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Molly's Beginning

Around Halloween Town

© Halloween Town Tales

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Morning has rises, as the sun shined on Molly's face. She slowly opened her eyes halfway, as she blinked a few times.
"Oh, boy! What a terrible dream! At least it's over." She said, in a sleepy voice. Sitting up in a slow pace, she closed her eyes, yawned and stretched her arms. Opening her eyes halfway once more, she scratched her right side. Suddenly, she quickly open her eyes fully, with a shocking look on her face. "Sadly, I'm wrong! The nightmare still continues." She sighs.

She got out of bed, with Mittens in her arms. She walked to the window and stared at the sun. Her face fell into shockness once more.
"The sun! It has a Jack-o'-lantern face on it!" She sighed. "Even the sun isn't normal here. No, this is not the time to be blue. I kiss my old life goodbye last night. If this is really my fate, I gotta learn to acept it, even if it really doesn't make any sense." She look at her cat doll. "Mittens, stay with me! We can get through this together, I hope."

Molly tries to get herself ready for the day. as she heads for her restroom's door. She turned on the lights, as the room appears to be small. Same spiral flooring, grey walls, a black toilet, with green water inside! A spider's string towl rack and a coffin shape counter with sink and black skull shape medicine cabinet. She used the bathroom, washes her face (with the water was surprisly clear) and brushed her teeth with pumpkin flavor toothpaste on a black toothbrush, with red eyes on top! She finish off by brushing her hair with a fish bone comb. These equipments are insane! She thought. But, what other choices do I have?!

Once all done, she puts on her witch outfit and stepped in front of the main door.
"This is it, Mittens! Time to see what this crazy world has to offer! I am a bit scared, I amit. But with you by my side, I can be brave! We can face him and his world, together!" She slowly opened the door and stepped outside. She looked around. "He doesn't seem to be here. Is he going to pop out of nowhere like the last two times?! Maybe I should head back to my room until he call for me." But as she turns around, there he stood. She yelp at his sudden sight.
"Good Morning, my dear! How did you sleep?!"
"Fine, I guess. Thanks goodness, no nightmares."
"Oh, what a shame. Perhaps it's for the best." I don't get him.
"Your tummy needs to be filled up! So, lets get you some breakfast! After all, it is the most important meal of the day!"
"Great, what are we having?!" She asked, sarcasticly.
"Follow me and I'll show you!" I see he's trying to be friendly but, I find it more terrifying!

Down to the first floor they go and into the kitchen. Grey walls and black and white checker flooring. Brown color cabinets and draws, Pearl black counter tops, coffin shape fridge and a black demon stove/oven. Molly sat at a toobstone shape dinner table table, with matching chairs. Mittens rested on a black vase with dead flowers in it. She still has a nervous feeling.
"Do I really have to go on a pumpkin diet?" Molly asked Jack, who was cooking at the stove.
"You say you didn't want to eat most of the kinds of food we eat. Pumpkins is mostly the only edible human food we got!" At lest that pumpkin toothpaste didn't taste so bad. She thought and sighed.

She placed her right elbow on the table, with her chin on her hand. She lost track of time, Till she heard something being place down in front of her. She stared at, what it seems to be pancakes, filled with orange dots on a plate.
"Oh, how interesting." She wondered.
"You like pancakes, don't you?" She notices Jack standing next to her.
"How did you know that?! Did you look inside my memories while I sleep?!" She panicked. Jack chuckled.
"You sure love silly imaginations! Your spit sample from last night gave me all of your taste bud status. So I can know what to feed you."
"What, mixing things with pumpkin?!"
"Perhaps once you gain your witch's powers, you could add a bit more to your diet!" I won't be long now. She sighed. Jack headed back to the kitchen, to come out with a few items in hand. He placed the fork and knife down next to the plate, as Molly looked up.
"This pumpkin juice with help the food go down faster!" Does he have to explain everything! He placed the glass down. And of course, you can't have pancakes without syrup!"
"Let me guess, pumpkin syrup?!"
"Actually, it's maple syrup! The doctor was doing some excitements with maple leaves, for reasons only he knows. So, I borrowed some to make for you! It doesn't all have to be pumpkin if you're lucky enough!" He placed the bottle of syrup down as Molly senses it safe to use.

