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Molly's Halloween Life

Night in the Manor

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Hanging around near the town hall, Mum show Spook his new spider yo-yo, whenever it's goes up, it squeaks. But, Spook seems bored. Molly then shown up, catching Mum off guard and gets punch in the face with his toy. Spook laughed as Mum groan.
"You came at a perfect time, I was getting bore out of my mind watching mum's lame yo-yo trick!"
"Hey, the web's string get stuck sometimes!" Spook shook his head, as he floated in front of her.
"So, any plans for today"

"Not today, tonight! Mum, we been to your place recently, so now it's my turn to treat you! I'm inviting you guys to dinner and having a sleep over in my room!" They gasp.
"Really?! So spook awsome!" Cheered Mum!
"That's great but, what's the reason?"
"Believe it or not, I'm not the one who suggested it."

About an hour ago, as she was about to head out the door, Jack had a word with her.
"My dear, me and Zero won't be home till early morning. I got to forfill some orders from the Mayor by scaring some humans at some urban neighborhood."
"Oh, okay. I promise to be home before the dead of night."
"Yes but, tonight might be a rainstorm. So, perhaps you'll like to invite your little friends to keep you company while it rains."
"That's sounds great but, I'm not afraid of thunder noises."
"Molly, I know you can be afraid sometimes, trust me. Besides, I bet they'll love to see your room! I'll leave you in charge that they won't touch anything important in this household." Molly blush a little.
and agreed with no other questions.

"Now that I think about it, it sounds like he's what you to come and baby-sit me. Oh, embarrassing!" Molly blush again.
"Don't think that way! We'll love to come over! The King is not wrong, Halloween Town's storms can sound quite scary sometime!"
"Forget that, Spook! Now we have permission to see the inside of his manor! I'm excited!" Mum jumped up and down.
"Hold it, Mum!" Molly because serious. "You guys may ONLY have dinner and climb up to my room! No touching anything, no sightseeing for too long or telling anyone what he has! He gave me some responsibilities, so don't be disrespecting him!"

"As much as I too am curious. I will never disrespect The King."
"You WILL agree too! Right, Mum?!" Spook looked at him, who didn't answer right away. Spook him, hard.
"Ow! Okay, I won't do anything stupid!"
"Good, Come to the manor just when the pumpkin sun set."

The pumpkin sun has indeed set, as ominous clouds start to form. Rain drops soon drizzle. Spook flew up through the front gate, impatiently waiting for Mum, who is dragging his fat sarcophagus by the rope.
"Is it really any reason for you to bring that behemoth of a coffin like that out in the rain?!
"But, Spook! We mummies have to sleep in sarcophagus! You should be lucky! Ghost can sleep anywhere they want, as long they are not imprison by their toobstones!"
"Mum, you'll make a great undertaker if you wanted to!"
"Ha, ha! Just ring the doorbell before my sarcophagus get rusted in the rain!"

Spook floated up to ring the spider bell. Mum manage to drag his coffin up the steps, as they waited for Molly to open the door.
"I can't believe that we get to enter the king's manor! I was waiting for this all my afterlife!"
"Not so fast! Yes, it's cool but, that's not why we're here!"
"I know I said I'll be good, blah blah blah! Hey, what to ring the door bell!" He rings it three times, just to see the spider goes up and shriek.
"Mum, don't break anything!" Suddenly, the door opens and out came a shadowy version of the ghostly skeleton.
"Mr. King! I'm sorry, It's was Spook's idea!" The shadow figure fade away, as Molly revealed herself, laughing.

"Ha, take that, Mum!" She held out her wand.
"Oh, I knew that it was only a prank. Mum laughed nervously.
"Sure, Lets just get out of the rain!"
"Wait, my sarcophagus!"
"Allow me, Floatation!" She used her wand's powers to sent it up to her room.
"Nice to see that flotation charm improving!"
"It's takes a lot of practice to master, a lot of heavy objects."
"Anyway, lets eat! Time to fill up this mummy's tummy!" Both Molly and Spook shook their heads, as she lead them to the kitchen.

"Jack had to hurry, so I had to brew something quickly! So have some pumpkin soup!" She used Flotation to placed down all the bowls to the table, as they sat down.
"Aww, that's all?!"
"Mum, be respectful!"
"Sorry, Molly. I bet it'll taste great!" But as Mum as about to dip his spoon, a slimy hand emerge from the bowl, attached to his face and fell backwards.
"Oops! I mistakenly gave him the swamp monster's soup indeed! Mum, are you okay?!"
"Sweet!" Mum mumble.

