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Molly's Beginning

Ghost Story

© Halloween Town Tales

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A few days later, it became Saturday night, the night of the sleepover. Matt was dress in his pj's (Which was a green long sleeved, V neck collar shirt green pants and blue slippers) holding a grey strap bag in one arm and a blue sleeping bag in another, was heading toward his sister's room. He opened the door and founded her putting the rest of the things she needs for the night in her bag, which look identical to her brother. She wore an orange pj's top with dark pink neck collar, matching pants and dark pink slipper.

"Got everything you need?" Matt asked her.
"Lets see; Pajama, wearing them of course, toothpaste, toothbrush, sleeping bag, yep, they're all here!" After double checking, she turned around and noticed Matt looking at a stuff animal on the self in between two art trophy. It was a black cat that stands like a human, two blue shiny eyes, three whiskers on each side, triangle black nose, which connect to a smile, and wore a white art coat with a single pocket, red bow tie, an art hat, a red strap purse on it's right arm, holds a blue paint brush with a black tip on it's left hand and a color pallet on the other.

Matt took it off the self.
"How come you never bring her to the sleep overs? I sure nobody would mind." Molly walked to him and shook her head.
"Oh Mittens? I told you a few times ago, she's my good luck charm. I can't bare to loose her!"
"Oh, yeah! Sorry, I keep forgetting. I'll put her back." And so, he did.
"Ready to go?" Matt asked her.
"Yep, lets head on out!"

They stepped outside and started to head towards Billy's house. After a few blocks, they arrived. Walked around back as they spoted that familiar big round green tent in the middle of the yard. A few steps walking towards it, someone came out. It was the very own host, Billy! He has brown messy hair with brown eyes and has a red cap backward and wore a purple one piece pajama.
"Molly, Matt! You're the last to arrive but, I'm glad that you made it! Welcome to my backyard camp out sleepover!"
"At least we saved the best for last!" Matt pointed out.
"You got a point, but please, come in! Ladies first." Molly rolled her eyes but came in anyway, with Matt to follow.

Molly spend the first part chatting with the girls classmates and pillow fighting them as Matt did the same with the boys. Matt asked Bob why does he keeping coming to the sleepover if he'll get scared of Billy's stories? He reply that his mom make him goes and though he gets frighten easily, he doesn't seem to think Billy's stories are terrifying. Poor Billy.

Later on, Matt founded his sister sitting down stuffing marshmallow in the mouth from a bowl.
"I got to admit, I love these homemade marshmallow!"
"Arn't we surpose to roast them over a campfire?"
"Billy said that there won't be one."
"What do you mean?" They suddenly saw everyone settle down in one direction as they joined them. Billy was standing in front of them all.
"Attention to all of my fellow classmates. First, I would like to thank to all for coming. Second, it's now time for a ghost story!"
Everyone, except the twin, groan by the sound of it.
"I wonder what it'll be this time?" Molly whisper to Matt.
"I know last time failed. But, I'll promise you, this will be great! Lights please!" One boy brought out two ground spotlight and shine then on Billy as all the laturn lights went dim. "This is a poem that I just learn and I'm happy to share with you all."

One night on Halloween.
There was a boy walking down the streets.
He went to every house in his neighborhood to get some candies.
He saved some for his little sister, Sandy.
He'll say, 'trick or treat' to every door he meet.
With all of the candies he was getting, boy it was a feast!
When he was done, it was time to head home.
He even got some candies that was made from Rome.
He started walking when, something came across his mind.
A strange feeling, now things wasn't fine.
Suddenly, a stray dog came by.
Lick the boy on his face, then wag it tail, goodbye.
Continuing walking, a spooky laughter cried out.
The way he heard it, he really wanted to find out.
Then all of the sudden, all of the streetlight was gone as it became really dark.
There was no sound, not even a dog's bark.
He then thought that this was all a prank.
Caused by a bully named, Frank.
He walked more quickly, when his left shoulder gotten cold.
He nervously turned his head, now the story unfold.
A tall skinny creature looked down on him.
The boy screams and tries to runaway from him.
Suddenly, a mysterious fog surrounded them.
When the fog left, they were gone before you could count to ten!
No one saw the boy again.
Not his parents, his sister, or his aunt Lin.
Though somethings arn't what it seem............

It slowly went dark. after a few seconds, Billy appeared holding a flashlight that shines on his face!
"BUT IT IS!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!" And he laughed an evilly laughed. Everyone got up and cheered for Billy's performance, Except for Bob who has his blue blanket covering his face.
"Thank you, thank you very much!" Billy laughed and bow for his success.

Molly was impress the most. After so many fails, he finally got it! Thought Molly. With all of his backyard camp out sleep overs, this one is the best.
(Note from editor, the boy in the poem has on a pirate costume, just to point out.)

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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