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Molly's Beginning

The Christmas Crisis

© Halloween Town Tales

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Very early in the morning. The sun was bright, blue birds were singing and Bob running out of the tent, screaming his lung out!
Billy got out of the tent and stood on the side, watching everyone leave.
"Thanks you for coming! I'm glad you had a good time!" He happily said. The twin were the last to leave the tent as they stood across from him.

"So, what did you guys think? Pretty scary, huh?!"
"Well, it wasn't anything blood thirsty. But, it's a good start from the other times. Though, your rhyming could use a little work." Quoted, Matt.
"But, all that matter is, you mange to entertain the crowd successfully! I have to admit, that was a pretty good poem you told last night."
"Aww, thanks, Molly! I know, we should celebrate! Lets have ice cream for breakfast! It'll be my treat!"
"That sounds really yummy!"
"Me and Molly will get dress for the day and meet you at the ice cream parlor."
"Great! I'll meet you guys there!"

Meanwhile, Bob was still screaming on the sidewalk when, a nerdy kid with yellow mop style hair and wore an orange collar shirt, purple pants and green sneakers stopped him.
"Hey, you! Why are you running around in your pajama in the day time screaming like you seen a ghost?!" The boy asked
"Because of the scary story I heard last night had this tall skinny creature and...." The boy grin and put his right arm around Bob.
"Why don't we walk a little while you tell me all about it?"
Bob looked confused as they walked down the lane.

At the ice cream parlor, the twin and their friend have just stepped out of the place with a single cone in hand. Billy wore that same baseball cap, a black t-shirt, dark blue jeans and red sneakers.
Matt wore a green collar shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers and Molly wore a dark pink t-shirt with a sunflower on it, light blue jeans and white sneakers.

"I can't believe you two!" She started to complain. "Chocolate ice cream with slimy green icing and gummy worms sticking out again?!"
"Yeah, it look like slimy worms are popping out of the ground!" Watching Billy lick hs cone, she made an uneven face.
"What to try some?" Matt asked her.
"No thanks, I rather stick to my plain strawberry cone instead." They walked down the sidewalk as they enjoy their ice creams.
"So guys, what shall we do today?!" Billy asked.
"I have no clue but, maybe something special will happen."

But, Molly's prediction came true. As they finish up their cones and continued walking, they are stopped by that same mop haired boy from before, this time with his yellow fur mutt. The friends are confuses
"Excues me, which one of you boys is Billy?" He began.
"I'm Billy!" He said excitedly.
"I see. Now, Billy I heard about your so called 'ghost story you told last night at your little slumber party."
"Yeah, it was the best! Everyone loved it!"
"Yes. Tell me, where did you get the poem from? I don't think you made it up yourself!" Billy started to struggle as Molly gotten mad.
"Hey?! Who the heck are you to questions Billy like this?"

"Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Albert C. Johnson and this is my dog, barky." He barked at the sound of his name.
'Okay? Now, where did YOU heard Billy's poem from?! I don't remember you from last night!"
"For your information, I go to the same school as you all. Just one grade higher. Another thing, a yelling pajama boy told me."
"You mean Bob?" Matt asked. He ignored him with half eyes closed.
"Anyway, I'm training to be a supernatural expert and Billy's poem interest me."
"By how?" Molly rudely asked
"The creature, the tall and skinny one, interest me the most."
"Ugg! This is stupid! There's no real detail about it in the poem! It's only a made up ghost story! Come on, boys. Lets leave this freak behind!"

Molly grabbed Billy's right arm and towed him to the opposite direction, with Matt following.
"You didn't let me finish. I believe this creature is the same one that caused that strange event many years ago." Hearing this, made Molly stopped as all three of them stared at him.
"What event?" Molly questioned as Albert walked up to them.
"I guess you new generation kids have no clue what it is. Well, I would love to tell you all about it. Come to my house and I'll share to you what I know."
"Right, if this event is even real, do you really think we'll just...."
Before Molly could finish, Billy interrupted her.
"Sure, I'll go!" Molly slap her forehead.
"Good to know I have one follower. You two shall come too if you want. Shall we get going?" Billy left with Albert.
"Well, at least we Kims know not to be fool."
Actually, Molly. We should go too."
"Matt, you can't be serious! Do you really believe this?!"
"Come on, Molly. This could mean something, a discovery even!"
"I don't know."
"Well, think about it. I'm going ahead." And so, he left too. Molly didn't feel like trusting this strange kid they had just met but, she feels lonely without her brother. She signed as she decided to tag along.