She spread the syrup on the pancakes. She picked up the folk and knife, as she cut a small chuck of it. As she was about to eat, she notices Jack was sitting across from her, with a big smile on his face.
"Do you mind?! I'm trying to eat here!"
"I'm sorry, I can't help how adorable this moment is!" What, eating?! She blushed. Just pretend he isn't there. She closed her eyes and began to eat. This actually taste pretty good! She happily thought. Not bad for a living skeleton.

"Molly, like I promise, I'm going to tell you what I got planned for us to do today!" She shallow a piece of pancake and looked up. "Since you'll not be gaining your witch's powers till tonight, I think it's a good idea for you to get use to this town. So, we'll be having a little field trip around town! That way, you can get use to this world and it's citizens!" Molly appears sad.
"Why the long face? I won't take you to any dangerous places."
"It's not that. The strangeness of this world make me feel like an outcast!" He calmly smiled.
"Child, is that what you're worrying of? They may seems to be haunting and mysterious. But I promise you, they're all good people inside! Give them a chance." He placed one hand onto Molly's hand. She closed her eyes and sighed.

She repicked up her folk and tried to get back to her food when suddenly, Zero appeared in front of her face! She jumped a little and dropped her fork.
"Don't be frighten, my dear. It's just Zero's way of saying 'Good Morning'!"
"Um, Morning, I guess." Zero barked, happily.
"I need to take care of a few things upstairs. So, why don't you feed Zero his breakfast! There should be a box of dog's treats on the shelf over there."
"Um, yeah. I can handle that." I got to stop being this akward.
"Fantastic! I will be right back." Jack headed to the stairs, as Molly watched him go. She turned to face Zero.
"So, you're hungry?" He barked with glee. "I didn't know ghost could eat. I guess I could give you some food."

She got off her chair and walked in the kitchen. She notices a black box sticking out of a shelf, but it was too high to reach! So, she pushed a chair near, where the shelf was and climbed to the top of the counter. standing on the tip of her toes, she tried to reach for the box. When she finally grabbed it, she lost balances and almost fell over! But, Zero helped her out by using his body to support her back, catching her fall.
"Why, thanks for the help!" He barked, 'You're welcome as she regain her balances. She sighed with relief and got off the counter.

Molly turned to find Zero, who had his dog dish in his mouth, panting. He dropped the bowl and barked.
"Alright, alright! Calm down. I'll feed you!" She poured some treats into the bowl as she watched Zero chow down really fast. "You sure have more personalites than Albert's dog!" She starting to admit that she likes Zero. Maybe this new life isn't so bad. She thought. I better get back to eating my own breakfast. I should probably finish before creepface start to watch me eat again! She shivered at that thought as she went to eat.

Jack opened the front door as he and Molly stepped outside.
"Remember, the Mayor asked us to meet him in the town's hall. So, that'll be the first stop of the day!" She doesn't care where he takes her to, she'll be nervouseither ways! She followed him down to the town's square. Suddenly, Molly got distracted by a very peculiar fountain. A statue of a monsterious creature, spiting out acid-like green water, into the fountain. She slowly walked towards it and stared at it all.
"Such a strange glow! Is the water's poisonous?" Jack walked up to her and chuckled.
"Not at all! This fountain can never run dry! The water itself actually taste really good! It is great to be use as healing medicine! You'll be surprise how deep this fountain is!" She seems confuse.
"It also has a magical ability to view familiar worlds!"
"What do you mean?"
"Here, let me show you!"

