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Molly's Halloween Life

Art Attack

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Down in the spooky town, Molly Happily came out of a corner store, with Mittens the 2nd following behind, enjoying a squeaky toy spider in her mouth.
"Good thing my allowance money didn't go to waste, I'm glad you like my welcome present!" She meow her thanks
"Ahh, I see that you got your new cat a lovely gift!" Molly turned and find Jack walking up to her, along with Zero.
"Oh, it's nothing. Only a tiny welcoming gift." Zero flew up to Mittens two and gave a friendly bark. Only for her to turn away, hogging her toy. "Come now, Mittens the 2nd! Zero is a member of the household too! Make friend and share your toy!" Molly told her cat. After a long thought, Mittens two tried to offer the toy spider, this causes Zero to twirl around and pick up the toy with his mouth. He then flew away, causing Mittens two to hiss and chase him down. Both Molly and Jack laughed at the sight.

"I'm sure they're get along soon. Shall we head for home, my dear?" Molly followed him down the old streets of Halloween Town. But then, she stopped at stared at a store's window display. A few distorted monster portraits, with a gothic flair were display behind the glass window.
"Such strange portraits. Reminds me of those pop art paintings I saw once on a field trip to an art museum!"
"I see you admire the work of Gloom Hauntly! His work always seem to fascinate me."
"Who knew Halloween town enjoy art as much as humans do."

Jack kneel down to her, as she took notice.
"They certainly do. Which reminds me. Molly, you are a fine artist yourself, as you once told me. I would love to see what you can come up with!" She frown and hid her hands behind her back.
"I don't know if my paintings would suit anyone here. Besides, I haven't painted for a long time and, I don't have any painting supplies!" Jack smile and placed one hand on her shoulder.
"Then why don't you try to combine your skills and bring a Halloween touch to it. I'll go and buy you some supplies to start off with. Then, I what you to paint a very special painting that every ghoul would love! After all, you had won prizes in the past!"
"Yeah, I guess. But, can I really bring my boring paintings to wow the creatures here?" Jack slowly lifted up her chin with one finger.
"My dear, you'll never know if you try. Remember, have confidence in yourself! Like as a witch you are, be created and imaginative! Now, I'll go get you the stuff you need and You'll start in the morning!" He got up and walked inside. I wonder if this will truly get my mojo back. She sighed.

The next day, Molly settled up her easel and opened up a black chest full of paint bottles and brushs. She stared at a dead tree, with three bats sleeping upside down. Come on, I can do this! She told herself. But as she was about to paint, a bat flying disc flew into the tree, getting stuck between two branches. This caused the bats to wake up and fly away. Molly threw her brush down in frustration and sighed.
"I'll get it!" A voice called out. Spook flew to the tree and received the bat disc. He then notice Molly and flew to her.
"Hey. Molly! What all this?" He looked around.
"Oh, hey Spook. I was trying to paint a portrait of three bat in a tree. But, they flew away."
"Oh, sorry about that. Me and Mum were playing nearby and Mum got a hold of the disc. I just went to bring it down."
"No, no! It's fine. Accidents happen."

"Spook! Did you caught it?" Mum ran up and saw a chest full of paint. "Wow! what's all of these bottles?! Are these potions?" He picked one up. "Blood red?! I'll try it!" Spook took it away.
"No, you moron! That's paint!" He bop his head.
"Ow! But, it looked realistic!" Spook groan, as Molly giggled.
"So, Molly. Are you a painter?"
"It was a small hobby I had back then. I took alot of art classes back in grade school. I was the best in the class, and won small rewards for my effort. But, I never had done it outside of class before, and some even called them boring." She sigh.
"Don't be sad, Molly! I'm sure whatever you paint, it'll be great!"
"Mum's right. We'll love to see what you come up with!"
"Thanks, guys. But the thing is, I don't know what to paint! Nothing is clicking with me!" She placed her hand on the canvas and sighed.

