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Molly's Beginning

Bath Night

© Halloween Town Tales

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"Today is such a beautiful day, I can't wait to have breakfast with Matt!" Molly had just woken up in her good old room as she got out of bed. She ran to the door, when.
"Good morning, my lady! Ready for a haunting day!" That handsome ghostly skeleton swings the door wide open as Molly fell on her bottom. Oh yeah, I live in Halloween Town now. I guess it was too good to be true. She sigh.

Over the next few days, Molly's magic skills has slightly improved thanks to a bit of self-confidence. Though she is getting use to her new living conditions, She still misses her old life.

"Molly, welcome to the pumpkin swamp!" She looked around the green fields, ugly green pounds and a smelly aroma in the air. "What do you think?!"
"It's stink! Why are we here?!"
"Today lesson is; Catching live bait. As a witch, it's is important to gather up ingredients yourself. Finding things like deadly night shade flowers can be simple. But, I decided to add a bit of challenge to this lesson. Today, you'll be catching frogs!"
"Is that why we're in this dump?!"
"Now Molly, positive attitude! You'll be catching at least one frog to make your very own frog breath." Oh, not that again! Tracing back to the last brew section, made her shake her head.

Jack got out a brown jar from a basket on the ground and hands it to her.
"All you have to do is find a frog and use the Floatation spell to place it in this jar! Simple, is it?!"
"If I'm able to master the spell correctly."
"Remember Molly, think of happy thoughts!" I'm still getting use to that. Jack instructed her to listen to the frog's cries as she tries to hear them. She picked up a sound as she followed the sound waves.
She found a frog on a lily pad, that is resting on the green water. All I have to do is think peacefully, how hard can it be. She placed the jar down and took out her wand. Here's goes!
"Floatation!" Her magic slowly lift the frog a few feet in the air but, can't seem to move it. Come on, this frog can't be too heavy! She struggle to move the frog. When she think she got it, another frog bumped her back, causing the magic to fade as the first frog fell into the water. Her face went angry as she kicked a pebble in frustration.

"Don't be mad, Molly. You can always try again." Jack walked up to her.
"But, I almost had it. Floatation is just to hard!" She turns to frog two, with was sitting near the pound's edge. "This frog made me lose my focus! Maybe it'll be easy for me to just catch it with my hands!"
"Molly, that is not a good idea!" But, his warning was too late. She ran up to it and tried to catch it but, her sudden movements frightened it away! She began to lose balances and fell it the pound.
"MOLLY!" He quickly got her out before she could drown. He placed her on her feet, as she coughed a little. "That was a really reckless move of yours! Think carefully if you want to survive in this world! Never rush things!"
"Okay, maybe that was a little bit stupid. I can't believe I fell in that ugly lake! How am I'm going to get this green mess off me?!"
"Well Molly, There is a very good solution to that." He warmly smiled.

"A BATH?!!!"" Molly cried to her guardian. It's now became dark as they stood in Jack experiment room of his tower.
"Why yes, my dear. How else are we going to get rid of your swampy smell?!"
"By casting a spell?" He shook his skull."No, my dear. There is no magic for that. We must do it the organic way. Besides, you haven't took one ever since you got here. I say, this is a very appropriate timing for such thing."
"But, I wash my face in the sink every morning!"
"That's not good enough! Don't you want to stay squeaky-clean?!"
"Yes but, my own bathroom doesn't have a shower or a bathtub!"
Jack chuckled "That's because your restroom is too small for a shower. Also, bathtubs are ment to take a ride and drive around Your world is certainly interesting!" His world is even more stranger.
"Then, how am I going to get clean?!"

Jack walked up to a giant white sheet on the ground, as Molly followed. He pulled off the sheet to reveal a big brown wash tub with blue water inside.
"You what me to bathe in this laundry bucket?!!!"
"It's fine as it is, my dear. There's no need to get all jumpy."
"But, out in the open like this?!"
"Nobody is in this room but us. And, I'll make sure all of the window's curtens are closed. You will have enough privacy you need. Now, lets get this done so you can go to bed." This seems so weird, Lets get this over with.

