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Molly's Beginning

Molly's New Spooky Life

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Molly sat on the table, with her legs cross. Looking up at the slim skeleton.
"So, what's the reason for you to bring me here?"
"Well, lets start with this, what was the last thing you remember before you fainted?" Suddenly, the memory flashes in her mind.
"I remember! A strange purple bomb came charging at me! What was that thing?"

"It was 'the poison pumpkin bomb'."
"What?!" She gotten worried.
"Such a deadly weapon. It homes in on the target as it charges violently! It paralyzes the victim and poison the mind! A red line on the forehead shows that the target been affected. If it last more than 24 hours, you'll still be alive but, your body will be petrified as a stone!"
"No!" She cried.
"Don't fear, child. I fed you the anidote. So, you're fine." The doctor confirmed.
"I also gave you some medicines for your stressful mind." That would explain that awful taste in my mouth. She thought. Still, I can't believe I was save by two supernatural beings! What else can go wrong?

That when it hit her. She gasped!
"Matt!" She cried. "He might be still out there! I got to save him!" But, as she tried to leave, Jack prevented her.
"The damaged has already been done. The rest of your group has been captured." He explained.
"By who?!"
"Oogie Boogie." She doesn't recalled. "A wicked, cold hearted Boogie man. He enjoys misery, taking risks and recently, he been kidnapping trick or treaters every other Halloween!" So, he's the one in Billy's poem! Not tall and skinny but, big and fat! She thought.
"Only he uses that kind of bomb to hurt you. It's most likely that he taken them to his lair and turned them into mindless zombies, to work as his personal salves!"
"No, no! Don't cry, my dear! It's only a form. He's isn't dead!"
"Can you cure them like how you cured me?" She calm down a little.

"I'm currently making an anidote for that. But, it's not quite done yet." The doctor explained.
"Can you at least free them from his clutches?!"
"He's probably expecting me and might set up a trap. It's not the best time at the moment." She got frustrated.
"Fine! If none of you guys will, then I'll do it myself!" Jack stopped her once more.
"It'll be like walking into a lion's den! Don't do something so reckless! Little girl, you are the only one that he ever failed to capture! If I had never founded out about this, you'll had been a goner too! Consider yourself lucky!"

But, all she did is cried.
"Fine! Just, take me home! So, I can cry my heart out on a pillow and to think about how lonely I'll be now!" But, they shook their heads.
"I know you're sad, but... I'm afraid that.... Hmm... how should I put this, well..."
"YOU'RE AIN'T GOING HOME!!!" The doctor shouted.
"WHAT?!" She felt her heart jumped.
"Like I said, you're the only surviver! Oogie has your brother, he can track you down easily, unless you have proper protection. Your world isn't safe! So for now on, you're going to be living in our world."
"You can't do that! I'll, I'll, I'll walk home myself!"
"You'll get lost and probably die a painful death! Why don't you start using your head?!" She ignored him and growl.

"What the doctor is trying to say is, our world is much different than yours. And yes, Oogie lives here too."
"I find it ironic that you're keeping me close to the enemy in a so-called 'dangerious world'."
"It's won't be dangerous once you have the right protection and the mind of a trickster. Besides, Oogie has a higher chance to appear in your world. He is banned to come out his lair and roam freely in our world, you'll be safer here."

"I don't care! I'm not really into this kind of stuffs anyways! Can't you see that I'm sad?!"
"You're pity isn't going to change our minds!"
"But, I need to go home! It's important!"
"Then, I'll tell you what." Jack began. "If you can give us at least one good reason to take you back, we will. But, it's more likely to get capture by Oogie."
"But if you can't, you're ours!"
"Fine, this will be easy!" I hope.
"Get started, we don't have all night!" She began to think. Lets see, I'll start with something simple and work my way down.
"Well, if you keep me here, I'll miss my schooling! Yeah, I can't stay behind and I got alot of homework to do! So, there!"
"Don't worry, We'll handle your education. Me and the doctor knows alot about science and math. I'll teach you so many things that, you'll might skip a grade or two. So, you'll going to have to be homeschooled."
"That's one point for us!"

