement for one night!"
"You havn't seen nothing yet!" He opened the door as the moonlight shined down on them. Must be brave! She reminded herself. She stepped on the hill and gazed at the haunting sky. Ghost flew past the stars as the giant golden moon brighten the dark sky.
"Such a breath taking moment!" Jack gazed as well.
"Those arn't real ghost!"
"Yes, they are!" She gulp.

"Don't be ashamed! They're not mean! They only want to give you spooky dreams!" She has no clue what is going on! She continued to follow Jack down the hill. What it seems to be a straight path forward through the hallways, he notices some of the lighting rods were charging! "Oh, dear! Th doctor forgot to turn them off!"
"Turn what off?!"
"Well, you better hold on to your hat!"
"My what.... Hey!" He grabbed her and quickly jumped to avoid getting hit by a thunder's struck! Molly screamed as Jack landed, only to jump again! He dodged every strike as he reached the entrance.

Jack placed Molly on her feet as she shivered.
"What the heck was that?!" She panicked. "I could of had got killed?!"
"I ketp your little fragile body safe. Besides, It was a little fun! Am I right?!"
"Maybe for you! Please, no more surprises!"
"But, the fun has only begun!" He opened the main gate. "Welcome to the town's square!" Molly's fears were far from over as she gazed at it all! Monsters of all shapes and sizes wondering around, groaning sounds everywhere! Ghost and bats flew in the sky, creatures with giant jaws and many eyes, Vampires, werewolvies, pumpkins! At least the jazz music in the background sounded nice.

They started to walk around. Everything is supernatural! She thought and shivered. I never seen so many Halloween things all in one place! I can't believe it's all real!
"My dear, are you alright?" He looked down at her.
"Sure, everything is great!" But, her face is not.
"You seems so scared. I know in due time, you'll fall in love with it all!"
"Yeah, sure." Where the heck am I?!

Suddenly, someone greeted her from behind as she turned to reveal a short, fat cone headed creature with a peculiar face. He wore a tall and skinny top hat, a dark grey suite with pin stripes black pants and black dress shoes. Molly screamed and hid behind Jack's legs. He notices and happily smile at the creature.
"Mayor, such a terrible night to see you!" He shook the mayor's big hand.
"Same to you!" He cheered back.
"I'm glad you got over about the festival being canceled." Suddenly, the mayor's face spined around to a pale look as Molly shivered.
"It's okay but, lets plan it all out next time."
"You know it was all of a sudden, I couldn't have time!"
"But still, the festival isn't a thing to forget about." He sigh. "So, how was your trip?" He spotted Molly as his face turned happy again. "Why, Jack! Who's this little witch behind you?!" The mayor looked down at her as she hid her face, gripping onto Jack's leg, shivering. Jack chuckled.

"Oh! Mayor, I would like you to meet Molly Elizabeth Kim. She's the lonely survivor of Oogie's attacks! I'm taking care for her from this night forward!" He bended down to her height. "Don't be shy. Come and meet the mayor. He won't bite." Telling herself to not be a wimp, she slowly walked up to him.
"Um, hey. I-I-I new here, I-I-I guess." I sounded so stupid!

"Jack, your kid is very cute. Very unusual around her, But very unique." He pat her on her head as she bit her lip. "With the responsibility you have to our world, being a fatherly figure to this child will add a big weight to your afterlife. Are you up to the task?"
"Of course, I can handle both! I'll treat her like family! I do hope the rest will do the same!" Such a showoff! She thought.
"Well, Molly. I have one thing to say. Welcome to Halloween Town!" The mayor announced as he waved his hands in the air. The town's name wondered in her mind, like a broken record.
"Thanks for the welcoming! But, it's now bedtime for our new little resident. She had one big exciting night!"
"I see. Good night, little Molly. Be sure to drop by the town hall tomorrow morning."
"We will! Lets go now!" Molly snap out of it as she followed Jack down the road, while the mayor waved goodbye.

"This town is Halloween?" She asked.
"It's not only a town, It's a whole world! Separated from yours!"
"I never knew such world existed."
"No Earthlings arn't suppose to know. Our world is a secret to outsiders, to avoid any threats or exposures. You are the very first human to ever get to live here, or should I say 'Half human'," Right.

