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Molly's Beginning

Halloween Night

© Halloween Town Tales

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Hallow eve has just fallen. Molly was in her room, with a sad look on her face. Her Halloween costume was a dark green princess dress with light green socking, dark green slippers and a sliver crown. She stared at the red cloth in her hand and sigh. She slowly walked up to the high shelf where her cat doll sat. She picked it up as she headed toward a desk. She rested her doll on a pencil holder and stared at the cloth once more. She traced back two years ago.

A younger Matt was eating at the breakfast table when, his twin sister came in, seem to be very tired.
"Morining, Molly!" He happily greet her.
"Oh, hey brother." She sounded depress. She sat on the chair as she rested her head on the table.
"Don't tell me that you had that nightmare again?!" Molly moaned.
"Matt I told you, it's not really a nightmare!"
"But, you keep waking up in a sweating panic in the middle of the night for the past week!" She lifted her head and faced him.
"I know but, it just hard to explain. Every time I fall asleep at night, he appears, the same way, EVERY NIGHT!!! I don't know how to make it go away!" She slam her face on the table, moaning.

"Well, I think know who can help!!" She lifted her head a little.
"What that surpose to mean, brother?"
"Just the other day, I was looking at the newspaper comic when, I saw an article about something called a Dream Reader."
"What is that?!"
"Someone who can read dreams, I guess. Must be some kind of physic powers or something."
"Matt, it sounds like a fairy tale."
"Well, don't you want that nightmare to stop? First time walk in doesn't cost too much and I'm sure grandma won't mind."
"Fine, I guess I can give it a shot."

Cut to some time later, Molly sat in a waiting room with her grandmother, who buried her face in a magazine. Molly wore a dark pink t-shirt, blue overall, white sneakers and a dark pink bow in her hair. Her name was called as she went inside the office herself. Bookshelives surrounds the room with a lounge chair in the middle and a desk with chair in the back. A young handsome gentleman in a professional brown suit sat in his desk.
"Molly Elizabeth Kim, is it?" He asked.
"Yes" She shyly admitted.
"Please, have a seat." She slowly did, with a nervous look.
"Can you really read dreams?"
"Indeed, I help cure patients all the time. Why don't you start first."

"Well, um, how can say this? For the past week, I'm been having the same dream every night. It start with me in an emptiness space, complete darkness. Signs that leads to nowhere, feels all hope is lost, so alone. Suddenly, a flash of light comes out of nothing! The light stun my eyesight, as a haunting musical voice ring in my ears. At the light, a very, very tall dark slim spider like shadow appears and calls my name, over and over again. My body felt like it gain a heavy amount of gravity as I couldn't control an inch of it! The character slowly comes closer and closer and when he grab me, a beam of light and a spine chilling laughter! The next thing, I wake up!"

"Sounds like a nightmare."
"I don't really think so but, what can you do to help?!" He got up from his chair and walked next to her.
"I'm going to place my hand on your forehead and review the dream myself, to try to identity this creature."
"Okay." Molly rested her eyes as he felt her forehead. But just a few seconds in, he felt a sharp pain in his hand as he back away.
"What's happen?!" She opened her eyes and stared at him.
"It seems that the creature doesn't what to reveal himself, as least not yet."
"Not yet?! What are you talking about?!" She felt her heart dropped.
"A shock like that to my plam lead to mostly one thing, a vision! You will meet this character in real life sometime in the future!"
"WHAT?!!!!!" Molly got up, panicing!
"Don't worry, it can also be worng. But if is true, the creature isn't evil." She calmed down and stared in a confuse way.
"Really, but it seems so scary."
"I did get a slight information. This creature loves to scare and haunt but, he's really a nice guy, strangely enough." Molly still feels confused as the man took out a small cylinder with pink liquid inside from his desk draw.
"Drink this tonight and you will no longer have that dream." He handed it to her.
"Thank you, for all your help."
"Don't worry too much, it probably won't happen." She smile as she left the room.

