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Molly's Beginning

A Cloth With a Plan

© Halloween Town Tales

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(By the way, Albert wears glasses, just for you know)

The gang stepped outside as Albert tied Barky's collar to a leach. They all walked down the sidewalk, with Albert in the lead.
"So, where can we find out about all this?" Matt asked
"Well base on my research, the imposter landed in our very own town's Cemetery."
"This seem to be too much of a coincidence." Molly said sarcastically.

Upon arriving, Albert stopped in front of them.
"Okay gang, lets start looking for some clues!"
"What kind of clues?" Billy asked
"Anything unusual."
"Arn't we in a cemetery?! Dead bodies, bones, graves!"
"Well, Molly. Lets look for something related to our case only." Molly rolled her eyes as the group split-up. Matt spotted a tall angle statue and finded it strange. Molly couldn't find out why as Barky started sniffing it. It then sniff the ground as Molly followed. Then, he founded something as he did the doggy point.

"Hey, I think your dog founded something." Albert walked up to his dog.
"All right boy, dig it up!" Barky dig a hole and came up with something in his mouth.
"Is that bone related to that skeleton guy?"
"Nope that's a real human's bone." This made a disguise look on her face as Albert tell his dog to try again. Barky came out of the hole, this time with a single red item. Molly question what it is as Albert took it out of Barky's mouth He took out a magnifyglass from his pocket and examined the object.

"Did you find anything?" Matt asked as he and Billy walked to them.
"His mutt founded something red and I don't mean blood."
"Ha ha, good one!" Molly feeled anonyed at Billy's words.
"I got it!" Albert shouted. The rest looked at him.
"What did you find out?" Molly asked.
"This is a cloth, not just any. This cloth could be part of the imposter's Santa Clause suite!"
"How can you tell?!"
"We should investigate this more! Lets go to the near by high school and use it laboratory!"
"Hey, you're not a high school student!" Pointed out Billy.
"True but, I am a member of their special committee! Thank to my genius skills, I can use their lab as I please!"
"Such a nerd!" Molly mumble under her breath.
"Come on gang, lets go!"

In the lab, Albert handed out lab coats to everyone. Molly asked if this was necessary as he explained they should look professionally. She starred at the ceiling at his answer. He headed to a cabinet and took out a lone microscope and place in on the table.
"This microscope can look through the smallist of cells and invisible info as well" He explained.
"Wow, such high tech!" Billy was amazed. Albert agreed as Molly shook her head. Albert slip the cloth inside and looked through the microscope. After a while, he looked up.

"Bingo!" He said happily.
"What did you find?!" Asked Matt.
"For one, this cloth is very old."
"No kidding, Anything useful?!" She demanded.
"Most importantly, It has the combination of both skeleton and ghost's DNA!" This surprised them all!
"What the heck the that surpose to mean?!" Molly seemed confuse.
"Well, it has dead cell from a crip of a bone and a hint of exco plasma, with is what ghost are made of. Combine with a sense of supernatural elements!"
"My brain hurts" Complained Billy.
"So, this creature, is a ghostly skeleton? Are you sure that microscope is right?" Matt wondered.
"Science never lies."
"Okay but, how does this ties with Billy's poem?! What can a piece of cloth do for us?!" Molly needed answers.
"Well, lets head to my house and I'll explan to you all." The boys agreed and they ran out excitedly, leaving their lab coats behind.

Molly was about to leave too when, Albert called her.
"What is it, mop boy?!"
"I want you to hold on to this." He gave her the cloth.
"Why do I want this?"
"I tell you later. I'll go and put the microscope away." He did as Molly starred at the cloth. Suddenly, She remember something, a strange voice calling in her head. Her stomach tighted in a knot as she starred at empty space. Albert called her as she snaps out of it. She put the cloth in her pocket and left with Albert.

Back at Albert's house, they all stand in his living room.
"Okay lets sum up on what we know." Albert began.
"Well, we founded a cloth that belonged to the imposter and he's a ghostly skeleton. So, does that means in the poem, the creature is both skeleton and ghost too?" Matt wondered.
"Yes, that is correct."
"Okay but, I still don't get how this can all relate to the poem."
"Well, Molly. There's only one way to find out."
"Which is?"

"Guys, we're going on a ghost hunt!" This shock the others.
"What?!! We're going to catch the creature ourselves?!" Cried Billy.
"That exactly right. When I said that we'll end this crime, I mean finding him and capturing him as well."
"But, how can we do it?" Asked Matt.
"Simple, by following the five stages from Billy's poem."
"So, that's where they connect." Billy wonder.
"Yes, let me explain. First, one with get a strange feeling that danger is near. Second, you'll see something unusual that is not anything supernatural. Third, a spooky laughter with cry out. Forth, Your surrounding will get a bit more darker than usual. And finally, a cold feeling will fill your body."
"And he'll show up. just like in the poem!" Albert nod at Matt's words.

"Okay but, how would he show up?"
"Well Molly, that where that cloth comes in. We have evidence that proves his identity. I bet he'll try to get it from us. So, we use it at bait. When he does show up we'll capture him!"
"With what." Billy seemed excited. Albert walked up to a draw and pulled out a gray ray gun.

"I call this, 'The Ghost Capture 2000'!" With this, I can capture any kind of ghosts! This will be my first time using this so, I hope it will work!"
"But, will it be dangerous if something bad will happen?!"
"My dear Molly, I'm sure that it'll work 100%!"
"So, when can we do this?!" Matt seems excited too.
"Well, Halloween is next week. So, we'll go trick o treating and find the ghost too. And, we'll be heroes!"

"Yeah, lets end him once and for all!" The boys cheered. Once again, Molly heard that same voice in her heead again and felt nervous once more. The boys high five each others and Molly rubbed her left arm and softly moaned.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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