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Molly's Beginning

Halloween Friends to the Rescue!

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Over a mouth has past. Molly went from being afraid of her new environment to finally adapting to it thanks to the help of her guardian and her two new friends. However, there is still one last problem on her mind.

One day, Molly waited for her friends to come to the hangout. But, she sat on the couch looking quite sad. When they arrived, they took quick notice.
"Spook, our new friend is sad! I wonder what's wrong?!" They quickly went up to her.
"Molly, is everything all right?" Spook asked. She looked up.
"Oh, hey guys. I was just thinking to myself while I waited for you boys to come. I accidently thought of him again."
"Who was you thinking about?"
"Was it the mean old slime monster that lives in the tunnel?! Man, I hate walking through there!" Spook shook his head as Molly sigh.

"You can tell us, if you want to. It's best to get it out of your chest." Molly closed her eyes, sigh, and reopened them.
"I was thinking about my brother again."
"You have a brother?!" Spook gave him a mean glare.
"No Spook, it's fine. Yes, I have a brother, a twin brother. His name is Matt. We did almost everything together. I looked up to him alot. The true reason was, our parents disappeared a long time ago and was brought up by our grandma but, she barely paid attention to us, only to scold us to do the right thing. Basicly, behaving right. Matt was the only thing I had, before coming here."

"What happen to him?" Spook asked.
"I really don't like talking about that night but, I guess I can trust you."
"You can trust us with anything!" Mum cheered. She took a deep breath and began.
"Our friend, Billy, invited us to a sleep over where he told a story about a ghostly figure who kidnaped a boy on Halloween. The next day, a nerdy boy named Albert believed the ghost was real and wanted to stop his evil ways. So, he made all of us go on a ghost hunt to try and capture it."
"Did you capture this evil ghost?"
"No, Spook. It was worst. The creature ambushed us and threw sleep bombs everywhere! My brother sacrificed himself to save me! He was captured with the rest." She signed once more.

"Wait, is that where the king founded you?!"
"I was the sole survivor, though barely. The creature poison my body and mind. Jack rescued me and cured me back to health. That how I ended up here. I became a witch to protect myself, if only my brother gotten the same treatment." Molly sigh again.
"Such a sad story! I respect that king ever more! All hail the pumpkin king!" Mum cried a little.
"I have to agreed with Mum. I'm very surprise to see the king take up half of his afterlife to be a father to you, so you don't have to be lonely and to have someone to look up to. I'll give my respects as well. But, who was the evil creature?"

"According to Jack, it was some creature named Oogie Boogie." Mum gasped loudly.
"Why that no good fat of bug! What did he do this time?!!!" He growl with anger.
"Mum really hates him, can't blame him. Oogie is a force you don't want to mess with. What did he do?"
"I heard he turned them all into zombie slaves. Though it's only a form, I'm very much worry about him. I think of him almost every day! Slavely is wrong! I don't want to think of the torture he's going through right now!" Molly almost cried but, she held it in.

"Then I have an idea! Why don't we rescue them ourselves!" Molly's face went into shock!
"Spook, that's crazy! I held Oogie's lair is very dangerous! How can we survive?!"
"Well, I help from a group of ghosts that last night, Oogie ate so many bugs in one night that, he knockout and is probably out cold for a few days! Also, his minions are out of town too! What I mean is that if we hurry, we may have a chance to get them out of there!"
"Molly, lets do it! It can be a fun adventure!"
"Though we have only basic skills but if we work together, we can win! What to give it a try?!" Could this really be a perfect opportunity?! Can we really save Matt?! This is the timing that I
was waiting for! She quickly jumped off the couch with a confidence look on her face.
"Yes, lets do this! Lets save the lost boys!" She raised her wand in the air as the ghoul boys cheered.

