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© TheGreenVixen

WARNING: OC FANFIC ( kind of )

The nightmare before Christmas: Tim Burton, Henery Selick

Lockjaw, Charity, Angelina: TheGreenVixen

It has been months since Oogie's return, and final defeat. Lock, Shock, and Barrel had been visibly turning miserable without their not-so-friendly-guardian. Jack noticing this, realizes it's time to turn their lives around for good.

Chapter: 1 2

~ Prologue ~

" Well, this is it everyone. The big meeting. "

Jack said, folding his hands together. In front of him was a flat, oval table, with a smooth wood texture. Sally, Dr. Finkelstien, and the Mayor sat in big, grey armchairs. Wooden walls surrounded them, decorated in award plaques and pictures of their past Halloween celebrations. It had been a few months since Oogie Boogie returned, and was again defeated. Lock, Shock, and Barrel over time had gone from being decently wealthy, into deep poverty over the time of Oogie's final fight. Jack, noticing this, decided it was time to make a big difference in these children's lives. 

" Before we get started, I would like to thank you again Mayor for letting us discuss this under your roof. " 
Jack said with a smile. 

The Mayor grinned widely, flattered that he was complimented once again by the Pumpkin King himself. 

" Anytime, Jack! "  Responded the Mayor cheerfully. 

Jack nodded his head slowly, facing the Mayor, then went back to facing the group as a whole.

" I'm sure I don't need to remind you three that Lock, Shock, and Barrel were the ones to bring Oogie Boogie back a few months ago. " 

The Mayor's head spun from happy, to scared. He shuddered over the memories. Dr. Finkelstien remained emotionless, but Sally showed a worried look like the Mayor. Jack sighed to himself, still having a bit of guilt in the back of his skull. 

" Anyways, has anyone else found it odd that the trio have been way less... Active? " 

The Mayor lifted his teary face from his arms, that were once before covering it. He looked at Jack, puzzled on how of all people, the King would be concerned about the three. 

" Not really... " Sally said shyly. 

" They should feel terrible for what they did! I know I wouldn't leave my house if I did something that terrible! "  The Mayor childishly whined. 

Jack understood where they were both coming from, but attempted to explain his side of the story anyways. 

" I understand. It just seems a little weird though how they were at least the tiniest bit social, but now it seems like they don't even exist! " 

The three looked at each other, then back at the Pumpkin King. They were starting to take into account what Jack was trying to explain. They remembered how when the Christmas incident happened, they were social the very next day. 

" Now that you put it that way, I suppose it is a little odd. " Sally pointed out, keeping a soft tone. 

The Mayor remained ignorant, though he struggled to do so; being a nervous wreck in front of Jack. It was near impossible for him to not agree with whatever he said.

The doctor finally joined into the conversation, simply asking one question;

" Where exactly are you going with this, Jack? "  

" My point is Doctor, I was wondering if they might be depressed? Not having any sort of guardian to cook for them or... Whatever Oogie did with them, if anything. " 

The three all dropped their jaws very slightly. Sally looked back at her creator, then at Mayor. 

" Jack has a point. " Sally firmly said. 

The Pumpkin King smiled, seeing Sally was again being loyal, and was starting to take his side. The more The Mayor thought about it, he slowly began to agree. He imagined three young children, without any sort of parent to guide them. He still had a strong burning dislike for anything that came out of that treehouse, but he had to admit to himself that Jack was indeed right. Jack unfolded his hands, and dropped them to his sides. Dr. Finkelstien pondered over the idea, getting many ideas of his own. 

" Think about it, guys. Every child in Halloweentown has someone to look up to, adopted or not. Lock, Shock, and Barrel have nobody. When they did however, he probably wasn't a very good care taker. " 

Jack began to feel worse than before, along with the Mayor. Sally was correct. The mummy child had the wolf man, the corpse kid had his parents. The list continued. After a moment of silence and sudden sadness, the skeleton sucked it up and decided to get to the main purpose of this whole meet-up. 

" Doctor, if you'd be up for it... " 
Jack sighed, mildly worried that Fineklstien would not accept his request. 

" What if we made them the perfect parent? Or well, YOU make them the perfect parent. " 

The room became completely silent, only with the soft sound of their breathing. The doctor looks down at his hands, and thought about the big question Jack had just asked. Sally was concerned. Whatever they decided to do, she felt as if it would result in chaos. Mayor did the same as Sally, although he exaggerated on both sides a little too much. He began to sweat a little nervously, being more worried than either Jack or the Doctor. 

" That's a big request Jack. My brain is still recovering from the switch. I don't know if I- "

" I know it's a big favor but you would be changing everyone in Halloweentown's life! " Jack cut off Finkelstien. 