After dinner, they started to head upstairs.
"Remember, we're heading up to my room only! Don't lose focus!"
"Not even a peep?"
"Okay! Lead the way!" Molly tried to hurry them up to her room but as they reached his small lab, the boys grew curious.
"So, this is where he does his experimenting." Spook wondered.
"That or in his top floor, whatever fit his fancy." Molly answered.
"Amazing! Ooh, what's over there." Mum spotted a work table, with a rat on top.
"A rat, why it sleeping? Why so many test tubes on it body?! Where all it fur!"
"Mum, stop asking questions! That's none of our business!"
"Please don't bother with his work. I don't want to get into trouble!"
"But guys, it look so sad! Poor Mr. rat!"
"Mum, hundreds or rats get eaten by cats everyday!"
"Come on, guys! Lets leave." Molly and Spook headed up, as Mum say goodbye to the experiment rat, to join his friends.

When they reach the final floor, Mum zoom all over the place! From his electric chair, to Zero little doggy bed. Molly got annoyed.
"Mum! Lets head to my room now!"
"Wait, what's this?! A big washtub? This sponge has a piece of your hair! Hey, this much be where-" Mum suddenly turns into a frog, as a blush face Molly lower her wand, grabs him, and threw him in her room. Molly slowly pants, as Spook backed away.

"Come on, I said I was sorry! Back to his mummy self, Molly locked her room to keep him from examining Jack's manor even more.
"Sorry, Mum. We're are staying here for the rest of the night!"
"But, Spook! This room doesn't scream Halloween at all! It's too bright and colorful!"
"This is what normally a 'human girl' room looks like!"
"How should I suppose to know! I never been a human!" Spook sigh.
"Mum, this room is my only break from the Halloween life I now live! No other citizens here suppose to know I really a normal human girl with witch powers. Since you guys are my best friends, I can allow you to see my room."

"Thank you, Molly. Though, I don't think this style match me. Not because I'm a ghost."
"It's because this room is too girly!" Spook bop Mum's head, as Molly laughed.
"No, that's true. Since I used the "decoration spell' on this room, these items are just mere copies of the real things. They are useable but, they can't leave this room, the spell won't allow it."
"So, these arn't your true belongings?"
"I havn't been back to my world since that night. However, at least I have her."

She took it off her bed and shown it to them.
"This is Mittens the Painter. My only true surviver of my live in the human world."
"So, this must be the original Mittens you named cat after." Mittens the second was sleeping in her bed, to meow when they mention her.
"Yes, despite being a black cat, she was my good luck charm."
"Like a dead rabbit foot?!" Spook rolled his eyes.
"No, She helps bring encouragement. She was a special gift from Matt." She looked at her doll. "It was one birthday when me and Matt was little. Each year, we will exchange presents we bought with our small allowance money. One year I gave him a red toy truck, Matt gave me this cat. He said it reminded him of the cartoon character Mittens the Artist, from the show I use to watch.

"It became my most favorite gift. Although he couldn't find the real doll, it was only an independence show, not really a popular show, but it came from him. And that all it matters. I did used some dress up clothes from my other dolls to recreate the character, It became more of my own. Since that day, she helps bring encouragement to my paintings and I have my brother to thanks for that."

"Such a sweet story."
"Thank you, Spook." She placed her backon the bed. Suddenly a loud thunder clap is heard, as Molly yelp! Mittens two hiss and jumped on the ceiling
"Wow, that is a scary sound!"
"Hey, do you have anything to block out the sound?"
"Well, we can watch an old movie and focus on that."
"I won't watch anything unless it scary."
"Oh Mum!" They all laughed.

Molly used her wand to change into her night wear, as they all prepare to sleep. Having her record player to play classical music to block out the scary lighting. Molly sleeps in her bed, Mum, in his sarcophagus, wearing a night cap, and Spook sleeping upwards. When they all fell asleep, someone quietly open her door. Jack and Zero watched the friends sleep peacefuly. Zero shines his nose, as Jack asked to dim his light a little. They smiled as they both leave again to scare some more silly humans.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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