Mum leaded the way to their destination. Mum knows very well of the place. They soon arrived. Molly gazes with confusion.
"Oogie's lair is a treehouse?"
"No, Molly. That's the trick or treat trio's base! Oogie lair is underground. Stay with Spook while I check if the close is clear." And so, he left.
"Trick or treat trio?"
"Those are Oogie's little henchmen."
"Size doesn't matter. Their names are; Lock, Shock and Barrel. Three children like creatures that wears the costumes of a devil, a witch and a skeleton, well kind of. Do to theIr title, they are Halloween Town's greatist trick or treaters. But, they are also the most dangerous children in all of town. They serve anyone, good or evil deeds, and will stop at nothing. They are also very skilled kidnappers as well. We must be aware of them!"

"Spook, you are making me nervous!"
"Don't worry, they went off to capture more bugs for their master. We'll get this done quick before they can show up." Still dangerous children that can kidnap anyone! I really hope we don't get capture ourselves. Mum came back to their sides.
"Alrighty then! No trio in sight! Now we can break in! Molly, are you feeling okay?"
"Mum, are you sure it's safe."
"Come on, Molly! What's a sense of adventure without a sense of intensity! Lets get a move on!" I have my friends! We can do this!

They got closer to the treehouse structure.
"Well, lets get in!"
"Into that birdcase?!"
"It's the only way up!"
"Fine, lets get this over with!" They all got in the big birdcage as it took them inside the top of the treehouse. Inside was dark and distorted, filled with deadly toys and weapons. All of the bugs jumped and hid away as Molly, Spook and Mum stepped out of the birdcage.
"Hey, those bugs were afraid of us!" Molly wondered.
"They must had thought that we were the trio."
"Still, what a awful place! How are we going to get to the main lair from here?"
"By using this!"

Mum shown them a big hole with evil eyes above it.
"Mum, isn't that where they drop off victims to Oogie?!"
"Yes spook, this is how we are going to get down there! Go through this first and see if it safe for us to use!"
"Alright!" Spook made his way down the long pipe. Molly grew worry after a while.
"Spook, respond if you can hear me!" She called threw the hole.
"I'm fine! Come on down, I'll caught you!" Here goes nothing! She closed her eyes and slid down the pipe, which felt like a rough bumpy water slide. She reached the end as Spook caught her fall.
"Thanks for the hand." As Spook helped her on her feet, Mum landed threw him and onto the hard ground.
"Hey, how come you didn't catch me?!"
"Sorry, lady first!" I certainly heard that before.

Molly noticed it was too dark to see. To test out a new charm, she pulled out her wand.
"Moonlight!" She whisper as the cat head shined bright like a flashlight. They founded themselves on a giant spinning gambling wheels and other mechanical objects around them.
"Wow, it looks like a casino! Grandma took us into one but, we children couldn't do anything in it."
"Oogie is a gambling boogieman. I heard this place light up with neon colors and all the mechanism here are use to torture his preys."
"Lets hope they won't turn on! Where can the lost boys be?"
"Molly, they must be held inside their slave cells! There's a hallway where all the prisoners are held at. I'll lead the way!"
"Mum, how do you know all this?" Spook asked, curiously.
"A monster who had once escape told me about it! Lets go find it!"

Mum founded the hallway as they followed down the lane. Molly lead with her light.
"How can we tell which cell they're being held in?"
"It probably must have a label or something." Spook wondered.
After a while of searching, They founded a door with moaning coming from the other side. Molly shined her light under the sign on the door.
"Newly recruits? This must be it!" She tried to open it. "Lock doors are my worst enemies! Spook, you got to try and go through this door. Maybe you can unlock it from the other side!"
"Well, I guess this is the best time to practice this. Here goes!"

Spook tried to go through the door but, all he did was, bumped his head and fell down. Molly gasp!
"Spook, are you okay!"
"Dude, if you're awake, bop me in the head!" He did exactly what Mum had said. "Ow, I didn't mean it!" He got back on his feet.
"What happen?!"
"This door must be ghost proof, I can't pass it!"
"Then, how are we going to open this?!" Mum cried.
"Maybe, we can find a key,"
"That's is definitely our main chose. But, Molly, We have to be careful. A key could be hard to find."
"I know, Spook. But, we have to try."