Suddenly, Zero fade into the room, with a basket in his mouth.
"Ahh, here's Zero with the materials we'll need!" He placed it down near the tub, as Molly picked up a purple bottle, with a picture of a hideous witch that has wet hair on the front of the bottle.
"That there is the shampoo." What an awful picture! She turns it around, only to find the description in an unworldly language."
"I can't read this! What if it contains poison?!"
"Allow me to translate." Jack took the bottle from her. "This product can make your hair smooth or wicked, whatever you prefer. But, the side affect will make your hands all old and wickedly."
"What?! I can't use that?! Are you out of your mind?!"
"Let me finish, my dear. The side affects will not happen if using ghostly hands or skeleton hands."

Molly's heart jumped and slowly stepped backward.
"No, you're not thinking of what I think you're thinking!"
"Yes, Molly. I'm going to be the one who is bathing you tonight" She began to sweat and shivered.
"Is there's another shampoo I can use?!"
"This is the best one I can use. Don't worry, it'll be quick." Though I'm learning to trust him but, not to that level! She slowly got out her wand. I have to get out of here!
"Now then, it's bath time!"
"NO!!!!" She pointed her wand at him.
"Molly, what are you doing?!" She nervously held her wand.
"Not a hog, but a frog!" She chanted the spell as a green energy surrounded Jack. Her eyes went into shock as Jack's body became frog like, but his head remained the same.
"Oh dear, this is embarrassing." Jack frowned. Molly picked him up and lock him in a clean jar.
"I'm sorry. I just can't go though this."

She ran downstair and got to the front door. I'm going to find a place to hide till he forget all about it! She tried to opened the door.
Not again! How can you lock a house's door from the inside?! That skeleton is sneaky! Maybe I can chant a random spell to open it! But when she lifted her wand in the air, Zero fade in and caught her wand in his mouth!
"Hey, that wand isn't a chew toy! Give that back!" Molly tried to caught Zero but, he flew too high! Just then, Jack Frogington sneaked behind her as he returned to his Skellington self. He held on to her tightly.
"You are in big trouble, little girl!" Great!

"Molly Elizabeth Kim! That was a very naughty thing to do!" Molly was sitting on an examination table, as she sadly looked up at him.
"Not only you turned against your caretaker but, was about to wonder blindly in the open! You already got yourself in trouble twice! I told you, never rush things! Do you want to end up like your brother?!"
"No." She calmly said, with your head down. It looked like she was about to cry. He sigh.
"I know why you tried to run." She looked up. "Molly. I once told you, don't judge a book by it's cover. You need to trust me a bit more. Though I'm may be the master of fright, but I'm also a very gentle skeleton. I had handled your body before, for it was I who dressed you in the dressing gown. I had also cleaned you up after you were cured. So, you can trust me. After all, I did promise to look out for your human's needs." Molly squeezed her left hand, as she sigh.
"It's going to feel stranges since I'm been washing myself for five years."
"Just imaged a helpful servant keeping his young master clean." He placed his hand on hers. "So, can we do this?"

Jack warp a black towel around Molly and smiled.
"There's no need to tighten you're muscles like that, it wasn't painful at all." She calmly opened her eyes and sigh.
"I'm just a little nervous."
"Don't be, just relax and remain calm." Jack helped her off the table as she slowly walked to the wash tub. She look at her reflection in the water. "Is this water safe?"
"It's just like the sink water you use. It also has the ability to soak up any dirt that fall in. So, hop in!" She tried to dip her left foot in, only to quickly pulled it out in nervousness. Jack then, lift her up and slowly placed her in the tub. He went to put the now dirty towel away as Molly tries to get herself comfortable.

This water is actually quite warm, kinda like spring water. It surprising feel pretty nice. Maybe it isn't so bad as I thought.
"You look very calm, my dear." She jumped as she noticed him, who was down on his knees, with his sleeves rolled up.
"I'm just surprises how clean water can be found in a world like this!"
"Halloween Town is full of mystery and wonders!" You don't say. Jack was about to wash her hair but, she quickly move out of the way.
"Molly, you have to stay still."
"I'm still a bit nervous."
"Perhaps you need a bit of distraction to calm your nerves. I know, Zero!"

