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Molly's Beginning

Goodbyes and new Beginnings

© Halloween Town Tales

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Molly told them about her emotional journey to the boys, while Spook and Mum stood in a corner, giving her the moment she needs.
"Wow, Molly! You're usually afraid of most supernatural things!"
"Hey, I did went along with this whole stupid mission!"
"Yeah but, you didn't knew it'll turn out to be real! I really have great respect it you! Plus, you are a witch! Not the ugly kind but, the awsome kind! Can you make 300 Chili dogs appear out of nowhere?!" She sigh and roll her eyes.

"Maybe later, Billy" Matt faced her. "Molly, I'm so sorry that I did that to you. To leave you all alone in a big scary world."
"No, Matt. You did the right thing. It's true, I do rely on you too much. I couldn't do anything for my own, except for a small talent I had. In the end, I was shallow up in darkness by my problems and fears. Eventually, I found a light in this spooky town and learned to accepted it. Thanks to what I learn and a little help from my new friends, I gain the courage to rescue you all. Now that you're back, I can rest easy." They both smiled

Albert chuckled and slowly walked between them.
"Very cute, Molly. But, there are a few issues I have. A supernatural world of spooks and shivers is real and though we couldn't explore it, you had! But most importantly, you were adopted by a skeleton? Like the one we were hunting for? Molly, face it, he took you in and turned to into a witch to help him to commit more evil crimes! I say, we escape this world and expose it's secrets to everyone!"

Molly tighten her fists and stared with angry eyes.
"SHUT UP, ALBERT! Your harsh words won't affect me anymore! And how dare you talk about my guardian like that!!!! He is not evil! He may be scary but, he has a kind, fun, understanding gentle heart, unlike you! Not all monsters and spooks are bad. Humans can be evil as well! This skeleton has pulled me out of the darkness I was in and gave me all the love and support I need. If it wasn't for him, you will still be a mindless zombie by a foe more evil than him! I'm not your little loser you think I was! I made my own friends and gain my own confidence! And if you DARE mention anything about this town to anyone, I WILL turn you into a frog and lock you up for days to come!" She pointed her wand at him violently.

Everyone went dead silence for a while. Albert back away and crossed his arms in speechless. Matt was very shock.
"Molly, you have changed. I have no words to say." She put-down her wand and faced him.
"Matt, I learned to protect myself. You don't have to worry about me anymore. I can make it out on my own."
"I wouldn't be more proud." He smiled, and so did her new friends.
"I never knew you had it in you!" Billy friendly punch her arm.
"Neither did I" She slowly rubbed her arm.
"But, how are we going to get home?! I hope my dad won't be too rough on me. Hey, can you use your magic to sent us home?!"
"Sorry, Billy. I'm not skill enough to do that." I can't even get home myself.
"Molly, perhaps you should tell him. We'll support you on the way." She felt a little nervous but, Spook is right.
"What's he talking about?" Matt wondered. She took a deep breath. "I'm going to take you to my guardian. He can be strange but, trust me! He's not the one in that phony story. But no matter what, you must listen to me and him, don't wander off either, you here that, Albert?!" He reply with a small growl.
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yes Matt, I'm sure."

Molly founded some old cloaks in a chest and gave them to the boys to cover their identities. They all followed her through the fields and into the town square, where it was surprisingly deserted.
"I wondered where is everyone?" Spook asked himself.
"Maybe they're planning to jump scare us!" Mum said with excitement." Albert hissed and walked up ahead.
"I had enough of this, I'll hunt that skeleton myself!" But as he walk up to the fountain, a scary pale face with many sharp teeth pop up and scream out loud! Albert screamed back and quickly hid behind Billy, and so did his dog.
"Ha! Who's the loser now!" Mum mock him. Molly secretly covered her eyes and blocked out the sounds. She was scare too but, doesn't what to make a fool out of herself it front of her friends (or cry like last time.)

Jack stepped down from the fountain and stared at them all.
"Wow, he's so tall. Really really tall!" Billy said stupidly. Molly gulp and walked up front.
"How did you know we were coming?" She asked quietly.
"A few ghostly friends of mine saw you and your friends walking to his lair. Despite how much I told you it's too dangerous, you went and did it anyway." His voice sounded slightly cold. Spook and Mum quickly went by her side.
"King, it's not her fault, Blame us! We encourage her to rescue her friends!"
"Yeah, don't be mad at Molly!" She felt a bump in her stomach as Jack went down on one leg.
"Molly, I have one thing to say." She gulp once more. Suddenly, his face turned happy and lifted her in the air. "I am very proud of you on your successful job! Well done!" He spinned her around as everyone, including Molly, were confused.
"You're not mad?!" She shockingly asked. He held her closely to his chest.
"Why should I be. You learned about timing, patience, teamwork and most importantly, having confidence in yourself. You have taken one step forward of becoming a very skillful witch! I hope you continue to grow even stronger!" Molly heavily blush.
"Thanks, I guess." You are embarrassing me in front of my friends!