Come on, it couldn't be so hard. There's have to be something to convent them!
"What about my stuffs in my room?! My television, my animal plushies, my manga!"
"You're going to have to go without them for now, your life is more important."
"But, what about food?! I'm not eating anything like eyeballs or bat's blood!"
"You'll just have to go on a pumpkin diet."
"Then, what about my human needs?"
"We'll take care of them too!" I'm in trouble!

Soon, she was running out of ideas as they ketp on countering each one of them. She began panting.
"Ready to give up?!" The doctor asked.
"we'll give you one last chance, make it count!"
"Please, you shouldn't struggle so hard. Let it go." I'm not giving up! That leaves me to one other choice, lying.
"What about my family?" They frowned. "I bet my parents already missed me. Though, they might ask about Matt but, I just have to say that he's lost. At least they'll have one child with them. You can't take me away, that'll be kidnapping!" But, they said nothing, while Jack stared with half closed eyes. She sweat a little.
"What's wrong?! Why are you looking at me like that?!" She's good at telling lies, right?
"If you don't mind, I'll like to test something. Don't worry, it'll be harmless. Now, hold stiil." What?! she thought. Too late.

"Shh, hush now." He calmly said, placing his left pointer finger gently on her lip. Removing it, he then placed his right hand on her heart and closed his eye sockets. She has no clue on what's happening. Suddenly, his eyes went scary as he frowned. He removed his hand as she gulp. "Are you telling the truth?"
"Of course, I am!"
"Then, Why did your heart reacted?!"
"I felt your heartbeats. When you tell a lie, the heart reacts, like a lie detecter!"
"That's cheating!"
"No, you are! Tell me the truth. You can run but, you can't hide!"
"Fine! I don't have parents! Ours vanish when we were very small! We were brought up by our grandma by our dad's side. See, I do have someone!"
"Is she a good role model to you?" She sigh. No use to hide.
"No. She probably doesn't know that we're missing. Matt is the only family I got. Now, he's gone!" Tears started to run out of her eyes. "I'm nothing without my brother! I don't even have any real friends! Billy is more of Matt's friend. Even my hobby isn't inspiring. All my rewards are just empty cups. Go ahead, I'll be your prisoner. I got nothing to live for. I'm a loser!"

She soak in her tears as Jack sigh.
"Doctor, get the supplies. I'll handle her."
Whatever you say. I don't do well with sobs anyway!" He left as Jack confort her.
"Here, blow your nose on this." He got out a small, soft towel and held it for her as she blew her nose on it. He then, placed it next to her. "Who said that you were a loser?"
"A mop haired, nerdy boy in the group. He's right, though. I'm lost without Matt."

"What he said isn't true. He got capture with the rest, while you got saved! He's the real loser. Don't take in hard on yourself. Everything is going to be okay. You're not a prisoner. You'll get to explore our world, once we get you going. You say that you don't believe in supernaturals, that'll change over time. Don't worry, you'll love it here!" He tried to pat her head but, she moved away.
"Don't touch me!" He sigh as the doctor came in.

"Before we can release you, a few things must be taken care of first." The doctor placed a basket on the cabinet table. Molly saw the single item in his hand and gasp.
"What are you doing with that needle?! You're not going to steal my energy?!"
"Again with the silly imagination!" She ignored Jack's words.
"We need D.N.A samples from you. The first thing is your blood."
"Why you want such thing?!"
"So we can understand more about you and learn of your health and medical needs." Jack explained.
"Forget it! I hate shots!" She hopped off the table and ran to the door. Sadly, it won't turn! "Why can't I open this?!" She tried and she tried but, no avail. She saw Jack's shadow and turned to panic.
"Stay away from me!"
"Little girl, it'll only be a slight pinch."
"You're not injecting anything in me! I'll fight you!"

She tried to kick his legs and stomp on his feet but, failed to do anything! He's too tall for her and she can't jump high!
"Aww, isn't this cute, watching you try to fight me." She growled.
"But, now it's time to take your medicine. So, come here." She ran the opposite direction before Jack could grab her. When she couldn't see him insight, His leg suddenly comes to her path as she slightly fell over. He grabbed her from behind.