He placed his left pointer finger in the fountain and motion it to create a small ripple. The ripple forms into a moving image of people, walking in a public park. Molly gazed with amazement.
"Is that my world?!" Jack nod.
"That is correct! My dear, this fountain has the power to show us what is happening in the human world. So, we can keep up with their generations and plan our scare strategy! We can even observe one of our own citizen and watch their scare performance, if we want! We use this to pin point our scare location. The fountain knows it all!"
"How does it do all that?!"
"The witch sisters created a charm on the fountain, to make it work as it is! On rare occasion, the fountain will inform us with an important viewing." He kneel in front of her.

"Molly. Last night, this fountain showen me that your group was in danger of being threaten by Oogie. A boy in a prince costume shouted your name after you ran first!"
"That was my brother, Matt! Wait, so that's how you knew my name!"
"yes. Molly, that was a very clever thing to do."
"Abandoning my friends?!"
"Saving yourself." He stroke through her hair. The boys can take care of themselves. you are too fragile to handle such fate! If I could of had save anyone, I'm glad it was you."

"Can you use this fountain to spy on Oogie?!"
"His lair is blocked off for the fountain to see."
"Why is this keep happening?! My brother might be a zombie! Is there anything we can do?!"
"Let me give you a tip. Perhaps this was met to be. It may look troublesome now but in do time, it'll be rewarding. Rushing things may lead to a bad fate. The keys words are; time and patiences. Do you understand?"
"I guess so." He got up.
"Don't worry, they'll be fine. Now, lets get going!" So much I want to as about the fountain. Maybe this was meat to be. Sadly, they are more braver than me. I couldn't handle what they're going thorough. Either ways, I'll still end up in this world! Jack want to protect me but, the butterflies won't leave my stomach! Is he right about all of this? Then again, who else can I trust?! (sigh) All I cand do is follow.

They were about to leave when, a woman's voice called out for Jack. They turned to face her. Molly gaze at a blue skinned woman, who was almost as tall as Jack. She has long, red, string like hair, big beautiful eyes, stitches all over her and wears red lipstick, red painted finger nails, wore a long, short sleeves, patchwork dress, white socks and small shoes.
"Sally!" Jack shouted and ran up to her. Molly wondered what's going on as he slowly held Sally's hands.
"How are you, my dear?"
"Just running some errands. How's the little one?"
"Well, see...." Molly slowly walked up to them.

"Excuse me." She bagan. They stared at her. "Your name is Sally, is that right?" Sally squat down to Molly's height.
"Why, yes! What is your name?" She squeezed her cat doll a little but, tried to stay focus.
"M-m-m-m," She quickly shook head. "My name is Molly!"
"Molly, such a beautiful name. It's rhyme with dolly! You look like a doll yourself!" She blushed as she used Mittens to hide her face. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you blush!" Molly sighed and lower her cat doll.
"No, it's fine. I must say, you're beautiful yourself. I wouldn't expect in a place like this."
"Sally's one of a kind!" She blushed at Jack's words. That's make two of us. Molly smiled a little.
"I really like your cat doll! It reminds me of the black cat that comes to vists me sometimes."
Um-thank you. You're very kind!" Sally smiled at Molly's answer, she smiled back. Jack interrupted.

"Molly, Sally was the one who made your witch outfit and the night gown you wore last night."
"You did?!" Molly gasp at Jack's words.
"That is true. I'm very good when it comes to sewing! I can also read fortunes. A prediction came to me that a little girl would come and live here as a witch. So, I made these clothings to prepare for that."
"You can predict the future?!" Molly gasp. Sally giggled.
"I can't really control it. It just comes to me when the time is right." There's that word again, time. So much for asking about Matt's true fate. She predicted that I'll end up here, which it came true?! It's no use. But, I shall not be rude, not to a sweet lady like her.