Back to the current night, Molly sigh as she picked up her doll and holded it with two hands.
"Mittens, it been a while since I had talked to you. I never knew this day will come. The medicine did work, I haven't had that dream since but, here I am. About to go on a ghost hunt with the boys, including my brother, to capture the trouble making ghost, the ghost in my dream long ago. I completly forgot about that dream till, this cloth remind me. That voice, I'll never forget." She shiver a little. "If this vision is true, I think I get it now. He appeared in my dream, to try to tell me that he's innocent! Maybe, He's not the one in Billy's poem! Someone else must be framing him, but who? Still, there's that other mystery, The Christmas Crisis. I have a feeling that he did caused that one but, did he do it in an evil way or perhaps, in a misguided way? I don't know but, he doesn't deserve to be caught! The boys won't listen. That where you come in, Mittens. Be my good luck charm and hope to not run into him. I would like you to hold on to the cloth. If my theory is true, this cloth won't be a lure but a reminder that we must protect him. That is my fate!"

She folded the cloth to a tiny square as she placed it inside the doll's purse. She then hid the doll inside her pumpkin candy bucket.
"Molly?! What's taking you so long?! Our friends will be here any moment!" Matt called from downstairs.
"I'm coming!" She called back. Lets hope this work. She thought. She turned off her room light as she headed down to join her brother.

He wore a dark green prince outfit with matching candy bucket. He watched his sister come down the stairs.
"About time, what took you?" He asked
"I was just finishing up and used the bathroom." She lied about the latter. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Matt went to open it.
"Just in time, our friends has arrived!" Molly sigh. Matt opened the door as Billy, Albert and Barky stepped inside. Billy's costume was a light blue box with buttons, light blue sleeves, light blue pants, light blue square shoes and a matching helmet with an antenna on top. Albert's costume was a brown detective outfit and Barky's wore a single brown detective hat.

"Are you ready for tonght?!" Billy cheered.
"You bet we are!" Matt agreed. Molly rolled her eyes. "Check it out, we're a prince and a princess!"
"Such royalty! Can you guess what I am?!"
"A boy in a box?" Molly asked in a sarcastic tone.
"No, silly! I'm a robot!"
"Wow, couldn't figure that out." Sarcastic once more. She looked at Albert, who was blowing bubbles from a toy pipe.
"And who are you surpose to be?!"
"It's elementary, my dear, Molly! I'm Sherlock Holmes! Barky here is my partner in crime!" He barked happily
"Don't be so cold, It's Halloween Night. So, lets get somes Candies!"
"Yeah, it's Trick or Treating time!" Billy cheered once more.

They were about to leave when.....
"Albert, did you bring your ghost ray?" Matt asked.
"MATTTTTTTTTT!!!" Molly whined. Albert pulled it out.
"Yep, it's right here!" Molly secretly slap her forehead.
"Alright, lets caught that ghost once and for all!" Molly lost a little trust from her dear brother. His boyhood once again, got the best of him. Billy and Matt left outside. Now's my chance! She thought.
"What is it, Molly?"
"Can you explain again on how that ray will track the ghost?"
"Why of course. You see this little red light. When something supernatural is near, it'll start to glow and make a beeping noise. The more closer, the more it beeps. Once near, I'll put this button and suck the ghost up!"
"Well, what if the ghost doesn't show up?"
"Of course he will, he'll come after the cloth."
"But just in case, can we try another day?"
"Perhaps so, But I bet tonight we're get him! Why you ask?"
"Oh, just wondering." Albert and his dog let outside. Let hope that chance is greater than encountering him. She sigh. She took one last look at the living room before joining the boys outside.

Trick or treating seem to be fine. Walking down the lane and seeing all the others neighborhood kid's costumes. Molly tried to enjoyed every moment of it. At one house, she was the last to get her candies as she then joined the others.
"After all this, I'll give you guys all my candies!"
"But Molly, don't you want some for your own?" Albert asked.
"She can't most candies because of her brance." Matt explained.
"That okay. My dentist say that many candies are bad for your teeth anyway. I only trick or treat for fun." But sometimes she wish she could, oh well. The night was relaxing and so far, no ghost. Molly's mind can be calm and her heart can rest. But, something is out there that is yet to be discover.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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