"Okay but, what is Halloween Town?"
"A world, perhaps you'd seen in your dreams. Where the icons of Halloween living, such as vampires skeletons, werewolvies, ghosts, vampires and many more, lives out their lives/afterlives in a haunting harmony! At least, most of us." Oogie must be not one of them.
"Does that means you guys celebrate Halloween every night?"
"My dear, if that was the case, it won't be as fun as it one of year! We only celebrate it traditionally. Instead, a handful of us goes to the human's world every other nights and scare the daylights out of the living and getting away without being caught. The rest of the time, we just live like your world do, only in a Halloween fashion! Maybe someday you'll get to scare them as well!" She doesn't see herself doing that any time soon. She can't even get back to her world and be safe for that matter.

"Well, we're almost there! My home isn't too far." But Molly had something eles in her mind. She stood still. "Molly, is something wrong?" He looked at her. She sigh and answered.
"You say that you'll be my new guardian, but I know nothing of you."
"You havn't heard of me at all?" She didn't have the courage to tell him what she learned. She also don't want to make it frustrating on him since he's nice enough to look after her. She chose to play by ear.

"No, this is the first time meeting you." She feared that he might check if she's lying like last time! But, all he did was smile.
"Alright, I should of had introduced myself sooner!" She sigh with relife. "My name is Jack Skellington." She quietly gasp at the last name.
"Skellington?! Is that a word on skeleton?"
"Yes, but you see. I'm a hybrid. I'm also part ghost, man and spider!" She gulp. More connections are revealing! "I'm very flexible and can jump very high! Although I'm not a warlock, I can cast some elemental spells. Such as; fire, ice and lighting! I can also put victims to sleep and create dark portals, So I can travel between worlds freely. That's how I got to you. Yes, I'm very familiar in the field of magic. I can teach you just fine."

"Okay. But, about what that cone creature said. You have a big responsibility to your world? What kind of job is that?" He grin big.
"I'm the Pumpkin King!" He cheered.
"So like, you know alot about pumpkins?"
"It's more than that! I'm the king of Halloween!"
"But, you don't look very royal."
"Do I have to be? The point is that, I'm the master of frights and the demon of light! It's my job to bring the ultimate spooks ans shivers to the town of Halloween!!!!!" His spine-chilling laugher remind Molly of the ending of that dream! Just like that, she fainted.

"Molly, MOLLY!" Jack panicked as she opened her eyes.
"What happen?! Are you hurt?!" She notices him next to her as he checked for injuries. She slowly stood up and shook her head.
"It's fine! I probably triped on something."
"Please look out where you're going!"
"You don't have to be over protecting!"
"I'm looking out for your safety. Are you okay to walk on your own?"
"It was only a slight fall, I'm fine!" She got back to her feet and so did he.
"Well, you see that gate over there? Behind it is my manor. We're just about here!" He began to walk as she sigh and followed.

Pass through the jack-o'-lantern gate, Molly gazed up at the strange, tall, tower like building.
"Interesting, isn't it?!"
"I guess." She followed him up the steps and to the front door. Before he open it, she notices a spider hanging on the left side of the door. Curiosity made her pull on the spider as a woman's scream is heard as the spider creeply crawled up the black web. "Such a crazy doorbell!" She cried. She figured what it was.
"A lovely piece to a haunting home!" When he said that, more butterflies pound her stomach.

Jack turned the eyeball door knob and push the door open. They enter the dark manor.
"Welcome to my home! Or should I say, our home. This will be your new place for sleep and shelter. I hope you'll find it conformity!"
"Yeah, very conformity. If I can actually see! It's too dark!"
"I'll love to turn on the lights for you but, you need your rest. Sleep is important for the health and mind!" Even in the world of nightmares?! Sure. "So, lets head up quickly to the top floor!" He picked her up and went upstairs. Molly feels numbness in her body as she can't believe she's being carried away by that one skeleton in the dark! They soon reached the top. Jack placed her on her feet as he turned on the lights.

His room is filled with brown walls and black and white spiral pattern floor, a demon bed, wardrobes, work tables, a photograph, Windows that are cover with blood red curtains strange ornaments on the wall, a desk with chair, a bookshelf and an electric chair?!
"Homing, isn't it?!"
"Yeah, very." A home to a psycho path! Walking around, she pass by a small doggie bed as a little mist woke up. It bark as she turned around to find a small ghostly beagle with two long floppy ears, two tiny black eyes, a baby blanket like body witha pink collar, a beak like mouth and a tiny jack-o'-lantern sat on the tip of the top beak.