" Exactly, how? " Sally asked curiously. 

" Well, aren't they the only real threat to the town at this point? No one seems to be scared of anybody or anything else. "  Explained Jack. 

" I- I don't know if that's a good idea, Jack. " The ragdoll said, still in shock of what Jack had suggested. 

Jack cocked his head to the side, and lowered one of his eyelids in confusion. 

" Why not? We need someone to protect them, but at the same time give them the love every child deserves. It could possibly even reform them to good! " 

The group again looked at each other in consideration, and confusion. Dr. Finkelstien looked at Jack,  with a straight expression. Jack folded his arms together, and stared back at him. Finkelstien stayed silent for another small moment. What broke the silence made Jack grin wider than he did when he found Christmas Town. 

" It'll be done in a few weeks." 

Sally looked happy and disappointed with her ( supposed ) father's choice. 

" I don't think I understand why we should go through all this trouble, though. Why don't we just find someone to adopt them? " She suggested. 

Jack furrowed his eyes, but not in anger. 

" Sally, do you know ANYONE in the entire town who would ever do that? " 

Sally held up a finger, opening her mouth slightly. Realizing Jack had again, a strong argument, she closed her mouth and dropped her hand. The Mayor had been silent since Jack asked his question. He took a deep breath, accepting that Jack and the Doctor would figure something out. Jack heard his friends groan. 

" Mayor, is everything alright? " 
He asked. 

Mayor turned his head towards Jack, though he still was staring down at the table. 

" I'm fine, Jack. I just don't know if this is going to work out okay. I have a terrible feeling in my gut about it. " 

Jack smiled. 

" Just try to go along with if for a little bit, you too Sally. " 

Finkelstien started to pull out sheets of paper from a small pocket in the side of his wheelchair. The other three looked, all giving different emotions on their faces. 

" I'll start taking notes now. " 
He said pulling out a withered pen with a small skull at the end. 

Sally and Mayor looked at each other, and nodded their heads, agreeing to try to go along with the other two idea. Jack began to ask questions about Oogie's ( past ) Boys, relating to personality, interests, ect. What seemed like hours later, the final idea for a father figure was created. 

" So, what do we have down, Doctor? " Jack asked. His curious eyes widened, and he put a big grin on his face. 

" So, most likely it will be a prototype. It will be a  design to represent the three of them, and he will have a nice personality. " 

Finkelstien continued to name minor details, and the more he continued, the more Mayor and Sally got their hopes up. Jack raised his arms dramatically. 

" Perfect Doctor, that's perfect! " 

The Skelton dropped his arms back to his side. 

" What would be even better is, not even telling them about this! "

Sally's smile went back to a frown in under a second. 

" Jack, no, please. That's a bad idea, I'm sorry. " 

" Why not? Kids love surprises don't they? "  Jack asked, still grinning. 

Sally sighed, not knowing exactly how to respond. Any way she tried to explain, he most likely wouldn't listen. Dr. Finkelstien nodded his head softly. 

" Whatever, as long as I get something out of this. " 

" Of course, I'll pay you! " 

" How much? " The doctor asked back kind of rudely. 

Jack, being oblivious, didn't notice this sudden change in his tone of voice.  

" As much as you want! " Jack almost shouted out of joy, from the fact that in his mind, everyone was going to go out perfectly. 

Finkelstien smirked a little. 

" Then it's final, my boy. It WILL be done! " 

* Six Weeks Later *

Dr. Finkelstien snored, his cheek against his operation table. He had fallen asleep hours ago; tired after a long day of working on his project. Sally had just arrived home from a date with Jack, having promised the Doctor she'd be back before ten o'clock. The metal door creaked as she opened it, slowly walking in. The ragdoll looked around at the pots and cabinets surrounding her in the small, circular room. In front of her was a flat, spiral staircase that lead all the way up to the Doctor's office. Walking towards the stairway, Sally turned her head to notice a sticky note on the rim of the stairs. 

" Sally, I will be going to sleep now. Hopefully you kept your promise. Whenever you decide to show up, please take care of a few things for me. 

* Do some dishes 
* Tidy up my lab if possible
* Put Lockjaw into sleep mode " 

Sally stared down in confusion at the sticky note. 

" Lockjaw? " She asked herself, trying to keep a quiet voice so as to not disturb her sleeping guardian. 

" Oh, that must be his project! I can't believe he never told me the name. " Sally said, chuckling slightly. 

Sally turned to the sink that was in the small area by the big pot she makes soup in, and was surprised to find that all the dishes were done. She gasped slightly, but soon realized it must've been Lockjaw. She smiled to herself, and figured since he was awake, she'd have her first ever conversation with him. 