"Wait, I have an idea!" Mum cheer!
"No, she is not painting your slime collection!"
"That would be cool but, that's not it! Meet me by the acid lake tonight!" And he ran off!
"What's he up to?"
"Let's trust him. I'll take anything at this point."

Later that night, Molly, pulling her supplies by a small wagon, join Spook to a big green bubbly lake by the moonlight. They both stopped.
"Is this real acid?" She feared a little.
"No, it's just a name and the looks of it."
"I don't know if this can help me. There's nothing great about this landscape!"
"Mum got something up his mummy wrappings. Otherwise, beats me." Suddenly, Mum walk between them, holding a brown paper bag.
"I'm glad you guys made it! Molly, go set up and I'll release this!"
"Whatever you're up to, this better not be stupid!"
"You gotta trust me better, Spook!"
"Okay, everything is ready. Now what?!"
"Keep your eye at the lake! Watch this!"

Mum pull out a big black bone from the bag and threw it in the lake. After some silence, the lake starts to boil! Then, out came a giant skeletal snake, and roar out loud! Wiggly all over the lake!
"That's Nightrib the Skeletal Snake! He only come out when the moon is bright and if you feed him his favorite treat, the bone bait! See, Molly, Painting this rare creature will keep your art far from boring and more awsome!"
"This is batrick crazy! Mum, you're a mad genius! But, What if it try to crush Molly while she's painting?!"
"Uh oh! Didn't thought of that!" Though Molly was scared out of her mind but, she couldn't let down this chance! Then.

"Mum, do you have another bone on you?!"
"Yeah, I do! But, I was planning to eat this for myself later!" Mum pulled a spare out, Spook quickly grab it.
"Hey! These treats are hard to come by!"
"Here, Molly. What you have it mind?"
"This is stupid but, I need my inspiration back. So, here goes nothing!" She got her wand out of her dress pocket and point at the bone. "Floation, stand still!" With her powers, she causes the treat to float high above the monster, as he stares at it in hunger.
"Molly, that's incredible!"
"This floatation spell shall last as long as I want! Without the need to hold my wand! Only work on inanimate objects though. He doesn't look smart enough to look away, or able to jump!"
"Molly, this is one of the braveist things you've ever done!"
"Tell me about it! You guys stand while I try to paint him!" Molly station herself and stared at her canvas. Remember; Confident, creativity, imagination. She calmly sighed and begin to paint.

After hours of painting, She believed she had a good work in her hands. She releases the bone, as the creature lead out a giant chomp and sank back into the lake. They soon walked back in the townsquare, fifteen minutes to midnight. Molly gazed at her painting, with her friends walking beside her, with Spook wheeling the wagon
The painting shows the creature standing still, starring at the floated bone, with sparkles surrounding him and the moon behind.
"I can't believe you manage to pull this off! That bonehead never dare to attack us!"
"This is probably my best work, yet! And it all thank you, Mum! For a goofy mummy, you are a great friend!" She kiss him on the cheek, as he blush.
"Aww, thanks, Molly!"
"Okay, now I'm jealous." They all laughed.
"Molly, there you are! It's almost time for your curfew!" They stopped and saw Jack walking to them, with the Mayor in tow.
"King, King! Look what Molly made!" Mum! She blush.
"May I see it, Molly?" She slowly handed it to him. One look and he had a big smile on his face. "My dear lady, did you painted this?! This is chillily excellent! Look, Mayor, it's the rare creature, Nightrib!"
"Indeed it is! No ghoul had ever tried to painted him and made it out alive! Your child have some real talent! This must go straight to the ghoul museum right away!" Molly gasp at this.
"My painting in a museum?!"
"Way a go, Molly!"
"That's great news!"

Jack kneel to her.
"You see, Molly. You shall never give up!"
"Yes, Yes! You shall make more hauntingly paintings to donate whenever you got the time!" The Mayor pressed on. This is all too much to take in. She thought. But, an old dream of mine just came true, in a strange way. Yet, through it all, I got my mojo back!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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