"No, let me go!" She struggled.
"Don't worry, It'll be quick!" He brought her back to the table.
"Where's the best spot?"
"Where's the most meat is." Jack gently placed Molly on her stomach and pinned her down with his arms. She tried to break free as the doctor began to rub the spot with a small medical pad. He then slowly tried to give her the shot.
"Oh, no you don't!" She squeezed her body real hard then, she farted at the doctor's face! He wheeled back as Molly giggled.
"Whoops, my bad."
"Foolish girl! That's no rights to treat an elder like that! Jack, do something! I can't concentrate with her struggling like this!" Jack looked up at Molly's face as she grinned her teeth.
"That was not a very nice thing to do!"
"You're not pokeing me with anything!"
"You're stressing for nothing. I know! Lets count to ten together! I'll start first. One."
"Do you really think that a stupid thing like...."
"I'm telling you, it'll not...."

"Three." However, she did felt for it. She started to count with him slowly as the doctor stab her right butt cheek. She yelp at the pinch as he pulled up some blood samples from the needle. She continued counting anyway. Soon, the doctor was done. Jack released her as she sat up, rubbing her sore bottom.
"See, that wasn't so bad."
"Whatever!" She growled at Jack.

Jack took a few things from the basket and placed them on the examine table.
"Now, a few more samples." He cut a a single piece of hair, used a cube tip to get some wax out of her ear, he got her to spit in a small jar, used another cube tip to get a snot from her nose and cut a single finger nail from her left thumb. He moved so fast that she couldn't keep up with him. He soon placed her samples into the basket and carry them to the door.
"We'll be gone for a while. We'll also be locking the door so you can't escape! Behave yourself, brat!" She hmpt as he left.
"The doctor means well, don't let him offend you. We'll be back soon. Just be patience....... Molly." She gasp at the sound of her name. It sounded just the dream voice.
"How you know my name?!"
"You'll find out soon." And he left, without another word.

She laid on the table, with her arms behind her head, thinking out loud.
"There's not doubts, he's could be the one in my dream! Everything about him, links together. He knows my name. I thought I was suppose to protect him, not the other way around! First Matt is gone and now I'm stuck in this world and can't escape?! No, this can't be my fate! I refuse acept this! I gotta get out of here!" She got off the table and tried to pull on the cabinet's draws, to see she can find a key. Sadly, they're all too heavy to pull! She then spotted a sewing pin on the ground. Thinking that she can try to pick on the lock, she picked it up and ran to the door, to try her luck. When she thinks she got it, she tried to open the door, when the door was actually opening on the other side!

She then ran out, only to bump into a pair of skinny legs and fell backward! She looked up.
"Trying to escape, are we? Nice try." She hmtp at him. Jack carried her back on the table. she hmtp once more, folding her arms.
"Now, what's with this attitude?"
"Lets see. I'm trapped in a lab, wearing nothing but a gown! And being treated like an experiment by two creeps!"
"That's no way to treat someone who just saved your life!"
"I just don't know." She sadly said. Jack sigh and started to pull something out of his pants pocket.

"I know that you're frustrated but, it'll be over soon. Now, I would like to wear this." Jack held a red ring as Molly stared at it.
"What is that thing?"
"The Blood Bracelet. This contains a strange power that'll create a shield against poison bombs, prevent turning into uncontrollable creatures and others. I recommend you to wear this."
"If I wear this, will I be protected by Oogie and I can be safe in my world?!"
"It won't protect you against everything and Oogie has more deadly weapons to spare!"
"Fine, I don't care at this point! Just get it over with!" She held out her right arm as he placed it on her wrist. She stared at it as it began to glow. It then disappeared!
"Where did it go?" She cried.
"It remains invisible so nobody would find out about it. It'll be like it's not even there at all!"
"Yeah, yeah. Are we almost done?!" She wanted it all to end.

"Just one last thing." The doctor came in with a fat beakerin hand.
"How is she?"
"Getting a little cracky but, she's probably just needs rest." She growls
"She'll get rested soon but, for now." He placed the beaker next to her as she stared at the green liquid inside.
"You're not making me drink that thing, are you?!"
"What else did I bring it for?!"