He barked again as Molly didn't seem to be afraid.
"Oh, is this your dog?!" Jack walked up next to it and smiled.
"He's my best friend! His name is Zero! He's kind, smart and his nose glows!" Zero demonstrated as Molly was amazed. Jack kneeled down to his dog. "Zero, this is Molly. She's living with us for now on. Will you be alright to have her share room with us in our household?" He barked as he did a flip. "See, Zero's very happy for you." He floated up to her as he licked her face,
"Hey, that's tickle! You are a very nice dog!" She even giggle as Jack smile down on them.

He walked to a curtain as Molly and Zero followed. He push them away, to reveal a hidden door.
"This will be your room, Molly." He opened the strange purple door, that leads to a dark room. Zero's nose lighted the room a bit. The walls and floor are the same as the other room. A single window is at the back, cover with curtains. A slide in closet is on the left and another small door is on the right. The only furnitures were a black bars bed with white sheets, blanket and pillow and a black nightstand with a candlestick on top.

"Sorry that it seems so bare, this started out as a guest room. I had it built recently for that reason. I seem to forgotten all about it. But, we'll fix it up later for more of your fitting. By the way, that door over there lead to a small refreshing room. I think it was clean were I left it. You can check for it at your own time, hopefully nothing will happen. Anyways, lets get you to sleep. The bed is is very soft and conformity!" But Molly wouldn't move.
"What's the matter, my dear?"
"Are you sure there's nothing hiding in here?!"
"Oops, right. You have a goid sense of feeling. I'll turn on the lights" When he turned on the light switch, noises was heard. Suddenly, bats, rats, spiders, ghosts and the monster hiding under the bed, with teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red, came out of hiding and ran/flew out of the room!

Molly jumped, closed her eyes and nervously held on to Jack's legs, to avoid getting touch by them. Jack smile widely, watching them all go! A rat with a party hat was the last to leave.
"See, they're all gone! You can now have sweet dreams tonight. Of course, you can have them back if you rather have nightmares instead." She opened her eyes and got down.
"No thanks!" She cried.
"If you don't want the lights on, you can open the curtains and let the moonlight shine in. That'll keep them away."

They both walked in the room
"Molly, get some rest. Tomorrow is a big day! I'll explain more when the time comes. So, get as many sleep as you can!"
"Alright." She sigh sadly. She seems a bit down, but Jack knew what to do.
"Oh, I almost forgot! Molly, I have something for you. When you were in an ill state, you asked me to give you this. But, you shortly fainted before you got to hold it. I'm sure you still want this." He got it out of this coat pocket and showen it to her. She looked up and gasped.
"MITTENS! You saved my cat doll!"
"My, such a lovely smile. Here you go, my sweet child." He slowly gave it to her as she cuddle it.
"I thought I'll never see you again!"
"You really must love that toy."
"She's my friend and good luck charm!"
"Good luck charm? I thought black cats gave bad luck?"

"Not Mittens, she's very special!"
"Who knew a toy can do so much! Perhaps it was the doll's ability that I was lucky to save you rather than being capture!" She looked at Mittens and wondered.
"Such a happy reunion! Good night, my dear, You can find a night gown in the closet. I'll see you in the morning." Jack and Zero left and closed the door behind them.

Molly indeed founded a purple nightgown and matching night cap. She changed into them and hanged up her witch wears. She retreated to the window and pull back the curtains. The moonlight lighted the dark room as she open the window and breathe in the haunting air, She went into deep thoughts

"Is this real life or is it fantasy? Is this how it's suppose to be? A little girl, who grew up with her dear twin brother. Eating ice creams, singing songs, not a care in the world, dispite not having parents to love them. But then, the dream happened. A mysterious creature, who I would meet in the future, a dream that I hoped not to come true, but it did. Though I tried to ignore the possibility, tried to hide, tried to think of a new fate. All I wanted was to have a normal life, but no. Started with a silly Scooby Doo chase, but there's no mask. He's real and so is his world." She looked at her doll.

"Mittens, you're the ony human thing I have in this insane world! I hope Matt and the others are okay Though this Jack Skellington is very kind, he still scares me! Is he's the one who caused the Christmas Crisis? No. If he did, lets leave it in the past. Because now." She looked at the moon. "He's my guardian. He's the one I have to put my faith to. I should be grateful to be care for rather that be torture. I don't want to make it hard on him. He saved us both. Lets face it, tomorrow I'm going to be a witch and live in a town of Halloween. My life will never be normal again. (sigh) Lets go to bed. Mittens, I'm glad you're with me." She whispered. 'Matt, be strong againist anything.

She then went to bed.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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