Zero came in with a black object in his mouth. Jack picked it up and placed it in the water.
"Rubber ducks are known to make bath time more fun, at least that what I heard from human resources. So, relax your mind with this."
She stared at the black duck. She was about to touch it when, it white eyes turned red and grew sharp chopping fangs! Molly screamed as Jack took it away before it could bite her.
"You said fun, NOT DANGEROUS!!!!"
"Zero, that's the wrong one!" He gave it back to Zero.
"Sorry, my dear. Sometimes it's hard to tell the differents. Dogs are color blind, you know." Please let this go well.

Jack have successfully started to wash her hair as Molly played with the duck toy. She is reminded of her early childhood, playing in the tub with her brother. She had that image in her mind as she smiled and closed her eyes. Just then, a bucket of rushing water fell down her face, as she tightly closed her eyes.
"All done with you little head. See, I told you It'll go by really quickly." She slowly opened her eyes. I guess so.
"Now, lets finish off the rest of your body. It's already half way done!" He rubbed a purple soap bar onto a black sponge, as Molly watched him. He then began to slowly scrub her left arm.
"Watching you play with that toy was quite adorable, I must say!"
"Why do you do that?"
"Do want?"
"Saying things like that? How come you're okay with me being cute and innocent, in a world of monsters and ghouls?"
"Molly, I like to be very opened minded. I find originally things very interesting because, stuff like that can't really be found in this world. There's not many joyful laughers or cuteness in Halloween Town. You brings something new in my everyday afterlife. You are safe to be yourself around me, my dear." He's a very strange skeleton, not in a way I think he was. Spooky in appearance but, it's opened to anything. Currently a very peculiar skeleton.

"We're all done!" It's really did go by fast. "Molly, you were nervous for no reason at all! Don't you feel better when you are able to trust someone?!" I guess. Jack got out a new towel, as he get her out the tub and warp her up. He carefully held her in his arms and slowly starts to head to to table from before. I feel like a baby being held in a mother's arms. She looked at Jack's face. He smiled back, as she quickly look away, blushing. Or a creepy, but handsome skeleton!

He gently placed her on table, as she looked up.
"Time to warm you up!" He got out a purple blowdryer, with scary red eyes!
"I don't like the look of that thing! It look like it'll burn me to dust!"
"Molly, don't let your silly imagination get to you! I'll put it on the soft setting." She felt the warm breeze drying up her soaked body, as she tries to put up with it for a few minutes. Jack finish off by combing her hair with the fish bone comb.

"Molly, I hope from this night onwards that you'll trust me more."
"You have treated my body so gently. I guess you provide your point."
"Sally has taught me how to do this right, so you have nothing to worry of!" That's explains a lot. Zero came in yet again, this time with Molly's cat wand. I'm going to let you off the hook this time, but the next time you disobey orders, there will be miner punishments."
He took the wand from Zero's mouth, to give to her.
"I understand."
"Since you've been practice for the rest of the time, I'm going to teach you a new spell!"
"Just think of what you use to wear at night and tap the table."
She thought carefully and did the spell. She had made her old orange pj's appear on the table.
"Hey, it's my favorite pj's! I thought you can't do that?!"
"You can with this spell! It's called; Presso Changeo!" You can make any previously wore clothing appear right in front of you, as long as it still in perfect condition. You can also change outfit quickly by saying the word out loud and tapping your body!"

"I was able to do this spell more easy than the floatation spell." Jack began to dress her in her pj's.
"That's because you are more relax and have more confidence in yourself. Be proud of your powers!" Fully dress, she looked at him.
"How offend do I have to take a bath?"
"These materials will help you stay clean and healthy for one week. So, once a week will do. Though I'm not a routine kind of guy, I'll do it for you! Because, a healthy witch is a strong witch!" I guess it's better than nothing.

Jack carried her to her room and tuck her in bed.
"Molly, I'm maybe a ghoulish creature of the night but, I'm very opened minded. I hope for the day you can fully trust me. I will never hurt you, only to protect you. This is your new home, treat it like that! You can be one with Halloween, someday. Good night, my dear." He turned off the lights and closed the door.

To be honest, he acts more like a real parent than my own grandma. He's more than just a scary skeleton. He's certainly a strangely gentleman, in his own way. I got to get use to this life alot more but, what can do it? Perhaps I'll find the answers someday. I'm getting sleepy. Goodnight Matt, where ever you are.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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