They all sat down on Albert's green couch waiting for him to bring something to share with them.
"Oh boy, isn't this exciting?!" Billy cheerfully asked his friends.
"I guess." Molly rested her chin on the armrest as Matt looked at her and signed. Albert soon came in with a video tape in hand. The trio looked at him as he arrived.
"This was flim by my grandpa when my dad was around my age."
"So, what will this prove to us about your little theory?" Molly asked.
"You'll see." Albert popped the tape into the VCR and joined them on the couch. He picked up the remote off the table and turn on the video, which reviewed some kind of breaking news report.

"Good evening." Said the news lady. "I'm to report that the trouble maker has been shot down. But due to the damage he has caused, I afraid that Christmas have to be cancel this year and the real Santa Clause had not shown up. Again sorry. Thank you for your patience."
Albert turned off the t.v and got off the couch, looking at his viewers.
"Uh, what just happen?" Matt asked himself.
"WHAT?!!!!! Christmas ruined? No Santa Clause, such chaos!" Billy panic all over.
"Okay, is this some kind of sick joke?! Did this really happen? Forget about that creature, I would like to know, what the heck is all this?! Explain yourself, geekface!"

"You see, my dear lady."
"The name is Molly!"
"Right. That creature from Billy poem, I believe it the same one that caused this tragic event."
"Which is?"
"They called it 'The Christmas Crisis.'"
"What is it?" Matt wondered.
"Many years ago, a full mooned Christmas it was. An imposter, disguised as a Santa Clause flew in a magical sled, delivering presents like the real Santa Clause would."
"What so scary about that?" Billy asked.
"Well, the presents he delivered..... WERE ALL MONSTROUS AND SOME CAME TO LIFE AND ATTACKED PEOPLE!!!!!"
"Attacked people?! That's horrible!" Molly cried.
"Yes, it was. Many adults phone their local police station about the problem. They all lit fire in the fire place and locked all windows and doors. It even made the world news!"
"Like the one we just saw?" Matt asked.
"Indeed so. When he flew over a military's base, he was shot down"
"Yeah, shoot him dead!" Billy cheered.
"Cause of his actions, Christmas was cancel. But, not for long! The real Santa Clause did shown up and replaced all evil presents with good one. He saved Christmas!"

"So, the imposter is dead and it's a happy ending. Welp. Billy's poem must had taken place in the past and everything is fine and dandy. Guess we'll be leaving then." As Molly got off the couch, Albert chuckle a little. "What's so funny?!" She stared at him.
"It was an 'almost' happy ending. When the attorneys check the place he had landed, all was left was millions of broken wood, ashe cover toys and NO BODY! The imposter had escaped!"
"How is that possible?! Nobody could survive all that!!!"
"Or can they, They say that he wasn't human."
"Wasn't human?" Matt asked"
"Many clamed that the imposter was...... A LIVING SKELETON!
"WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They all cried.
"Others say he was a ghost seeking revenge. Nobody knows"
"So, you're saying that the creature in Billy's poem is a skeleton or a ghost that could be tie to the same one from that event?!" Matt asked shockly. Albert nodded.
"That's my theory. I wish to solve the mystery of it all! Why he do it? How he did it. Is your poem and this really connected?! So, I would like for you all to help me with this case! To put an end to his troubling ways. Will you be a part of my team?!"
"Yes, we'll do it!" Billy and Matt said as they hop off the couch.
"And Molly, will you join us too?" She signed.
"This is a kind of thing that I don't usually get myself into. But, I don't want to see anyone else get harm. So, i'm in!"
"Good to see you change around. Then, lets do this!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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