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Molly's Beginning

Ghost Hunt

© Halloween Town Tales

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The gang went through every house in the neighborhood and now have full bags of candies. Trick or Treating is now over.
"Gentlemen, and lady." Albert began "Another Halloween is done as we successfully filled up our candy bags!"
"Such a good time." Stated Matt.
"Can't wait to eat them sweets!" Billy cheers.
"Now that it's over, lets go home!"
"Molly, we haven't caught the ghost yet!" Molly is sad by her brother's words but, now is not the time. She has no choice but to trick the boys.

"Actually, I'm a little tire. My body is sore from all that walking and, it is late."
"It's only ten o'clock." Albert pointed at his watch. "Besides, are you forgetting why we chose to trick or treat together?"
"Yeah but, you told me that if we don't find the ghost tonight, we'll try another day."
"Yes, I did say that. Hmmm, okay then. If you're really that tire, I guess we can go home." Molly sigh with relief.
"But, are we really not going to caught the ghost?" She nervously grin at Billy's question.
"Well, lets try this. We'll head home but if we do come across the ghost, we will capture him! Sounds okay, Molly?" At least it's better than nothing.
"Okay. But, what will be the chances of that? Alright, enough talk! Lets go!"

Molly lead the group, but walked in a pace that shows that she, quote on quote, tire. The boys checked around for the ghost while as Molly sigh. It's a shame that I have to lie in order to get home. She thought. Then again, maybe this is dumb. I'm probably looking too deep into this. There's no such thing as supernatural beings! Like there is a ghostly skeleton out there. But suddenly, the voice appeared yet again in her mind! She stopped and sweat a little. She whisper 'oh no' as she hope what it's not to be. The boys stopped too as they indeed heard her.
"Molly, what's wrong?!" Matt asked. Feared that it could means the first of the five stages, she cover it up. She faced them.
"Oh, it's nothing!" She lied. Trying hard to keep a straight face.
"Then, why did you say 'oh no'?" Albert wondered.
"Because, um, I'm..... hungry! Yes, I'm hungry!" She quickly countered Albert's question.
"Hey! I thought you said you were tire?!" Billy was confused.
"Well, I'm both hungry and tire! I can eat while I rest in bed!"
"But Molly! didn't we ate before we got ready?"
"Matt, I'm hungry again! So, lets get a move on!" But before they went on, Molly stared at Albert's ghost ray tied to his belt. She notice it started to slowly beep. She quietly gulp.

No, he can't be near! she thought as they walked. He can't be the one in Billy's poem! This cloth isn't a lure! A wind blew as an apple fell off a tree as it landed and rolled in front of Molly.
"Look an apple! Molly, go pick that up and eat it! It'll fill your belly up and give you energy so we can hunt the ghost!"
"Don't push it, fatboy!" It did look good but as she was about to reach for it, a black crow flew from the sky and angrily flap it wings and crow at her. It than picked up the apple with it feet as it flew away.
"Did you see that?!" Billy was amazed. "That crow took the apple with it's feets I don't think crows can do that!"
"Oh, come on! That's not unusual! In fact, I saw a pigeon picked up a crayon before! Matt, you remember that!"
"Yeah, it was a few years ago when...." As Matt continued the story, Molly heard the ray beeps a bit more.

Come on, come on! It can't be him! He can't be evil There's must be some kind of clue. But as they walked on, That when she heard it. A ghastly laughter suddenly cried out. Molly once again stopped and jumped a little. That laughter! She thought. It's sounds like an evil laugh but, it doesn't compare to the spine-chilling laugh in my dream! So, It must be somebody else! The boys caught up with her.
"Molly, did you hear that laughter?!" Matt seems worried. Molly once again, tried to distract them.
"Oh, that was just me! Fool ya, huh?!"
"Wow, you made it so real!" It seems too easy.
"Guys, do you hear beeping?" Albert asked. Oh no, they're starting to notice! Must think of something!
"Yeah, it must be my ringtone from my cellphone!"
"Molly, you have a cellphone." Billy stated with half closed eyes.
"And grandma's not getting us one 'till we start middle school."
"Right, I forgot."The beeping stop as the boys forgot all about it. Molly sigh as they continued walking.

