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Molly's Beginning

Spook and Mum

© Halloween Town Tales

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The ugly witch sisters, Helgamine and Zeldaborne, were dusting off behind the counter in their store when, they heard the door's bell ring. Customers has arrived!
"Witch's shop! Best bargain in town!" Greeted Helgamine. When they look to see who it was, they gasp with joy.
"Why, if it isn't our best customer of them all, Jack Skellington!"
cheered Zeldaborne.

"Hello, ladies. Having a frightening day?" He walked in the center of the store.
"Oh, business is the same as usual. We just got a shipment of red eyeballs in a wart's mouth!"
"How splendid!"
"So, what brings you in today? Here to refill your magic charms?"
Jach chuckled.
"Oh, no. I'm just here to show a certain little witch on how your shop work!"
"You must mean the little witch child!" Wonder, Zeldaborne.
"But, where is the precious thing?" Asked, Helgamine.

Jack couldn't find her, then faced at the front door.
"Molly, won't you please come in?" He called to her. She slowly walked in, with a nervous look on her face, twisting her cat wand.
"Oh, such a lovely little child. I could just put you into my pot and cook you up!" Molly jumped at the tall witch's words and quickly hid behind Jack's legs.
"Ladies, she's just learning to be use to the citizens aroud here. Lets try not to scare her."
"That's pretty unusual but, if our king order it to be."
"Thank you for understanding." He nod at the short witch.

He kneel down to his child as she looked at his face.
"Molly, this is the witch's shop. The witch sisters run this fantastic place. The tall witch is named Helgamine and the short witch is named Zeldaborne." She looked up at them. The tall witch's long nose look sharp and that zit on the green witch's face is hideous! Just how I imaged witches to look like here! I kinda feel out of placed. She looked back at her guardian. "Whenever you need any magical ingredients, spellbooks and other, you can find it all here!"
"We also offers trading as well. We'll give you a set of arms and legs in trade of hands and feet of any kind!" Offered, the short witch.
"Feel like cooking? We have a cook book on how to cook human children in 100 different ways!" The tall witch held the book in her hands as Molly hid her face under her hat and shivered.

"Ladies! Molly is not fresh meat! She is much as a witch as you gals are!" Jack stood up on his feet, with a serious look on his face. Molly calmed down.
"We're only just playing around." She put the book away. "She is always welcome here."
"Now then, what would you like to order?"

"I don't get some of the citizens here!" Molly confess to Jack, as they exit out of the shop.
"You're going to need to since you're be buying your materials from them."
"Only if I can stop hiding like a coward every time I meet one of those creeps!"
"Well, Molly. I think this is the best time to do this!"
"To do what?!" Molly seems confused.

Jack took Molly to the top of his tower as he explained his new plans.
"You what me to venture out on my own?!" Jack shook his head.
"Molly, in order for you to truly not be afraid, you need to explore Halloween town for yourself. This is a great opportunity to learn to rely on yourself and to get along with the citizens better. I can't be with you all the time, I have my duty as the pumpkin king. Use the lessons I have tought you and you'll be fine."
"Can I really do it?"
"I believe you can. Though, as your guardian, there is a few rules you must follow. One, Although I encourage explorations, please stay out of any dangerous placed! As a small child, you will not survive!"

"How can I tell?" Jack held out her hand as the red ring appeared.
"Remember this! Another feature is, it can sense danger up ahead. It will warn you immediately but, it will not stop you! If you know what good for you, pay attention to the ring!" It disappeared once again.
"Two, never disobey my orders. I hope you'll never double-cross me." With his generosity, how can I. "Three, don't forget your witch training. Only use spells from your spellbook, never use a spell blindly! I'll give you some spook coins as a weekly allowance, so you can buy things at the witch's shop or to go shoping for fun!" What is there to buy here for fun?! "Though you are a witch, don't over use your magic. You can only use so much magic a day. If your wand run out of energy, it'll need to be recharge overnight to gain it's full power. Use carefully! Some spells you can learn on your own. But more dangerous and difficult spell, I'll walk you down it myself." Don't want to get hurt by my own spell.

"Three, Human needs and knowledges. When I have time, I'll make you breakfast and dinner myself. If not, that when your food spell come in! I'll keep you updated when I'll teach you basic school's knowledge. And don't forget your weekly bath nights!" How can I not! "Four, Always remain in Halloween Town. Even if there is a opportunity to the human world, I repeat, remain here! Remember, I'm not letting you take magic to your world. Also, The woods near spiral hill is strictly forbidden!" It's not like I can easily get back to my world anyway.

"Five, your curfew. You must always return to the tower before midnight."
"Wow, that's a long curfew."
"Molly, Halloween Town is a fantastical sight at night! It's a great way to experience the town to it's core! But as a tiny child as you are, no children are allow outside after midnight to sunrise, except on Halloween. So, come home before then." I don't dare to ask what happen after midnight here!

