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Molly's Beginning

A Witch is Born

© Halloween Town Tales

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Shortly after lunch, Jack and Molly continued to walk around downtown. Molly still feeling a bit blue as she doubts a little if she can really prove to herself. She walked up to a short wall and gaze at the green water down below. She placed both arms on the tip of the wall, rested her head on them and sigh.
"Still having some troubles?" Jack stood next to her.
"It got me thinking, didn't you say that the citizens are all good people inside? Then how come the clown, that ugly monster and the werewolf were all mean?"
"They are good creatures. You see, their misfit and scary natures caused them to be like that. It's part of the Halloween spirit after all."

"They don't seem to treat humans right."
"Molly, don't take it so hard." She looked up at him. "We have a long history with them. Most humans finds us hideous and Monstrous. Many grown men and women tell their youngs that 'there's no such thing as monsters, ghosts and such' because, they don't want their children to fear of them, without even giving the creatures a chance. We had been staked, burned alive, slaughter, the worst you can think of, back in the old centuries! Halloween Town is our safe home, No human souls had ever founded us on their own, and they'll never will."

"Then, how come you saved my life? Even when my kind and your kind don't get along so well?" He kneel down.
"Molly, I said most humans, not all. There are few humans that believes in us and think that we're not all that bad. Sure we go out and scare the living but, don't think of it as an evil thing. Here's a little rhyme that is also a good advice. 'That's our job, but we're not mean. It's our town of Halloween.' So, don't be afraid. Give them a chance."
"Though I didn't believe in supernatural things at first, I guess I can learn to acept them better."
"Thank you. Now, lets continued our tour! There's still more to see!"
Jack got up, as Molly sighed. I gotta think more positive, but how?

Before they could even move, Molly heard some jazzy music playing in the background. It's the same kind of music like last night. She thought. She follow the music to find out were it's coming from. At the back of a twisted building, she founded three creatures playing three different instruments. All three were well-dressed in red suits and white boots. The skinny one with orange hair on each side of his forehead played the saxophone, the big one played the accordion and the short one played the bass. Molly really enjoyed their music. It has a sweet, chillily feel to it.

She was so distracted by the music that, she didn't realize that they stopped playing, 'till one spoke up.
"Well, look over here, boys! We have an audience!" The sax player pointed out. Molly jumped and panic a little, but quickly shook it off. No, must be brave. She thought. She walked up to them.
"Hey, your music is really cool!" Is that the right thing to say?
"How sweet, we don't usually get much comments around here." Said the accordion player.
"Say, now. You must be the new kitten on the block!" Said the sax player.
"I'm glad you like our music, little one." said the bass player. Maybe that skeleton is right. She thought.

"Molly, there you are!" Jack caught up with her. The three musicians looked up at him.
"Why, if it isn't the bone daddy himself. Only now, he has become a real daddy."
"I see you have met little Molly." I think he's being a little too welcoming.
"Yes, she's very kind." Said the skinny one.
"She's one cool kitten." Said the big one.
"She really like our music!" Said the short one.
"Molly, is that true?"
"Um, yeah. I had listen to alot of jazz music growing up. It's alway sounds so smooth in the ears."
"Well, you're in luck. These street musicians are best at playing jazz and blues, once they know what note to play. Why don't you gentlemen introduce yourself."
"Well, I'm Jim. I play the bass." He played a note on his coffin shaped bass.
"I'm Jimmy and I play the accordion." He did a song on his fish bone accordion.
And that leads me. I'm James. My instrument is the saxophone." He blew on his snake like sax.
"I have to admit, the saxophone is a great instrument to hear, if it's played right." Maybe I can handle this.