"You hear that, Molly?! You were always meant to be safe and sound!" Jack cheered. Molly rolled her eyes.
"Don't mind him. He tries to think of the brighter side of things." She's talking sense! I can relate to her! To get it out of her system about predictions coming true, she tried to think of something else. That when she notices the stitches.
"How come you have so many stitches on you? Did you get hurt alot?" Sally shook her head.
"They hold me together. I'm a ragdoll!" Molly gasp!
"You're a living toy?!" Sally chuckled.
"More of a creation, made by a mad scientist."
"Don't tell me you were created by that awful beakmouth!"
"Molly!" She ignored him. Sally laughed. "You're alot nicer than him!"
"Thank you. Yes, it's true. He can be strange and a handful but, he means well."
"I don't like him! He's mean and smelly!"
"Molly!!! It's not nice to insult others!" Jack said, firmly.
"Sorry, I got carried away." I havn't got call out like that in years!
"Don't worry, he drives me crazy too." Sally whispered to her as they both laughed. Jack circled his skull as Sally got up to face him.
"Oh, Jack. we're just playing around."
"Sally, we need to show good samples to our new resident!"
"You have to do the same! You have to balance your life as a pumpkin king and a caretaker! She's a human! You have to watch out for those who had never socialize with a human before. She could get hurt!

"Be careful! You may be the king of frights but, if you go too far, she might never trust you! Can you really care for her needs?! Can you really protect her?!" Sally sounded worried as Molly listened to it all. Matt and I usually take care of ourselves. But, in a world like this, can I really trust him?
"Sally." He smiled. "Would I really leave this poor girl alone? She has no friends. Her dear brother is gone and the only family she got left is her selfish grandmother. She'll be lonely and depressed if I let her got back to her world, protected by Oogie or not! She needs love and comfort. That's why I chose for her to stay in our world. I'll be a fine guardian to her and stand by her side forever! I swear on it!" Molly was amazed by his words. So, that's it. She thought. It's not just Oogie, he want to protect me from a heartache. That's very kind but, he'll never replace Matt. And, this world, I'm not fully sure of it. I just don't know.

"Jack, you are very sweet and romantic. I know I can trust you!" Jack blushed at Sally's words.
"Thank you. Would you like to join us? I'm showing her around Halloween Town today!"
"Oh, I would love to but, Finklestein really needs these supplies." What a shame, I really like her!
"That's alright. Though, it's always a pleasure seeing you."
"Um, it was very nice to meet you."
"Same to you. Don't worry, you are in great hands! Goodbye, now!" And, off she goes.
"Sally is very sweet!" Jack calmly agrees.
"Now then, it's time to meet up with the Mayor! So, lets go!" Lets hopes she's right. Jack lead and Molly followed.

The town hall wasn't too far as they arrived very quickly. They gaze at the small building, with a black banner and a Jack-o'-lantern in the middle. Molly stared at the clock above.
"That clock is very special." Jack explained. "It doesn't tell time but, months go by. Down below shows how many days till next Halloween, which it won't be for another whole year!" I think it would of had been more easy to find out for myself than you explaining it. Molly thought. "Now, lets go inside!" In they went as she looked at the many benches stacked in a row and a stage in the back. The stage had a podium and certains cover the back stage. As they reached the stage, a familiar voice called out.

"So glad that you can make it!" The Mayor appears out of the certains as Molly hid behind Jack's legs like before. "Looks like she hasn't got over her shyness."
"She's new. Give her some time." I'm not usually shy. I just can't trust these weirdos! "So, what can we do for you?"
"Well, since you say that you're taking care for her and is now living in your tower, she needs to be an honorary citizen in our town!" She came out of hiding upon hearing that. The Mayor got out a piece of paper and a black feather pen. "So, I need the both of you to sign this document. Jack, you need to sign to conferm that she's living with you and being responsible for her actions. And Molly needs to sign as she must follow our town rules."

"Sounds simple enough. I'll go ahead and sign first." Jack signed away as Molly watched, nervously. Once done, he kneel down to her, holding the paper and pen.
"Should I read this before making any deals?"
"No need. It's won't be anything threating. I'll tell you the details later." He gave her the pen.
"Okay, I'll trust you. It not like things couldn't get any worse." She signed as well.