"And last but not least." How many rules are there?!" Make some friends." Molly's eyes sadden.
"How can I? Everyone here creeps me out, I never saw another kid like me in town. Beside, I never made friends without Matt before. Though I had chat with kids before but, only when Matt's around.
Jack kneel down and placed his right hand around her.
"Molly, have confidence in your heart. You'll never know unless you try. Halloween Town can be so much fun when you can share it with someone. You don't need your brother to tell you what to do. Believe in yourself and you can do it!"

Molly sat on the steps outside that lead to the front door to the tower, She had both hands on her chin and her head down.
"Jack is right. I have to believe in myself more. But, where can I start?" She sigh and wondered. Not too far in the town's square were two young ghouls playing with a black flying disc, that has bat wings on the side. One was a ghost boy with a friendly face, who worn a backward cap, t-shirt, shorts and small shoe. His shape appears like a human boy but is completely fadely pale from head to toe, even his clothing were that fate. The other was a mummy kid with red eyes, green skin showen around his mouth and ears, the rest of him is warp with white warpings, his hands were mitten shape and is slightly chubby.

The ghost boy always seem to be the one throwing the flying disc while the mummy kid had to fetch it in the end.
"Spook, when will it be my turn to throw it?!" The mummy complained as he picked up the disc.
"I don't know, Mum. You always seem to throw it too high." Spook placed his hands on his hips and shook his head.
"I can be careful! Watch!"
"Mum, no!" He threw it over Spook's head and ketp on flying.
"See, I told you!" Spook said, angrily.
"Well, if you focus on being more of a ghost, you would of flew high and caught it!"
"Never mind that, it's heading toward the king's yard!"
"Don't worry, Spook! I heard the king is with the mayor today! So we can seek in and get it out before he noticed!"
"I guess you do have a brain it all that warping." He quickly floated away.
"Hey, I have feelings, you know!" Mum shortly followed.

Molly still had her head down when suddenly, she felt a cold wind blow. She looked up and show the bat disc heading toward her! She jumped up and successfully caughted it! She stared at it with both of her hands. Is this a fribee? She wondered. She then looked up and saw the ghoulishly boys waiting on the other side of the gate. They seem friendly enough, I guess. She walked to the gate and pushed it open.
"I'm guessing this belongs to you." She shyly said. She hands the bat disc to Mum, as he cheers with joy.
"Yay, we got it back safe and sound! Now we can continue playing!" Molly gave them a small smile. But, was starting to head back.

"Hey wait! Don't go!" Spook called out. Molly turned to face him.
"You must be the new kid in town!"
"Hey, that's right! You are! But, I thought you'll be more hag and crooked!" Molly became worried a bit. No skeleton's legs to hide behind. Spook bop Mum on the head.
"That's not cool, Mum! She look fine as She is!"
"Ow! Who knew ghosts can hit hard!" Mum rubbed his head. Molly even giggle at the sight.
"Sorry, my friend was dropped when he became a mummy."
"Hey, I can hold out on my own!" These guys are kinda funny.

"By the way, my name is Spook." He held out his hand for a friendly handshake. But, the chubby mummy warp his arm around his best friend and smiled.
"And I'm his good friend, Mum!" Spook pushed him away as Molly laughed even more.
"Nice to meet you boys! My name is Molly."
That's a pretty cool name," She smiled.

"Do you really live with the king?!" Molly seems confused.
"It's what we called your guardian. Short for 'pumpkin king'. Me and Mum came up with that name ourselves." Spook explained.
"Oh, you mean Jack. Yes, he's very nice and knowledgeable. Though he can creep me out sometimes."
"That's the king for you!" Mum cheered.
"But, it's certainly very cool to have the king of Halloween to protect you!" These boys seems friendly enough.
"So, do you like your new life in Halloween Town?! Is it such a horrorible place to live?!"
"I guess so."
"It must be tought to come from a normal life to a spooky place like this." Molly was surprise at Spook's words. "I know how it feels to be a human kid. I died very young and ended up here. I looked different than most ghosts in town. My name maybe spook but, I barely do any spooky things. I don't like to fly, disappear or fade through walls. I perfer staying close to the ground. I just miss my human life alot." Just like me.

"But, Spook. You'll never be a great ghost if you be like that!"
"Mum here barely knows much of human life. So, I teach him sometimes."
"You know, I'm not very good with my powers myself. And I thought I was the only outcast."
"I guess we're just a couple of misfits." This boy understands me.

"Hey, Lolly!"
"It's Molly!" She seems annoyed at Mum's words.
"Would you like to play with the bat disc with us?!"
"Unless you have something else to do." Well, Jack did say I should make friends. It's worth a shot.
"Sure, I'll play. How different can it be fron the game I use to.

Molly played with the boys for a while. Molly toss the bat disc to Spook and back to her, while poor Mum was stuck in the middle. She had the most fun in a while.
"I got to admit. You play pretty well, for a girl." Spook said in the end.
"Hey, girls can be as good as boys in sports too!"
"You proved me right on that one!"
"Molly, I have an idea! Spook, can we show her?!"
"I know know, can she keep a secret?"
"Whatever it is, your secret is safe with me!"
"Okay then, we'll show you!"