"Wait, don't forget about me!" Said a voice. Molly jumped.
"Who said that?!"
"Down here, look at the bass." She didn't want to but, she had to be brave somehow. She did, but gasp a little. She saw a little head inside the bass, that sort of looked like a human head, with neat hair and glasses. She tried to show no fear.
"Oh, um. hello, head? What's your name?" This doesn't feel right.
"They call me D.E! What does it stand for, even I don't know! Ha, ha ha!" I can't believe I'm talking to a head with no body.
"Hey, here's an idea! Can you play us some songs." Jack asked.
"Sure. Two soul tokens for two songs request." Stated Jimmy.

"Fantastic! I'll start first! Can you play 'The Ghostly Hour?!"
"Sure can do! A one and a two and a...." They started to played an eerie melody as Jack motion his head to the music. It sounds nice but, a little strange for my taste. Molly thought. Soon, the music stopped and Jack applause to them.
"Such an excellent piece of work. Well done, gentlemen!"
"Anything for you, bone daddy!" Admired, James.
"Well, Molly. It's your turn!"
"I don't know any Halloween music."
"We don't have to do just Halloween music. We can do human music too! Like Beethoven, Mozart.." Jimmy starts to point out.
"And Smelling!" Cheered Jim.
"Who's that?!" James curiously asked.
"Don't you know?! He's was a human who could write music, without a head!"
"I don't think that what she meant." Jimmy shamefully shook his head. Molly giggle a little. These guys are kinda fun.
"Go ahead, Molly. Pick what ever you like, maybe they'll know it!"
Hmmm, I wonder. It worth a shot.
"Well, this may be a long stretch but, Do you know the 'Flower Waltz'?" Suddenly Jack got a curious look on his face but, didn't say anything. The street musicians wondered too.
"Surprisingly, we think we heard that one before, we can't really explain." Wondered, James.
"Why don't we try it out!" Stated, Jimmy.
"Yes, good idea." Agreed, Jim.
"I'll count off!" Said D.E. Here goes.

Molly started to hear that familiar wintery piece, as she was surprised. She let herself enjoy the music and even dance to it. It brings back memories as she remember one winter night not long ago at a school's dance. Nobody would dance with her as she sat alone on a chair. A hand reached out as she saw Matt offering her to dance with her. She danced with him as brother and sister. She had that image in her head as she dances with Mitten. She bows and the end of the music. The image disappeared from her head and looked up at Jack, who was clapping.
"Molly, such a lovely dance you did! How wonderful!"
"I only asked for that music because I remember dancing to it with my brother once. I don't do much dancing." She blush.
"Perhaps I can teach you. I'm really good at it myself."
"Yeah, maybe." I ain't dancing to no skeleton dance!

"Alright, cool cat and cool kitten. Time to pay up." Stated James. Jack took out two small green coins.
"Here Molly. These are soul tokens. It's what we use as currency in this world. Why don't you paid them with this coin." He gave her one of coins. She says 'okay' and placed it in their coin bucket. Jack toss his coin in as well. "Well, we better get going! Thank you for this musical afternoon!"
"Yeah, you guys are really good musicians."
"Thanks for stopping by." Said James.
"Enjoy your life in Halloween Town!" Said Jimmy.
"Stop by when you're around!" Said Jim.
"Have fun, little one!" Called D.E.

"See, Molly. Not everyone is so bad. Some take more time than others." Jack says to her, while walking out of the homings area.
"I guess you're right. I do feel better when Im not stress or scared."
"I do have to say, you picked such great music back there. For some reason, it seems familiar to me." Molly jumped a little.
"The street musicians seems that way too. What does it reminds you of?" Maybe I shouldn't of had chose that piece!
"I can't remember. Maybe I heard it while I was out during one of my scare haunt. Oh well! There's not much left of the tour! Come on, now!" Molly wondered. Though it was a Christmas like song but, he can't identify it as a Christmas thing. Has he forgot about what happened or is it all just a coincidence? I won't ask him. I need to focus on my new life style. Sigh.

