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Molly's Halloween Life

A Night With The Mummy

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Another day hanging at the hangout. Molly and Spook were waiting for their chubby mummy friend to arrive.
"I wonder what keeping him busy?" Molly wondered. Right on time, Mum brust through the door, with a huge smile on his face.
"Hey, guys! I planned something very special tonight!"
"Fishing for piranha?! Mum, the last time we did that, Molly almost got eaten alive!"
"Good thing that 'floatation' spell came in handy." She shivered by that moment. Mum came closer and shook his head.
"Sorry about that time. No, tonight I'm inviting my friends to have dinner at my place! This surprise the two friends.
"Mum, you cook? But, you have trouble reading!"

"I follow the pictures in a book! I may not look like it but, I am a good cook!"
"He's right, Molly. When he first invited me and made me food, I was a bit skeptical. But after tasting it, it was pretty decent. And that coming from a ghost who doesn't have to eat! I can't believe I'm admitting this, Mum is a good cook!"
"See, even Spook think so! Molly, please come over tonight! I really want to show you my little tomb home."

She sigh and looked up at his mummy's face.
"I would love to but, I have plans tonight."
"Is it more important than friends?" Molly tried to hide her blushing.
"I rather not talk about." Spook took notice.
"Is it something to do with the king?"
"Why do you think that it him?!" She asked roughly.
"Because, you always blush when it's about him!"
"Mum!" Spook gave him a serious look.
"What, I'm just stating the facts." Molly sigh as Spook tried his best to solve her problem.

"Is it something to do with that rubber duck your cat brought in last week?" Molly, doesn't want to lie, slowly nods her head.
"I guess you figure it out. Such a clever ghost you are."
"What, I don't get it!" Spook sigh in Mum blindness.
"Molly got a bath night to take care of tonight." Big mouth.
"What kind?! I love mud baths! Feeling the dead soil is so great!"
"Mum, you dummy! It's most likely clear water, with soap and shampoo!"
"Oh, that suck! Who wants to get clean anyways?!" Spook groan, as Molly spoke up.
"Yes Spook, that's right. I was ashamed to tell you this because, Jack is looking out for my human needs. But the supplies he uses might be a bit tricky to use myself. So, he helps me with it. I use to it at this point, it just, do you find it embarrassing for a ten year old girl to be wash like a little kid?"

"No, Molly. Some people need a helping hand. I think it's very generous for the king to help you stay healthly. The dead helping the living. If only more of our citizens can do that."
"Thanks, Spook. For your understanding." She smiled a little.
"That's nice and all but, what about my dinner tonight?!"
"Molly, can you come join us before or after?"
"Jack is really busy and can only do it just at a certain time."
"Maybe you can change the dinner night another time." Spook turns to Mum.
"No, Spook! I worked so hard to set it all up tonight!" Molly sigh.
"Well. I can asked him to do it tomorrow instead He should be at home, filling out paper works. So, I could go to him now."
"Are you sure? Do you want us to help you?"
"No, this is something I must do myself."

Molly went back home and up to the top of the manor. He indeed was writing at his desk, with Zero sleeping in his bed. He's working so hard. Sigh. Only for my friends. she slowly walked towards him, as he turned to find a sad face.
"My dear. Why you look so blue?"
"I don't mean to interrupt you, I need to ask a favor."
"What would that be?"
"My friend, Mum invited me and Spook to dinner tonight, and."
"You want to change bath night for another time." She gulp and blush. Jack chuckled.
"Well, isn't that nice of your friend to invited you to his home."
"Yes, it is! And I really want to go." He smiled.
"There's nothing to be sorry about! You're such a good friend! But, Molly. I'll have you give you a bath tomorrow night. So, make sure you don't have anymore plans."
"Thank you so much!" Jack pat her head.
"It's a pleasure, my dear. Can you do me a favor? With me working all day, Zero just sleep. Do you mind taking him with you?" Zero heard that and quickly floated towards Molly's side, Happily barking.
"Sure, I'll invite Mittens the 2nd as well!"
"Go on, have a fantastic time! Just remember, come back before midnight."
"Don't worry, I will!"

Molly follow Zero, who lighted the way with his pumpkin nose,
to the town's fountain, with Mittens the 2nd in tow. Night has just fallen and soon enough, Spook floated by.
"Molly, So glad you can come! And you brought some furry friends."
"Jack asked me to have Zero to tag along and I brought Mittens two as well for the ride" Zero flip and bark. Mittens two meow.
"I'm sure Mum won't mind. Lets get going, We don't want to keep him waiting."
"Okay! Direct Zero to where to go so his light can shine on!" They all head towards Mum's home, while she wondered what food he's going to serve.

They soon arrived at mum's place, with looks like a wide, run-down house. They walked up to the door, which was shaped as a sarcophagus. Mum opened the door, then jumped for joy.
"Wow, you guys came! Especially you, Molly! You got out of bath night just for me!" Molly blushed a little, but shook it off.
"I felt nervous but, I did it for my friends." Zero and Mittens two happily race in the house, causing Mum to spin for a moment.
"Gee, more guests! Oh, I hope I have something for them too!"
"Don't worry, they're well train pets. Something small wiil be fine."
"Anyways, let me show you around." They followed him inside.