Jack let her down and she went back to the boys. Matt stepped up.
"Thank you, for saving and watching out for my sister."
"Ahh, you must be Matt, Molly talked very highly of you."
"So, she did." Even Matt blush. Why am I blushing to a skeleton?!
Billy ran up next. "That was some wicked face you pulled off! What other crazy things you can do?!" But, Jack didn't listen. He then walked up to Albert, who was trying to act tough by crossing his arms and facing his head the other way.
"And you are Albert. I believe you're the one who told Molly is a loser and broke her heart." He said coldly.
"I don't trust creeps like you!"
"And I don't approve naughty children." He snapped his fingers as two ghost appeared by Albert's sides. Before he can have a proper reaction, the ghosts carried him up high and flew him away.
"Hey, let me go you ghostly freaks! Don't you know what I am?! Put me down" Barky chase after them.

"Jack, where have you had them taken Albert too?!"
"To the doctor's laboratory. He's going to get them same treatment a kind like him do to us ghouls, well maybe not too harmful."
"Wait, how did you know he was a supernatural hunter?!" Billy cried.
"It's the fountain, is it?" Jack bended down once more.
"Molly, I knew he tricked you into his ghost hunt by just one look at that scene. But I didn't want to say any thing because, I wanted you to discover the truth yourself, and you did. And I'm very proud of that." Molly smiled. He got up.
"Now, I understand you boys want to get home, but a few things need to be done. At the lab, I have a special bracelet for each of you. These will not only prevent you from turning into a zombie but, keep you away from Oogie's harm."
"Hey, how come I don't have a protection from Oogie?!"
"Well, Molly. Your bracelet is more special and since your brother is free, Their bracelet will now only work as long as he doesn't have someone with the same bloodline. You understand?"
"I think so."
"Good. Secondly, you boys need to be clean up and rested, so your parents or guardians won't espect a thing. Follow me to a small part of the lab and you can rest for the night and first thing in the morning, I'll sent you boys home." They all agreed as Jack lead the way.
"Hear that Molly, We're be home by tomorrow morning! Things will be back to normal!" As the boys follow down the road, Molly stood and frown, with Spook and Mum sad as well.

Later that night, Jack carried Molly to her bed, as she sat down on the middle of the bed. Looking up at him.
"Why so sad, you should be happy that you saved your brother's life. You can now rest easy."
"I know but, I can't help to wonder. Why did he and the other changed back? You said there's no cure yet?" He sat down next to her and slowly stroke her back.
"Molly, you have very special talent, unlike any others. You have the power to revive love ones with the revival spell."
"Revivel spell?"
"Yes, a very powerful spell that can restore one's cursed body and even revive the dead, though the latter must be done immediately, underwise it'll won't work. And it can only work for those you deeply love.
"But, what about the other boys? I have no connection with Albert."
"Yes but, they were your brother's friends. Though that part doesn't work all the time. This spell is extremely rare and can only work when the time is right."
"Sounds confusing."
"You'll learn more over time, If you want to continue your training." Molly had a feeling this was coming.

"Now, I think you are also sad because what your brother's said. Molly, you can go back to your world with your brother but if you do, you will lose your witch powers and may never return to this world, because of our policy of our world. However, if you stay, you can learn to harness the full ability of your witch's powers and learn more about the life of Halloween. With a even masterful powers, you can vist your brother every once in a whlie." Molly became hypothesize in his empty eyesockets. "And you'll always have a home in my manor. I'll always be your guardian." He held her hands gently, She reply in silences. "Rest on it tonight, and see what happens tomorrow."
He walked out the room, turned off the lights and closed the door, leaving Molly lost in words.