They had travel more down through the halls when, loud snoring can be heard. Molly jumped a little.
"I feel something big is sleeping up ahead."
"I think it's coming from the next room! Lets check, quietly!" They all sneaked to the open room as they took a peak. Molly quietly gasp as she saw the big sack man sleeping on a flat ugly bed.
"What the heck is that hideous thing?!" She whispered.
"That's Oogie Boogie." Spook explained.
"And I thought that horrible shadow I saw that night was scary!"
"Molly, you haven't seen the worst what this guy can do!" Mum feared.

Carefully not to shine her light on Oogie, she noticed something hanging over his head.
"Guys, look! There's a key with a skull on it!"
"That's a skeleton key! They can open any locks! Molly, that's it! We can use that key to unlock that cell!"
"Way a go guys but, how are we going to get it without waking him up?!"
"We need someone who can sneak in and grab it without notice, maybe like a ghost." They all faced Spook.
"Wait, me?!"
"Spook, we need you to turn invisible, float up and get the key! I just learn the floatation spell, it's too risky. You made have a better chance!"
"But, I only learned to fade out for a little over a minute!"
"Remember what we learned, have confidence in yourself!"
"Come on, buddy! You can do it!"
"Alright, I'll give it a try!"

Spook slowly fade out and floated up in the room. He slowly got to the key and try to grab it. Suddenly, Oogie yawned, as spook sweated and Molly gulp. Though Oogie opened his eyes a little, he saw nothing. He went back to sleep, as Spook sigh. He grabbed the key and flew out of there! He came back, as he fade in.
"Spook, you did it! That was a close call. I'm glad you made it out safely!"
"Spook, that was amazing! I'm glad we have a ghost for a friend!"
"No problem, you guys. Thank again, Molly!"
"Now we got the key, let set the prisoners free!"

They hurried to the door, as they faced it.
"We got the key in hand, lets hope it'll work!"
"Here, Molly. He's your brother, you should do the honor." Spook hands her the key.
"After for so long, we'll finally be back together. It's all or nothing!"
She opened the door as they walked inside.
"The key really worked!"
"Sure is a small room." Mum wondered. Molly moved closer, as she shined her light on the back corner. She felt her heart jumped out of her chest, as she gaze upon four green zombie bodies with red, twiching eyes and opened mouths. they all wore worn-out clothings.

"Zombie! They're all green and dead!"
"Um, Mum. You're green and dead."
"Oh yeah, Spook. I am!" Spook rolled his eyes.
"They're all here. They're still wearing there Halloween costumes. Albert, Billy, that dumb dog and." She shined her light on him.
"Matt, What did he do to you?! You can't even understand me, can you?" She felt a little sad.
"Molly, now it's not the time for tears! We got to get them out of here before the trio shows up!" She snaped out of it.
"Right! But, how are we going to do that?!"
"We use this!" Mum held out a snake like rope.
"Mum, where did you get that?!" Asked Spook.
"On the wall, over there. We can use did to tie them up and tow them away! They're still in a weak form, so they're not that strong!"
"Mum, I loved it when you think cleverly!"
"I'm not dumb all the time, Spook!"
"Come on, Matt! We're busting you out of here!"

Molly used her light to lured the zombies altogether, as Spook tied them up. Mum towed then away, as they make their way to the heart of the lair.
"How are we going to get out?" Molly asked.
"See that hole up there? Spook, try to carry us up at a time. I'll hold on to the rope and once we're all up, we all work together and pulled up the zombies!"
"Mum, that's a surprisely a good idea!"
"You certainly know a lot about this place, you don't find that odd."
"I just heard from ghoul to ghoul. There's no need to be curious, buddy."
"Mum, if only you can act like this all of the time."

Though a bit difficult, spook manged to carry both Molly and Mum out of the lair, at a time, of course. They then all pulled up the zombies from the hole as they all manged to get out in one piece. Soon, they started to head back to the hangout.
"I can't believe we did it! We rescue them! You guys are the bestist friends a witch could ask for!"
"We did it together! I'm a bit surprise myself."
"We should really thank you, Spook! Ghost really know how to get around!"
"Yes, thank you. Nothing can stop us now!"

