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Molly's Beginning

Witch Training

© Halloween Town Tales

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Shortly after breakfast, Jack had Molly come to his third floor library. She had both her wand and spell book in hand.
"Are you ready for your first ever magic training?!" He asked with excitements.
"Sure, how hard can it be?" Magic is fun, right?"
"Fantasic! Now, do you know how to use a wand?"
"I think so. I mean, I seen it on tv many times before and of course, read in Tokyo Spell casters."
"Yes Molly but, you probably never experience magic before." Well, except that one nightmare and that dream I had a few night ago but, I'm not bringing that up.

"So, lets begin! First, put your spell book on this small table here and open up to the first page." She did as she was told. "Now then. To perform a spell; first, you point your wand at your target. Second, wave your wand in a slow circle motion. And thirdly, you chant the spell! There are three type of ways to deliver spells. one, is the mind spell. It means simply to chant the spell in your head. Two, is the one word spell. And last, my personal favorite, is the rhyming spell. You must think of a clever rhyme to use the spell! Oh, the many possibilities!" I find it more frustrating.

"After you chant a spell, Dramatically point the wand at the target and magical sparks will occur and perform the spell! The spark's color will change depending on the spell. Sounds simple?!"
"I think so." Too much information!
"Don't worry. It's all in your spell book in case you forget. Now, lets make some magic!" He threw his really long arms in the air. "What is the first spell?!"

Molly check the book for the first spell.
"The frog spell?"
"Yep, every witch should know how to perform it! It's witch 101!" I definitely seen this spell use alot in old Halloween cartoons. "Zero here is going to be you test subject!" He fade into the room and barked.
"Are you sure about this?"
"Sure, Zero don't mind at all! Just to let you know, it's a rhyming spell! So, I'll give you a minute to think of something real clever!"
"But, I'm not good at rhyming."
"Not with that attitude! Be cheerful!"

Casting spells as a dream mermaid was easier. She thought. After a minute, she sighed. Here goes nothing. She pointed her wand at Zero and waved nervously. "Um, hog, pog, mog, frog?" Jagged green sparks merged from the tip of her cat wand and charged at zero. The sparks only turned Zero's head into a frog with brushes. Molly gasps and panicked.

"No! I think I did it all wrong!" She cried.
"Don't cry, my dear! It's only your first spell. I'm not expecting you to be perfect. At least you manage to cast a spell." zero's head suddenly changed back to normal.
"Oh, it wore off."
"Well, the better the spell, the longer the effects will last." Molly sat on a black, leather chair with bat wings on top and sighed.
"I'm just a little girl, how can I control magic?" Jack walked up to her and kneel down.
"You're not going to learn magic over night, It takes lot of practices. You're just started. Soon, you'll be able to cast powerful spells Until then, We start at the most simple training" Molly sighed and gave him and gave him a half smile.

Unfortunately, Molly first few days of training were rough. Jack took her outside for her first flying lesson.
"This well crafted broom will mostly obey you, if you treat it right. It's smooth, sticky leather will help you stay on tightly. Hop on and give it a ride!" Molly tried it out. But just a few feet in the air, she became nervous and panicked. The broom zoom her around the pumpkin patch, where they were practicing at. She screamed as she clash at big pumpkin. She fell on a bouncy pumpkin as it bounce her on to her feet Her head felt dizzy as Jack catches her fall. "Let try something else."

Jack tried to teach her on how to brew up something in her cauldron.
"Lets make deadly nightshade soup! Sally so kindly gave me the ingredients on how to make it. I'll start by putting in the nightshade and you'll follow by putting in the frog's breath. Jack did his part, as a smokly skull emerge from the cauldron. Molly gulp and tried to open her jar. It was a little stuck as she tried with all her might. When she does open it, the frog was facing her! It breathe at her as she dropped the jar and coughed. "Oh, dear! Brush your teeth with anti frog's breath ointment and the nasty breath will go away!"
Perfect! Molly thought, angrily.

Jack later took her back to his library, to learn about charms.
"Now, charms are a type of spell that create different effects on ordinary objects. Such as Making things float! Point at the lone bat wing on the table and say 'Floatation!' The more you master the charm, the amount of weight you can float will increase!" Molly tried out the charm. Though she managed to make it float a little. But then, the wing went up to her and slam at her face! It floated down as she sighed. "Why don't you call it tonight and rest for tomorrow."
"For more training?" She complained.
"No, for your basic education lessons! I'm your teacher for both witch training and education! We'll start with math and language arts!"
At least it's a break from magic. She sighed.