So, if my dream is a vision then, the creature is telling me that someone else doing the kidnappings on Halloween nights. Is it another supernatural being? The stages are happening! Only two stages left! I can't let the boys get kidnap, even myself (gulp)! I got to get us home before it's too late! Molly walked fasters as the boys noticed.
"Molly, you're sure are walking fast for someone who is tire!"
"Yeah Billy! I'm really just want to get home to lay in bed!" Just then. the streetlights dim down a little."
"Yikes, what happened to the lights!" Billy cried.
"I guess someone forgot to pay the electric bills" She nervously guess. The beeping resumed as they all noticed.
"Guys! I know where the beeping is coming from!" Albert started.
"Really, you mean?" Matt asked.
"Yes, It's coming from my ghost ray. The ghost is near!" Molly gasp as she felt her heart drop!
"Alright, where is that meanie? Lets suck it up!" Billy cheered.

Molly had no choice but to tell the truth, as least most of it.
"GUYS STOP!!!!" She shouted. They all stared at her.
"Enough is enough! I confess! I'm not really tire or hungry! I just said that so we can go home!"
"You lied to us, why!" Billy cried
"The truth is, I never wanted to do this stupid ghost hunt!" The boys, even Barky, gasp. Though Albert chuckle.
"I knew it!
"Knew what, geekbreath?!"
"Molly, why did I gave you the cloth? I sensed that you were never interested with all this in the first place, so I had you hold it so you'll have something to do!"
"That is very cheap of you, Albert! I don't really like you! What it only seems to be a harmless campfire story then you came along and created these crazy theories on this so called 'ghostly skeleton' seeking revenge by kidnapping trick or treaters on Halloween night! And maybe you're right! I only came along so you boys won't get hurt! And Matt." She looked at her brother. "I look up to you. You're my role model. You're the only real family I have. Seeing you get all caught up with all this, I'm disappointed with you!"

"At least he knows how to have an adventure!" Albert stared at her. "What do you do as a hobby?!"
"I'm an artist. I paint landscapes and portraits!"
"But what else do you do? Nothing but complain! Face it, Molly! You have no sense of fun, no real skills outside of painting, no sense of adventure and no sense of enjoyment! You relied on your brother for everything, you have no friends of your own! No real parents to teach you right! Molly, you are a loser! Without your brother, you are nothing! You are as boring as your paintings!"

Molly heart filled up with sadness and her bones felt a sense of emptiness. Albert was right, she can't counter that.
"Albert! Have dare you talk to my sister like that!" He stood in front of her. Matt. she sadly thought and sigh.
"Molly means alot to me. I'm not going to run your feet allover her! This ghost hunt is off! Molly, I'll take you home myself."
"Go on, become a loser like your sister!"
"Hey, I thought we were suppose to be having fun?!" Billy cried.

As the boys argue, Molly slowly looked up as gasp! Her heart changed from sad to fear as she shiver. The boys noticed.
"Molly, what is it?" Matt asked. They all looked up and gasp! A giant large shadow looked up as them with an evil face. The ghost ray beeps loudly.
"It's the ghost!" The boys cried. Molly shook her head. I knew it! It is another supernatural being! My dream is a vision! Supernatural arn't real! The voice called her name in her mind. And I don't what to find out it they are real! I'm going! And she started to run. The boys didn't see her go.
"Go on, use the ghost ray!" Billy demanded. Albert agreed as he pointed the ray at the shadow.
"Alright, prepare to say goodbye to your afterlife, your days of evil deeds are over!" But as he turned it on, smoked came out of it as it fell apart. "Um, that wasn't suppose to happen."
"Wait a minute, isn't the ghost suppose to be tall, thin and skeletal like! That's not it! I think you're the loser! Molly already left! I got to caught up with her!" Matt quickly left to find his sister.
"Way a go, genius! Now what we do?!"