All furnitures were made of rusty old gold or sarcophagus shaped, pile of treasures can be found all over the place, with Zero and Mittens two enjoy coming in and out of the pile. Mum claims that they once belonged to his ancestors. Both of his friends do wish for him to have a bit more neatness His room had a big, fat sarcophagus and mummy's warppings can be founded all over.

Mum told his friends to stay in his living room while he prepare the meals. Zero and Mittens two played around with the rat toy Molly brought for them, while She and Spook watched a boring show on the old bust down television set.
"What kind of documentary is this? Sand, sand and more sand!"
"Whats wrong, Spook. Don't you find the desert interesting?" Molly said with sarcasm. Just then, an explosion was heard from the kitchen! The friends jumped, Zero yelp and Mittens two cried.
"Mum, is everything alright in there?!"
"Don't worry, Molly! That's how he cooks!"
"I hope he's not hurt!" Soon, Mum called every ghoul to the dinning room, which has spider webs all over the ceiling. They all sat on the gravestone chairs. Zero happily pants and Mittens two licks her paws.

"Okay, first the pets! Good thing I didn't leave you guys out." Mum came in with two pet bowls. Zero much on his bone treat and Mittens two ate dead rat and fish bone. He then came in with three lid-cover plates.
"I spend all day and night, trying to prepare a really great dish for for you all! Molly, I made this meal to try and enjoy!" He placed them on each of their trays. I hope my belly can take this. Mum sat down as they all revealed their dish. Molly gasp in shock. Piles of dead worms squarm on the plate, with red eyes rested on them.
"What's this?!" She cried.
"It's worms and eyeballs!" Mum cheered.
"It's like the Halloween Town's version of spaghetti and meatballs."
Spook helped Molly translate.
"I don't know about this, It looks gross!"
"Don't tell me you had never try Halloween Town's food before!" Mum cried.
"Beside Pumpkins, not really."

She starred at her plate, and looked at one eyeball, It wink at me!
"Are you sure you want to eat this?"
"I think I can handle this, Spook."
"Well, I let you decide while I go and get pumpkin juices." Mum left for a moment as she sigh.
"You don't have to eat this if you don't want to. I'm sure Mum will understand."
"I don't want his effect to go to waste. So, good thing I brew up this!" She took out a small vile with blue liquid inside.
"A potion?"
"Jack told me that once I because a witch, my digestive system now can handle human and monster food. But, I not ready to test the taste."

"So, I brought this just for tonight! This potion can take away a drinker's taste bud for 24 hours!"
"Smart thinking, Molly! But, you better take it now before Mum comes back!" She uncork the vile and drank it up. Mum came in as she stuff the empty vile in her dress pocket.
"Hopes this work!"
"Me too!" Mum came back with three glass of pumpkin juice, two extra bowls for the ghoulish pets.
"Thanks for waiting!" He sat down the drinks for everyone. Mum sat and picked up his sliver wares. "Now, lets eat!" He began to pig out, as Molly and Spook looked at each other. Molly turned away. Here goes nothing.

She picked up a fork and stab a worm. Closed her eyes and pop it in her mouth. She felt it down her throat, but no taste. It worked!
"So, how it tasted?" Mum asked. Doesn't want to hurt his feeling, she lied.
"It's was slimy, but taste well." She smiled.
"I knew you'll like my cooking! Now try some pumpkin juice!" Spook wink at her as she wink back.

"Well, that was a nice meal!" Spook gave out his comments. Zero barked thanks and Mittens two burp a meow.
"Yeah, I'm pretty stuff!"
"I'm so happy you tried something new! Lets celebrate with dessert! How about slime ball surprise! You'll have bad breath for weeks!"
"No thank you!" Molly went back to the living room.
"I'll past too." Spook join her.
"Suit yourself. Would you animals join me!" The two cheered on!

"Good bye Molly, Spook, Ghost Dog and Cat! Have a scary night!" Mum waved at his friends departures and close his door Zero and Mittens two went ahead, while Molly and Spook talked.
"Good thing that taste less potion of your worked."
"I feel bad being sneaky to Mum. Perhaps I should learn to get use to the food around here."
"It doesn't hurt to try." They reach the fountain. "Well, Molly, Zero and Mittens two. Have a good night sleep. See you tomorrow, Molly."
"You too, take care." Spook then disappeared through the night.

Molly enters the manor, with Zero lighting the dark room.
"Well, guys thanks for joining my friends tonight! Boy, I'm tire. Lets go to bed before you-know-who finds out."
"You mean me?" A spooky voice called out, as Molly squeal. Zero lighted to revealed his master.
"Zero! Did you have a good time?!" He circle around Molly and licked her cheek. She giggle a little.
"Thank you for taking care of my beloved dog." She looked up.
"You waited for me to come home?" She shyly asked.
"I been dying to know how it went! Zero seems to had fun!" He barked with joy.
"Well, it was fun! Mum made worms and eyeballs."
"Oh, was it okay for your tummy to handle?"
"I used a anti taste potion to block out the taste."
"Oh, a new potion to brew? Fantastic! But, Molly, you need to learn to deal with the taste yourself. Maybe I should cook you more things to try."
"That'll be wonderful." She said sarcasticly. She then led out a small yawn Without another word, Jack picked her up and carried her up the stairs, with Zero leading and Mittens the 2nd following.

"I'm not that tired, you know." Her voice sounded sleepy.
"Hush now, you had a busy night. Just rest your weary head, my dear. I'll put you to your dreamland."
"Alright." She didn't fight it. She rested her eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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