"Hold it right there!" A voice called out. They stop and gasp.
"A walking bathtub?! They are real. And I thought Jack was crazy when he said that!" It stop, as three children with mask on emerge from the tub. They pulled off their mask, as they shout their names; Lock, Shock and Barrel.
"That's the trio?! They're smaller than me!"
"Small but craftful!"
"Big time!"
"Well, look what we go here?! A little girl trying to steal our prisoners!" Said Lock.
"How you guys look at yourselves in the mirror!" Must act brave.
"There's only room for one little witch in town, and that's me!" Shock called out.
"But, Molly here is a real witch, you're not!" Shock growl at Mum's insult.
"You better give those zombie back! Mr. Oogie Boogie was already upset losing one that night. Trust me, you don't want to see him angry." Barrel pointed out.

"You henchmen are not having them! Your master is a terrible monster turning people and turning them into zombie slaves! We're setting them free and you are not stopping us!" They all laughed.
"So, the skeleton sent his new apprentice to do his dirty work." Lock guessed.
"He didn't do anything, we came ourselves!"
"Doesn't matter, if you don't have over those zombies in a count of three, we're use our deadly weapon and attack!" Shock warned them.
"Yeah, what can a rookie loser like you can do to us?!" Barrel mocked her.

"Molly, what should we do?!" Worried Spook.
"One." Counted Lock.
"Maybe we should just give up and run while we can!" Cried Mum.
"Two." Counted Shock. I relied on my brother in the past. Now, he must rely on me. I have to save my friends myself! I only have one shot in this! DON'T FAIL ME NOW!!!!!
"Three!" Counted Barrel. Before they could do anything, Molly pointed her wand at them.
"No they don't look like hogs but, yes turn them into frogs!" She shouted as green fog surrounded the henchmen. When the fog lifted, all three of them were turn into frogs, base on the color of there clothings.

"Molly. you did it! You master the frog spell!" Cheered spook.
"You saved us all! Three cheers for Molly!" About time, Is it really witch 101? Who cares, I finally did it!
"Come on, guys! lets get out here before they change back!" And off they went.
"Out (ribbit) beaten (ribbit) by a (ribbit) rookie." moan, Lock.
"How (ribbit) disappointing." Moan Shock.
"Oggie (ribbit) is (ribbit) is going to beat us (ribbit) black and green!" moan Barrel.

Back at the hang, the ghoul boys released the zombies, as Molly sigh.
"Well, Molly. We finally saved your human friends and dog." Said Spook.
"But, too bad we can't cure them from there state." Mum said, sadly. Molly lower Matt on to the couch and sat next to him. She held out his hand and stared at his dead face.
"I don't care how long it'll take. My brother is now safe and sound. Even though he's not here with me, he'll always be in my heart." She smiled and shed a single tear. The tear drop landed on his hand. Then, it happen.

Matt's body began to glow as Molly slowly backed away.
"What's happening?!" She wondered. The other zombies started to glow as well, The ghoul boys had the same reaction. Soon, the glowing stopped, as Molly's heart fell. Matt's body and mind has be restored! He slowly opened his eyes, as the first thing he saw was his sister.
"Molly?" He wondered, weakly.
"Matt?! You're back, you're alive! YOU'RE CURE!!!!!!" She quickly hug him, as her face filled with tears! "Oh, I misses you! I thought I'll never see you again! It's a dream come true! I love you, brother!"

When Molly letted go, Matt seems confuse.
"Molly, we're both alive but, where are we? Why are you dress in all black with a witch hat." Before she could answer, someone shouted as they face up. The rest of the boys has been restored as well.
"GHOST! If I still had my ghost ray, I would of had suck you up!" Albert cried at Spook's appearance.
"Relax, I'm a friendly ghost!" Spook admitted.
Billy and Mum stared at each other.
"Wow, are you a real mummy?!" Cheered Billy.
"Yep, You're a good looking human yourself!" Mum looked behind him and founded Barkey growling at him. "Um, can someone call of this dog before he bites off my warppings!"

Matt refaced his sister.
"Molly, what's going on?!" She giggled.
"I'll explain everything!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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