"Molly, since you're going to be living here, you're going to need to change." Jack began.
"What do you mean by that?!"
"You see, no humans had ever lived in our world. I don't want to make them panic. So, drink this and you'll become a witch." She gasp
"A witch?! You'll mean I'll have green skin, zits, a long nose and do wicked things?! No!"
"Hush, my dear. Yes, the only witches in this world is like that but, not will you. You'll still be and look the same, just having the power and ability as one. It'll trick them just enough to not to think of you as an originally human child."
"Oh, it'll be like those witches from that manga I just read, Tokyo Spellcasters!"
"Well, I guess you can put it that way."

"So, if I can have a witch's power, I can protect myself from Oogie and go home!"
"Not quite! You must start from square one. Any reckless uses of that power is very dangerous! And I'm not letting you take that power to the human world! Don't worry, the potion has no taste at all!"
"But, you must drink, all of it!" The doctor demanded.
"Fine. Maybe it'll won't be too bad, I hope." She picked up the beaker and held it in front of her. She see the potion boil as she sigh. It's now or never. She glup the potion down her throat, while closing her eyes. She did felt her heart jumped a little and her stomach bumped. She was done as she placed it on the table. "When will it takes full effect?"
"In one whole day. Until then, you'll still be a normal human being. She sigh. Can't wait till then! She sarcastically thought.

"That's it! You're free to go!" The doctor announced.
"Finally! I don't know how much longer I can take of this. I'll just be going now!" She got off the table. But just taking a few steps, Jack called her to stopped.
"Molly, you do notices that you're a small child. You need a responsible adult to look after you."
"What, you got me some witches friends to raise me and to teach me spells?" He shook his skull and slowly watched towards her.

"One can teach the other some lessons without fully mastering it themselves. You need someone that not only to train you to become a proper sorceress but, to teach you responsibilies, protect you from harm, to give you a home, to give you a great role model, to teach you to be one with Halloween, someone like me." She nervously jumped. "Molly..." He stood in front of her. "I would like to be your new guardian." She shiver and panted quickly. She shook her head as her heart race fast. He quickly kneeled on one leg and placed his hand on her shoulders. "Shh, shh. It's okay! Don't pout, don't cry, don't runaway! I want to protect you, from the bottom of my heart. Molly, I'm not evil. Don't let my looks throw you off. I'll be patience for you."
"But, you look like the type to scare others like crazy!"
"You've been truthful to me, I'll do the same for you. Yes, it is my job. But, I'll go easy on you. Though I'm not a warlock but, I'll teach you how to use your powers correctly.

"You'll be surprise on how much of a parent I can be!"
"I guess you take no for an answer."
"You got it! Cheer up, we'll have fun together!" She sigh.
"Okay, I'll go with you." He warmly smiled.
"I'll be leaving now! Gotta get back to my experiment! Jack, good luck raising that child!" He left out the door.
"Thanks for all your help!"
"That's why I'm here for!" The doctor went up the ramp.

"All right! Now's that's settle, lets leave too. But first, we got to find some clothings for you!" He got up and head for the cabinet.
"So, you have my costume?"
"Sorry, it's probably burned in the furnace by now."
"What?! Oh, what else am I suppose to wear?!" He got out some black clothings and placed them on the table.
"These new clothings shall fit you right! I'll match perfectly for your new life! I'll give you a few minutes to get change. I'll be waiting outside, next to the door. Don't take too long now. He left and closed the door behind him. She examined on what she got and founded the only piece of clothing that was left of her costume.
"At least he's nice enough to save my dark pink underwear." She blush a little but, quickly shook it off. She took off the gown and put on her new looks; a short sleeve black dress, that goes up to her kneecaps, grey sockings, small black shoes and a black traditional witch hat.

Fully dress, she looked at herself in a big, black mirror with a skull on top.
"I look like one of the witch in that manga, only I'm going to be one in the next 24 hours. Is this how my life is going to be, is this my true fate? Just yesterday, I was only a normal girl hanging out with Matt. Now, I'm going to become a witch, while the ghostly skeleton in my dream will be my new guardian?! This doesn't sounds right! Will I handle this strange world of his?! No, Matt would want me to be brave, even in a senseless situation like this. But, I'll do it, for my brother's wish! I'll show them that I am not a loser!" And she left out the door!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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