The three of them walked in the outskirts fields of the town square.
"So, where is this place we're heading to?" Molly asked.
"Only the one of best place in Halloween Town; The Hangout!"
"The Hangout?"
"Me and Mum founded this place last year. The name say it all."
"And only me and Spook knows about it! Until now!" I guess that'll be me. They soon arrived at a small, brown wide shack with a wooden door and a single open window.
"It's not much but, I hope you'll enjoy."

Inside was, like Spook said, not that much. Broken couch, peel out walls and a chest where all of the boy's toys were store. Mum went to put the bat disc away.
"Wow, you guys hang out in this dump?"
"Yeah but, it's our own dump!"
"We just founded it like this and called it our own. Sorry it's not really that great as you hope."
"Maybe I can fix it!"
"How?!" Mum asked.
"With my witches powers!" Molly pulled out her wand from her dress pocket.
"Amazing! That wand has a cat head on it!" Spook rolled his eyes.
"Left and right, trick or treat! Decorate this room and make it sweet!"

The walls turned purple with bat patterns, The green couch was fix and fill with patchwork designs, brown wooden floors, long, flat coffin low table, jack o' laturn tv box, a record playing with a skeleton hand as the needle, and the boy's toy chest was restored.
"Witches are incredible." Spook was pleased.
"I saw this design at a department store before on one Halloween so I copy that design."
"Molly, you are the bestist, next to Spook."
"You know, I have an Idea."
"What is it, Spook?"
"Why do we be friends. Us outcast need to stick together. We'll even help you with your witch training, if you can help me to become a better ghost."
"And a better mummy! Some mummies can strench their warping long and grab their prey! I want to do that too!"
"So, is it a deal?" Hanging out with these boys can help me get back on my feet. I got to give it a try.
"You got yourself a new friend!"

From that day forward, the three in-training became one group of Halloween friends. Whenever Molly is free, she go and hang out with the clever ghost boy, Spook and the goofy mummy kid, Mum. They'll either play a game with the bat disc or help with each other training. On one day, Molly agreed to help Spook with his ghost training.
"Halloween Town ghost must learn to fade their bodies in and out in order to seek up on thier opponents. Your job is to time me on the stopwatch on how long I stay invisible for." All three of them were just outside of the hangout.
"Ok, I'll tell you when to go."
"You can do it, buddy!" Molly started the timer on the black stopwatch as Spook faded out. Only to quickly fade back in, panting.
"Spook, that was barely ten seconds!"
"I never tried this before. It's too hard!"
"Jack told me in order to success, have confidence in yourself! Think of happy thoughts!"
"Yeah, think of me!" Not what I have in mind! Thought Spook.

He tried once more and faded in sometime later.
"Spook, that was one minute! Small but, an improvement!"
"Yeah, the king sure know his ways! Thank, Molly!"
"So, was thinking of me made you happy?!"
"Actually, the first day meeting Molly made me happy." She blushed a little.
"Thank, Spook. Now, lets try again."
"You got it, coach!"

When it was Molly's turn, she wanted to try again at catching frogs. So, back to the pumpkin swamp they go. Mum went off to play in a small lake while Spook watches Molly try to use the floatation spell on a frog in a two feet tall wide pound.
"Remember what you told me! Have confidence in yourself!" Molly lift the frog in the air and tried to move it closer to her. Come on, I know I can do it! She slowly move the frog and placed it in the jar that Spook was holding as he sealed it with the lid.
"Spook, I did it! I caught my live bait!"
"That was a sweety epic experience! I know you'll make a fine witch someday."
"You'll make a great ghost too. I'm sure of it." They both smiled at each other. Mum began running toward them.
"Molly, I caught you a frog!" Mum accidently bumped into her as she lost balance and fell into the pound.
"Mum, you idiot!"
"What, going swimming in the pound is great!"
"NOT AGAIN!" Molly tried.

"I'm surprise at you, my dear. falling in the swamp water twice. You need to learn how to keep your balance." Jack pour the bucket of water over her head, as she opened her eyes.
"Ha ha, make fun of me!" She pout with her arms crossed.
"But it must be a fun time with your new friends." He began to wash her neck.
"It been a week. How come you just mentioning it now?"
"I thought I must give you time to settled in with them. I will say that I am very proud of you for making friends, so quickly I must say." He moved to her arms.
"Funny how it works that way."
"You are becoming you old self again. You slowly started with me and now, your friends helped you out of your shell completely! Such good friends they are!"
"They really understand me, especially Spook. Through Mum make me laugh every so offen."
"It seems it was just yesterday that whenever you meet a citizen, sometimes you hide behind me.

"Now, you get so cheerful when you leave the house in the morning! You have grown to like this town alot more. It seems most of your worries are far behind you! I'm looking forward to see you grown more!"

As Jack cleans her chest, she sigh. Yes but, there is still one last big worry I can't never let go of.


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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