Jack took her to pumpkin patch for a quick tour. He explained about some of the pumpkins and introduce her to the caretaker, Behemoth. A blue creature with jeans overalls gloves. He also had an axe on his head but, Molly didn't ask too much about it. Soon it was slowly becoming dark. They walked through the graveyard as Jack explain ghosts are more awake at night as she sees ghost fly in and out of their graves. She did shiver a little. They stopped by at Zero's gravestone dog house as he rose up and bark. Zero follow them to a dark valley with Jack-o'-lanterns and gravestones all around.

Molly eyes caught on a very strange dark hill, that curls up at the end.
"What's this place?" She asked.
"This is spiral hill! The name is a homage to that hill over there!" He points at it.
"Such a creepy hill!"
"It's sure is! It brings such an ominous feeling. It's a great place to go into great thoughts! Lets climb it!"
"I'm not sure of it."
"Trust me." Like I have a choice. They all went up the hill and gaze at the sight down below. "Such a view up here, isn't it?!"
"Yeah, I guess it's an alright feeling."
"Well, Molly. What do you think? Is this town truly terror for you?!"
"Yeah, such terror. It just hard to believe. One minute I lived a normal life, the next minute I'm living a Halloween life. I guess it'll take some time to get use to it all."
"And I'll help you along the way! And so will Zero!" He bark.
"Thanks." I do hope Matt will be safe.

"Molly, it's almost time!"
"Time for what?"
"This area also has another name, Moonlight Hill!" That when the giant harvest moon rises from the sky. Before Molly could react to it, something strange started to happened! Her mind went blank and her body felt lighter. She suddenly floated up in the air, dropping her cat doll. Moon dusts surrounded her as her body shined brightly! Jack smile big with his mouth open, as Zero gaze as well. Soon, she returned back to normal as Jack catches her fall. Molly regain consciousness and stared at his face.

"What happened?" She asked, weakly.
"Congratulations, you are now a witch!"
"Wait, has it really been a full day?!" Her voice returned to normal.
"The Harvest moon has supernatural powers, it helped you gain your powers early! Look at your hand!" He held out her right hand and points at the palm, with now has a tiny star mark. "See this star? You're right handed. This hand has the most magical power to it. The star also means that you are now a fully functional human witch."
"I can use magic now?!"
"The magic is weak since you just obtain it. A full night sleep will help recharge your magical powers. There's one last thing before you rest, lets head back to my tower! Zero will light the way!"

When they reached the top floor of the tower, Molly notice some new items next to her room door.
"What's all this?" She asked.
"These are your new witch equipments! I had them deliver here while we were out. Let me help you get familiar with them." He walked up to them. he explained each item as Molly watched. "This big black pot is your cauldron. You'll be mixing and brewing ingredients together. It's come with a big stirring spoon and bottles and jars, to store the ingredients in. I'll help you find ingredients yourself at some point. That book will tell you how to brew and what to make. Cauldron lessons with take place outside. Would you like me to repeat that?"
"No, I got it." I hope.

"Next, is your broom." He showcase a broom, that has black brush and black and purple stem patterns. "You probably know what it does."
"Cleaning the floors?"
"It's for flying! You're not afraid of heights are you?"
"I don't think so."
"Perfect! Hope you'll look forward for flying lessons!" Hope I won't fall off.

Jack got out a small long purple case and held it in front of her.
"Molly, this item is the most important item of them all." He kneel down and slowly opened the case. Inside is a black skinny stick with a black sphere at the end of it. Two cat like ears were on top of the sphere. "This is your wand. Most of your magical powers will come from this wand. Only you can use this, have it on with you at all times! Go on, hold the cat wand in your hand." She felt a magical feeling when she held it.
"Wow." I can't think of anything else.
"Magical, isn't it! I also have a spell book for you. It'll explain all your beginner spells."

"Molly, it's time for you to go to bed. You'll need your energy for your first training lessons tomorrow."

Tomorrow is the day, My life as a witch begins.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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