The Mayor collected the pen and paper as Jack and Molly gaze at him.
"I'm glad we agreed on this. We usually hold a town meeting if a new resident moves in. But, it seems that the little one might be too shy for that to happen."
"I'm not really shy!" She tried to stand up for herself.
"Then, would you like an introduction meeting?!"
"Neither mind." so much for bravery.
"Well, Mayor. Thanks for doing this more privately. But now, we must be going. There's still alot more for the little witch to see!" But, the Mayor stopped them.
"Wait, Jack. This year Halloween celebration may got cancel but, we must prepare for next year's Halloween as soon as possible!" Jack shook his skull and said "Mayor, it is my responsibility to get little Molly comfortable in our lovely town. Until she's truly settle in, I would like to take some times off from planing and scaring. A week at it most. After all, the document did say that I must look after her."
The Mayor's head turned pale as Molly jumped.
"Perhaps so. I guess it could wait. Can you do at least some nightly paper work?"
"That, I can do! I'm glad you understand! We'll be seeing you!"
"Same to you, Jack!" He left for the back door. What a creep! Molly thought.

Jack took Molly to the housing area of town. She gaze at all the strange buildings around her. Though Jack explains about the wonderful creatures who lives in the houses, she doesn't find them so welcoming. Suddenly, something fast passed by them as Molly jumped and hide. It came back and faced them. It was a big, fat, purple skinned clown with big eyes, big rounded nose and fang teeth! He wore a yellow jump suit with purple dots, orange sleeves matching silly hat, a star shape belt, which holds different silly objects and long black shoe. He got off his unicycle to talk to them.

"Ho, Ho! Hey, Jack! What's cracking?!" He cheered. Molly hid her face and squeezed Jack's legs tightly.
"Oh, just enjoying a wonderful walk in town!" The clown looked at Molly.
"Hey, that must be the little witch that I heard about! Oh, I do love children!" She squeal a little.
"You're not afraid of clowns, are you?" Jack asked her.
"Not really. But, this one has fangs!" She looked at her guardian.
"Hey, kid! Watch this!" He took out some balloons, mush them together to create a cute cat. Molly tried to act brave and held the balloon, only to pop loudly as the noise made her shiver. The clown laughed.
"Clown! Lets try not to scare her!"
"Come on, Jack! It's all harmless! Here, catch!" He through a rubber chicken with chopping fangs as Molly dodged out of the way. He laughed once more.

"Clown, please stop!" Molly feels frightened.
"Wait, just one more trick! Kid, look at my face!" He removed his face like a mask, to reveal a black hole! Without thinking, Molly screamed and ran away! Jack got angry as the clown placed his face back on.
"Now, look what you've done?! You should learn to control your tricks!" He pointed at the clown and quickly went to find Molly.
"What was that all about?!" The clown wondered.

Molly walked around in a dark ally way, holding Mittens tightly.
"Mittens, I don't like the look of this place!" Her voice sounded choked up. "I feel that all my braveness had fade away, at least what was left of it. I can't believe I'm saying this but, I hope we find that skeleton soon!" She then bumped into something and heard a voice. She looked down and gasp. A tiny green man with a dark green coat and top hat looked up at her!
"Hey, watch were you're going! Had you heard of the saying 'look out for the little guy'?!"
"I-I-I'm sorry!" Suddenly, a medium size one came out of nowhere, frightening Molly a bit more.
"Hey, little brother! Big Hyde was looking for you!"
"Gee, thanks! I thought I'll never get out of this ally!" Molly looked up and saw the big Hyde! She gulp!
"Come along, fellas! We got work to do!" The two agreed as they climbed in his hat as the big Hyde took off.