"Lets face it, I can't do magic!" Molly confesses to her newly guardian after the first few days of witch training. Jack sat at his desk on the top floor, watching Molly pace back and forth. "It's too frustrating and I just can't do anything right!"
"Molly, It hasn't even been a whole week yet since you started your training. You're being too hard on yourself."
"I get that you're trying to be Mr. nice bone but, how will that help me get things right?!" Jack smiled.
"Tell me, Molly. Are you happy on what you're doing?" She stood still and looked up. "Perhaps your mind is a bit full of stress. You are worry about many things. A pressure close mind will get you nowhere. A calm open mind will get you up and going. I had witnessed you for the past few days and when ever you performed magic, you are always frustrated and nervous. Molly, magic is only fun if you make it that way. Before we begin today training, take a deep breath, clear you mind and replace them with happy thoughts"

He's right. I must calm down. Matt will be ok. This is my life now. I must adapt to it. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and reopened them.
"Do you feel better?"
"Yes, I'm ready to learn." She said.
"Excellent! Today, I'm going to make things a bit easier on you. I'm going to teach you two rhyming spells that'll make your life fun again!" He got up from his table and went up to her. "First, is the food spell. Whenever you're hungry and need a quick bite to eat, this spell will come in handy. All you have to do is chant the spell, think of one food in your mind and point at your hand. It will appear right in the palm on your hand! Since it's the beginning stage, only think of a very basic food. Lets try an apple. Get out your wand and repeat after me. 'No tricks but a treat. Give me something yummy to eat'!"

I will have confidence in myself! She took out her wand. "No tricks but a treat. Give me something yummy to eat!" With blue sparks, a juicy apple appeared in her hand. She gasps with joy!
"Go on, give it a taste!" Jack encouraged. Molly gave a bite and smiled.
"It taste like an apple should! I did it, my first successful spell!"
"I'm proud of you, Molly! But, the fun is not over yet! Come with me!"

Molly followed him to her room. She's a bit confuse.
"Molly, it's time to make this room your very own! How would you like it for you to create a room style of your choice?!" She looked up at him.
"Can I really do that?!" Jack chuckled.
"With this spell, you definitely can! The decoration spell can decorate a room of your desire! Think of a previously room you had and chant this rhythme; Left and right, trick or treat. Decorate this room and make it sweet! Give it a try!"

Molly chanted the spell as her wand caused the room to flash before them! When the flash ends, She opened her eyes. She gasp in amazement. Orange walls, brown wooden flooring, just like her old room. White bed frame at the far back with dark pink badding, red dresser, nightstand with a green lamp on top, Dark pink window curtains, with a long white chest and blue green padding on top. Cute animal plushies were all on top. An orange cat head, boxed tv set on a white tv stand. four long shelfs spended in the room, two on each side, and a lone green circle carpet rested below against the closet's door.

"My room! It's my room! Sort of." Jack chuckled.
"It's the style of your room. The original room format remains the same." Molly had a good look around. She picked up Mittens and felt her bed. She hugged her animal plushies from her window. She looked at all her collection of movies, games and mangas from the shelvies. "Though it is my room but, something doesn't feel right." She picked up a copy of a Tokyo Spell Caster manga and checked the first page. "I thought I had my name on here."

Jack walked up to her. "It's not your own version. The decoration spell only makes a simple copy of a room. Personal items, clothings or hand made items does not count." Molly placed the maga back and walked up to an empty high shelf.
"I guess my art rewards don't count either." She sighed.
"My dear, are you an artist?"
"I am, or I was. I won so many prizes growing up. But, they're nothing but junk now." Jack kneel to her once more.
"It's that nerdy boy again, isn't it? Molly, don't let other bring you down. Believe in yourself! If you can paint fantastic paintings, you can do fantastic magic as well. She smiled a little as Jack gets up.

"Molly, I'll let you keep this room style. But, promise me that your things stay in this room only. I'm very opened minded to varies of things but, the other citizens may not handle it well. Will you do that?" She nod her head. "Wonderful. I'll give you a day off. I hope you'll keep your energy high and create more spooktaualr magic!" Jack left the room as Molly sighed. Maybe I can adapt this new spooky life. She smiled.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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