" Lockjaw! " She called, turning to the stairs. 

No one responded, though there was a faint noise of a metallic sort. She couldn't exactly tell what she heard, or what it meant, but she decided to find out. She began to walk upstairs, keeping her hand on the rim of the stairway. 

" Lockjaw! Are you awake? " She called again. 

She was halfway done with her small travel, when a soft male voice called back. 

" Who is it? " 

Sally could tell with the first word, this was not Dr. Finkelstien talking. She was pleased to hear it's voice finally, clearly. 

" It's, Sally! Lockjaw, where are you? " 

What she expected was another soft call back, most likely explaining how he was in the laboratory with the Doctor. Sally turned her head to the side, and put her hand next to her ear, waiting for an answer. Instead of a voice, hard clanging steps became stronger with each one. The ragdoll turned her head straight forward, to see a tall robot clumsily making his way down the stairway. Lockjaw gave a little 

" Ahh! " 

in between his steps. He could barely stand straight for more than a few seconds. Eventually, the robot tripped, and came tumbling until he was able to stop himself by grabbing onto the rim of the stairs. Sally giggled quietly, remembering that's exactly how she was when she was first given life. She began to walk up to the robot who was lying on the floor. When she got close enough, she halted and smiled down at him. Lockjaw looked back up at her, opened his mouth, and gave her a small toothy grin. 

" Well, hi there! " He said cheerfully. 

Sally was a little surprised that he wasn't embarrassed in the slightest about his awkward way of moving. 

" I see you're going through the tumbling ages, at least that's what I called them. " She said again, chuckling at the robots fail attempt of a walk. 

Sally backed up, when she saw Lockjaw pull himself up without moving anything more than his arms and legs. He spun his head which was facing her, to straight ahead. Lockjaw turned his whole body around, and held out his hand. Sally could tell he was clearly going for a handshake, so she put her hand on the palm of his. Without a warning, he slammed his other hand on top of hers, and began to swing up and town way too harshly. 

" Hi, I'm Lockjaw, which you know! You're, Sally correct? I've been wanting to talk to you for the longest time! " 

His arms stopped, and returned back to his sides. Sally, became dizzy. Her world spun, and if took her quite some time to catch her balance. 

" Y-yep! I'm... Sally! " She stuttered, still mildly dizzy.

" Did you know I'm going to be a father tomorrow?! " Lockjaw asked, almost screaming with excitement. 

" Oh, yes I know. I'm even the one that stitched your clothes together! " 

Sally grinned a little awkwardly. The robot lifted his eyelids, and looked surprised for a brief moment.

" I cannot thank you enough, Sally! " He said, going back to a huge grin. 

Sally kept her smile. 

" Do you know the names, personality, or anything about these kids? " She asked out of curiosity. 

In the back of her mind, she really hoped he was prepared. Lockjaw seemed extremely friendly and outgoing, but that was almost the polar opposite of Oogie's ( past ) Boys. 

" Oh, no. I only know I'm going to be taking care of three little angels! " 

Sally almost choked on her own spit hearing the word ' angels '. Lockjaw, hearing this, cocked his head to the side. 

" Did I say something wrong? " 

Sally wanted to tell the poor robot about everything they've done in the past, but decided it was probably best he found out himself. He did seem happy after all, and ruining that would make her feel awful. 

" No, Lockjaw. I just swallowed too quickly. " She said, trying to sound convincing. 

The robot was oblivious, so he went back go giving a grin. Lockjaw turned his body to the side a little, and held up a finger.

" I must go now, I have a big day tomorrow! " 

With that, he began wobbling up the stairs again. Sally followed him, thinking to herself. 

' Should I tell him? He's so happy! Oh, I don't know! '

When the two made it to the top floor, Sally grabbed Lockjaw's arm gently. He turned his head back to her, a little confused.

" Are you sure you don't need anything for your big day? " 

The robot thought for a moment. Then he lifted his arm slightly, and moved if up and down slowly and gently as he explained himself. 

" I'm fine, dear. Thank you. I'm very excited for tomorrow, but I'm not nervous in the slightest! " 

After his response, he walked towards the old room where Igor sleeps. Sally smiled over the sweet thought of Igor having a temporary friend. The thought of Lockjaw being pushed around and screamed at tomorrow wouldn't leave the back of her mind. She sighed loudly, and entered the Doctor's office. Sally hadn't even really thought about it, but was shocked when she found out that Finkelstien was still sleeping, despite the loud crash. The ragdoll smiled, and went to go find her dusting supplies. She decided to try and hurry up her cleaning as much as possible. After all, tomorrow like Lockjaw said, was a very big day.

Chapter: 1 2

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