There's no sense of reality in this world! She cried in her thought! She ran until she reached a dead end! She notices a trash can rumbling as she slowly took a few steps back. Out come the harlequin demon! That's not all, the wolfman smashes his way in through the walls. Molly screamed once more!
"Well, look what we got here? A human child pretending to be a witch?!" The wolfman shouted.
"Yeah, that's is true." The harlequin demon agreed.
"I-I-I am a witch!" She shivered
"If you're a witch, can you do magic?" Asked the demon.
"Not yet, I...." They laughed as sweats fell from her face.
"Just what I thought, You humans are alike! Raw meats just waiting to be eaten! In fact, I could go for a midnight snack!"
"Yes, a child like you can't defend herself. Such a same You walked in our trap! Any last words?!" Just one, HELP!!!!!!! She used her cat doll the shield herself as she felt her heart dropped. But before they could even move, someone landed right in front of them! Molly looked up and sighed with relief.
"The Pumpkin King?!" The wolfman cried.
"What brings you here?!" Asked the harlequin demon.
"Protecting a so-called 'raw meat'!" He sounds so cold.
"But, But, she walked into our territory! Besides, arn't human not allow to roam our world?!"
"one, she got lost. Two, she's a witch-to-be! I'm her guardian!"

They gasp.
"Oh, so she must be that new resident! I thought she wouldn't look like a human!" The wolfman tremble in fear.
"It doesn't matter what she look likes! We treat all our good citizens fairly! Do I make myself clear?!"
"We're sorry, Jack. It won't happen again!"
"I'll make sure of that!" He faced Molly! "Stay close to me. I want you to cover your eyes and ears now. Please do as I say!" She did without asking any questions. Jack the faced the wolfman and the harlequin demon. After taking a huge deep breath, he lead out a giant blood curdling scream! Powerful enough to blow them far away! Jack sigh and kneel to her. "I hope you didn't hear too much of that. Don't worry, they're gone. Molly?" He turned her around to find her crying her heart out. "Hey, what's the matter? Did my scream hurt your ears?"
"No, it's not really that. It, it...." She can't seem to get it out of her chest since she can't stop crying. Jack held her in his arms and stood up. He slowly rocked her back and forth.
"Shh, shh. It's alrght. (sigh) It's my fault. I should of stopped clown before he got carried away. I'm here, you're safe now. But, please don't run off like that again!" Molly calmed down and sigh. "Feeling better? I know, lets have lunch! I know just the place!

Sometimes later at a haunting diner. Jack and Molly sat at a booth, waiting for her food to be serve. She seems gloom, playing with a fork as Jack sigh. A purple creature with many eyes and snakes in her hair came up to them."
"Who ordered the pumpkin salad?!" She asked.
"She did." The waitress placed the bowl down and left. "Go on, you'll feel alot better when you eat something." She stirred her salad with the fork and sighed.
"How embarrassing, being rock like that. I'm not a baby, you know."
"I had to, you wouldn't stop crying. And it did work."
"Whatever." She ate a little.
"Cheer up, Molly. It only your first day."
"Can't you see, I don't belong here! They're right! A human shouldn't be here! I need to be with my own kind!"
"Don't listen to them, Just give it time!"
"Time?! This town creeps me out, no defence though!"
"And that's it! Molly, if you keeping being shy and cowardly like that, you'll keep ending up in trouble like that!

"You're going to be a witch soon, so you need to be brave. I will not stand for a cowardly witch. Don't fear of the unknown, Don't rely on people too much! You much rely on yourself! I may saved you this time but what if I don't show up the next time, then what?! You need to be stronge." He's right. I rely on Matt all my life. That's why I never made friends for myself. And when Albert insulted me, I coward then too and Matt had to pick up on me. Perhaps enough is enough. I can't say this town isn't all that bad. There's Zero, Sally and I guess even Jack. Alright, it's time to stand up for myself, for real this time!
"Okay, no more tears. You lead, I'll follow. I'll learn to be brave like the rest of this citizens in this town! I'll let no body talk bad about my kind again!"
"That's the spirit! Now, eat up. You'll need your strength for the rest of the day!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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