The next morning, all boys, wearing black grim reaper's cloaks. Molly and her Halloween friends were back at the town's square, Jack made sure that no citizens would interfere. Jack, along with Zero, stood in front of them and created a dark looking portal.
"All right boys, this protal is a one way ticket to the human world. You have about less than ten minutes before it closed up. Now remember, no living souls shall ever know about this place. And Albert, that little tech bug me and the doctor implanted in you will detect if you speak or harm anybody from Halloween town, or have someone else to do your dirty work. You will immediately get turn into a black cat for the rest of your life!" He angryly groan.
"With that, I bid you a spooky trip home!" He and Zero went on their ways, and Molly got lost in her thoughts.
"Is Molly going home? It seems it was just yesterday that we became friends."
"Mum, it's all up to her now."

"Well, that was a fun trip!"
"Billy, you fool! We were zombies most of the time! I'm taking a long vacation off of supernatural crap!"
"Come, on Molly. When we get home, we'll have ice creams just like old time!" But, she just stood there. Remembering her whole adventure she had gone through and the promises she made. It was a very tough chose but, she had come to a conclusion.

"No, I'm not going. I'm staying here." Everyone gasp!
"I knew it! She is brainwash!"
"Oh, put a sock in your mouth, mop boy! Listen! I know this doesn't sounds like me but, this world changed me! Before, I was just a little girl following her brothe brother around because I didn't have anyone else to depend on. I've gone through life, sure I knew where I was heading. Then, I wounded up lost. And you know what, it was the best thing it could of had happen. Because, I founded myself. I admit, I was scared out of my mind, I wantn't nothing of supernaturals. Then, I learn to accept the stranges and the unusuals. I learned to stand up to myself and learned that not all spooky things are blood and violents. They can be welcoming too. It's fun to be scare sometimes, not all scares are well, scary. I want to continued my witch training and I want to learn more about Halloween, if it means I'm sacrificing my old life."

Both Matt and Billy's eyes were sad but, understandable.
"So, you have surrender yourself to the supernatural side? But, that's espected when you spents nearly two months it a freaky world like this." Both Billy and Matt now have have closed eyes and suddenly pushed Albert inside the portal. "You'll regret this!" Barky once again followed his master.
"Molly, you are a strange kid the moment I met you! It was fun getting to hang out with you! But hey, you get to be a spell caster, have Halloween everyday and even befriended a Mummy!" He gave Mum a thumbs up, as Mum did the same. "I'll miss you Molly! Hope we meet again someday!" Billy left in the portal.

Molly and Matt began their goodbyes.
"Molly, it's going to be odd without you. We been together ever since we were born. But now I remember something. When you came back from the dreamreader and told me about your trip, I didn't believe at first. To be honest, we both forgot it. Now, it's very clear. I knew we wouldn't be together forever. But, I accept your choice. If you believe that you must stay, then go for it."
"Matt, thank you. But, maybe you can stay too."
"No, my place is back in the human world, this is your destiny. Besides, I can't leave grandma by herself, even if we don't see her that often. I'll make something up about your absent."
"Don't worry, this is not the end of us. I'll find away to see you again."
"Molly, even if we're near or far, you'll always be my sister."
"And you'll always be my brother." They both give each other a tearful hug.

"Go on, before the portal closed."
"I'll miss you."
"I'll miss you too"
"Spook, look after my sister and always be a good friend to her."
"You can count on me!" They gave one last look at each other.
"Goodbye Molly."
"Goodbye, Matt." He waved goodbye and left for the portal. She watched it closed up, as her friends joined her.
"Molly, you stayed with us!" Mum cheered!
"What really made you stay?" she faced them
"Like I said, I want to learn more about the fun side of Halloween and I admit, I alot more happy with you guys more than them, except for my brother of course."
"Well, Molly. I hope there'll be more adventures in store for us!"
"Hey, let's celebrate at the hangout! For our first successful adventure together! Last one there is a rotten egg!"
"But, I like rotten eggs."
"Oh, Mum!" Molly and Spook laughed as all three began to run.

Up on the roof of the town hall, was the ghoul around ten feet tall. Looking down at the friends, with his ghostly pup by his side. He grin wide,
"So, she decided to stay in Halloween Town after all. My charms and whimsical nature has captured her little heart. Things are going as plan, my best friend. Though it'll take time but, I'm sure it'll pay off in the end. She may be small but it due time, I'll make her the most powerful witch in all of Halloween Town and she'll always belong to me!"

Jack unleash a powerful spooky laugher, that even Molly heard a tiny bit of. She stopped and shiver a little. Was that, maybe. Probably all in my head. I hope I made the right decision. No, this is my life now and I'm going to accept it! She caught up with her friends as her Halloween life have just begun!


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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