The rest of the boys ran as the shadow laughed. Finally making a move, he started to throw pumpkin bombs straight at the children! One hit Billy's costume as it started to rust and slowed him down
"Oh man, I knew I should of been a superhero!" Billy complained A pumpkin bomb hit Billy's face as it turned out to be a sleep bomb! Billy feel asleep! A pumpkin fell on the ground near Barky. He thought it was a real pumpkin as he ate it! It exploded in his stomach , putting Barky to sleep as well! Albert saw his dog's actions.
"Stupid dog! Can't you tell what is a real pumpkin or not?!" He leisure Barky. Albert didn't see a bomb come at him as he was knock out too.

The twins remains as Matt caught up with his sister.
"Look, I'm sorry that I drag you into this mess! I'm your minutes older brother! I should be looking out for you instead, my boyhood got in the way again! Please, forgive me!"
"It's fine. You're still growing. Learning from your mistakes to be a better person. I understand!"
"Don't let Albert get to to! You're the greatist sister I have!" Something tells her that he's only saying that to make her feel better.

Running for their lives, a pumpkin bomb hit Matt's legs as he fell to the ground. Molly gasp to her fallen brother!
"Matt, are you alright?!"
"No, I got hit in the legs! I can't move them!"
"Come on, give me your hand! Lead ob my shoulders and I'll help you to get home!"
"No, Molly! You must go without me! Get home, call the police and get help!"
"I'm not leaving you!" She tried to reach for him but, he slap her hand away. Molly felt sad.
"Listen to me!" He snaped. "You must be a better person too! Stop relying on me! I'll be fine! Go, or you will be a loser! GO!!!!!" Molly feels lost without her brother but, she know what she has to do! She ran, not looking back! Matt sadly walked her go as he was hit once more, knocking him out. Don't worry, I'll get help. I promise! Tears ran through her cheeks as she ran really fast.

Meanwhile, the shadow ran out of pumpkin bombs as he grin.
"That little brat sure knows how to run!" He said in a jazzy voice. "But, no child is going to escape from me! I've save the worst for last!" He pulled out a purple pumpkin bomb and threw it violently at Molly's path! It flew like a bullet as it quickly caught up with her! Molly saw it coming as she shiver What the heck is that thing?! she thought. I got to get out the way! But no matter where she goes, it follows. It like a homing missile! I got to try to out run it! She ran as fast as she could! She was soon running out of breath! Come on, almost there! The bomb was coming to her closer and closer! She couldn't ran anymore! She heard the voice again, catching her off guard. She then was hit harshly on her back, falling on her stomach on the sidewalk! It didn't put her to sleep but, making her body gain a bit of gravity. She struggle to get up, placing both hand on the sidewalk, trying to lift herself up!

"No, I'm not ready to give up! I must try to get up!" She cried. As she struggles, Negatives memories fills her mind. What Albert said, What Matt said, the ice creams, the poem, Christmas Crisis, What the dreamreader said, causing more stress as her forehead get warmer. Finally, after hearing the voice one more time, she crack! She falls as she lost all all of her straights she has! I'm sorry, brother. I am a loser. She shed one last tear as she fainted. A red line slowly appeared on her forehead.

The creature laughed as he stepped out of the shadows. He's a big sacked creature with sitches around him and fills with slimy bugs crawing inside of him. He is known as a boogeman!
"Well, well, well, What have we here? Four children and a pesky dog for me to collect? Oh, I'm really scared! They fell right into my trap! While they think that the bone man is causing trouble when it really me who's been doing the kidnapping on Halloween! Ha ha ha ha! Now, Come to Mr. Oogie Boogie! He took a heavly deep breath as his mouth started to suck like a vacuum! He mange to pull front all the boys and their candy bags to him! He then took out a big black bag with pumpkins on it as he place each of them inside! After tying up the bag, he forgot one left. "That girl was too far for my reach! Perhaps if I move closer, I can get her! Ha Ha, nobody can stop this boogieman now!

But as he took a single step, He heard a spine-chilling laughter!
"No! It can't be! That numbskull never knew about my plan!" He panic. "I senses him! He's coming! If I go after the girl, I go home empty handed!" He calmed down. "Oh well, that girl isn't worth my time anyways! One child can't do any harm to me! Then, I'm done here! Oogie, OUT. He threw a spark on the ground to create a puff a smoke. Before you know it, he was gone!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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