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Molly's Halloween Life

Spooky Library

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Molly stood around the many bookcases in the manor, wondering why her guardian asked her to wait here. She looked through some books on a bottom bookshelf, reading some titles out loud.
"Scientific method, a guide to become a mathematical genius, the biological study of a vampire, human's body and soul dissection?!" She gulp. "Lets try another row." She founded books based on Shakespeare, novels and poems written by Raven Vampering, Oga Wartface, the human, Egar Allen Poe and one book that when she open it up, the book screamed like a banshee! She quickly slamed it and placed it back, panting.

"Thank you for waiting, my dear." She turned and there he was, just coming up the stairs.
"How come you asked me to wait here? Are you going to teach me a new spell?" He chuckle and walked to her.
"Molly. As you may see, I have over thousands of books in my little library." And strange ones as well. "I thought it'll be a fantastic idea for you to start reading books on your own!"
"I do read, my magical girl mangas and the spell book."
"No. I mean real books!" He picked her up and carried her across the room. "Books without pictures, books that contain knowledge and meaningfulness! A book that caused the use of the brain's imagination." He slowly pointed her forehead as she blush.
"I see your point. But, your books are a little too hard for my age to read." Jack laughed again, as he sat down on a black leather chair. "Not if you put your mind to it. Although, you probably want to read something more suitable for you. That's why I have these!" He took out three slim cards from his coat pocket and gave it to her. "These are library cards! There's is an old spooky library downtown where you can rent books for free!"
"But, why three?"
"I thought also for your little friends to join in as well! I'm sure they'll be happy to accept this!" He placed her on the ground as he got up.
"So, go on! Explore your mind with great discoveries!" Molly makes her leave, blushing with numbness.

"Wow, what are these?" Mum asked. They were all standing near the townsquare's fountain, where she gave her the cards.
"These are library cards." Molly tried to stay positive.
"What do they do?!" Spook rolled his eyes.
"We can use these to check out books at the old library as many times we want. As long as we return them in time."
"Oh, that's not fun! Reading is boring!"
"It can be if you use your imagination." Jack said the same thing Molly wondered.
"So, the king gave you these?"
"Lucky guess. He wanted me to read more, so he gave these to me to find suitable books. You can probably guess why he gave me extra." Though I did felt a little embarrassed. She blush again.
"Once again, the king offer you a very nice gift!" He's certainly offering a lot of knowledgeble advices lately. Why is it like this? Why is he being so gentlehearted to me? Why take so much effect to be this way? And yet, it creeps me out too. She became lost in thoughts.

"Well, lets not let these cards go to waste. Come on, Molly. I'll show you where the library is." Molly snaped out of it.
"Oh, okay. Show me the way!" Walking through the gray sidewalk, they soon came across an old Victoria building, which had a spider reading a book for a sign.
"What a funny sign!" Mum reacted.
"Well, lets see what's inside." Molly turn the eyeball doornob, as they all went inside. Dark purple walls, dead oak flooring, spider web all over the ceiling, and many rows of black color bookcases. They headed towards the front counter. After ringing a bell, which sounds like a man screaming, the librarian came out of the back storage. She was a green, slimy octopus like monster with sea-weed hair and one big red eye.

"Why, it's that adorable little witch, Molly. And her company too."
"How you know we were coming?" The librarian laughed
"Your guardian had already informed me about the details."
"How embarrassing." Molly blush once more.
"Oh, there's nothing to be ashamed of, daring. I'll be delighted to have you three to check out books here in my library."
"Molly, don't think too hard. Go and find a good book to read. We'll meet back here once we find something."
"But, Spook! I hate reading!"
"That's why you're such an idiot!" Mum growl as Spook's sarcasm made Molly forget her worries.

The trio went their separate ways to search for a good they might like. Molly founds books on monster facts, Halloween cooking, like pumpkin worm pie and pig gut juice, paranormal novels, ghost possesses books and much, much more. She eventually settle in on a novel on a purple witch girl, which remind of her magical manga and something else. They all met back together and got to a rounded large table with black swirls and toobstone chairs.
"So, what book did you find, Molly." Spook began.
"Like Jack's library, most of the books here are ridiculous! But, I did manage to find something." She showen off her book. "It's about a purple skinned, pointed ears witch named Scary Patty, attending a witch school, while trying to defeat an evil warlock at the same time!"
"Why the that sounds familiar?" Spook wondered.
"Sounds pretty awsome!" Mum cheered.
"What did you get, Spook?" He revealed his
"Mine is about a friendly ghost who tries to prove to a human town that not all ghosts are evil, while trying to fight off an big mean ghoul. It's reminded me on what you said to that nerdy boy and that I'm a friendly ghost myself."
"Thanks, Spook." She smiled

"Hey, how come you guys know about your books if you haven't read them yet?!" Asked a very confused Mum.
"Because we had read the information on the back!"
"Oh, I think I get it, Spook!" He shook his head.
"What about you, Mum? Did you find anything, on the account that you hate reading?"
"Surprisingly, Molly, I did find something! Look!" He showen off a little picture book on mummies.
"Mum! That's a little children book!"
"So? I like the pictures and you guys got books bases on your talents!"
"Ours are real books, with no pictures!"
"But, I like the creepy pictures!"
"Spook, lets drop it! At least it's something! Lets check out our books" At least Mum knows how I feel.
"Well, I'm glad you found a nice set of books to read!" The creepy librarian checked out their books. "Your books won't be due till after Halloween!" That's no surprise. "But, you are only allow to borrow one book at a time!" She gave them their books back.
"thank you." Molly showen her manners.
"Have a slimy day!"

Later that evening, they were all sitting around their hangout, looking through their new books.
"I have to admit. Getting books wasn't so bad after all!"
"But, Mum! You're only looking through the pictures!"
"It's fun for me!" Spook slapped his forehead.
"But, Mum has a point. Reading can be fun once you find a good book to read. For me, I'm going to try and increase my reading ability little by little."
"That's the spirit, Molly!"
"Ha, spirit! Because you're a ghost!" Spook growl at Mum, Molly laughed once again. Just around eight at night, Mittens the 2nd came in to greet them. Molly took notice and walked to her. "Why, hello, Mittens two! Oh, you have a squeaky toy. Did you come to play?" Her cat dropped the toy as Molly picked it up. "A black duck? How strange?" But then, she got the point and blush with embarrassment.
"What's wrong?" Spook and Mum stood behind her.
"Oh, Mittens two is hungry! I got to go and feed her! I'll see you tomorrow!" She took her book and ran out with her cat.
"Why did she ran out like that?!"
"She was blushing. It seems like the king needs her for something."
"I thought she was going to feed her cat."
"She was lying, I can tell. Molly is embarrass by something and that
reason is the king."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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