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Nightmare in the Woods

A Boy in Wolf Clothing

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Luke and Amy shockingly stared at the big hungry wolfman, wearing a rip yellow checker shirt. He had his scary eyes lock on to Amy's little body.
"Amy, you went to that Halloween world?! You came back not realizing that this hell creator followed you?!" She whine in guilt. "it seen to think your're his dinner! Amy, you must lower it back to it's tree! I'll find something to weaken it! I'll meet you there!" Amy started running. The wolfman howled and chase after her. Amy ran fast, as the werewolf caught up. He tried to chomp on her but, she jumped out of the way each time. At the trees center, she looked up in fright! the wolfman was about to jump when, Luke came from behind a tree, with a can of bug spray in his hand. He shook it and sprayed the wolf's eyes! Blinded, he scream and violently waved his big paws rapidly, accidentally scratched Luke's left arms! He cried in pain and landed on his bottom! Close to the Halloween's tree, Amy headbutt the wolfman into the portal, as the door closed. Amy then rushes to Luke's side, who was holding on to his wound.
"Don't mind me, girl! It's only a small scratch! All that matters is we got rid of that damn beast! Lets go back to the tent.

In the tent, Luke wrapped his cut with bandages from a first aid kit. He sighed and lead against the tent's wall.
"Amy, that was foolish! That creature could of had the both of us killed! Why would you venture in a place like that?!" Amy sadly whines, only then to show him one of her bones. "You were hunting down the skeleton?" She whined once more. "That's thoughtful for you to help but, you saw what happen! He made a fool out of me! You're just a little dog! Me, a pro former athlete, get his ass bop by a skinny fragile looking skeleton!" His voice slowly grew with anger. He looked at his costumes. "I spend all my time and effort to make this right! Many of those town people, they depend on me! I fail them, I fail myself! I should been more careful! Flashy, like how my father was when he was a football star! I'm becoming like him! No, I'M NOTHING LIKE HIM! I'M THOUGH WITH THIS!"

just like that, he smash and rip all his costumes, especially his Dark Stranger uniform. Amy was horrified! Luke was strong but, nothing like this! Luke stared at his ruin creation, panting heavily.
"MY HOLIDAY STEALING DAYS MAYBE GONE BUT, I REFUSE TO LET THE CITIZEN MEMORIES BE ERASE OF ME!!!!!" He ran out of the tent, by ripping a hole through it, with Amy to follow. He came to a halt when, he founded himself surrounded by some of the town people, his former football mates, the cop's lackeys, and his father.
"Luke, I finally caught you." Luke didn't say a word, only the stare with a mean sinister face. "A few of the helpful folks led me to this spot! When I heard about this town restoration, That when I found out that I was living with a phony son pretending to be you! Trying to make a dope out of me?! All I tried to do is raise you right! Instead, run away and try to gain fame another way! Son, you turned into a life of crime! Where did you get all theses fancy supplies?!"

"I ain't telling nothing!" Luke responded in a cold voice.
"And I expect you collected these out of thin air! My son! If you would of just follow my footsteps instead of this mumbo jumbo, you wouldn't end up like your good for nothing mother!"
"You let her to DIE!" Luke raised his voice.
"She did it herself! I have no chose but to arrest you!"
"Luke got in trouble again, only bigger!" Said a high schooler.
"Sissy boy steal to gain fame! I can see the headline now!" Said another.
"You should arrest his 'friend' too! He never fixed my roof!" said a citizen.
"And I thought the Dark Stranger did it from honesty" With everyone poking and damning him. Luke placed his hands on his head and struggle with rage. A harvest moon rose out of the dark clouds. Luke's eyes turned blood red and painfully grew sharp teeth. With great rage, he howls so loudly that sound waves push everyone back! Amy shiver in fear.
" YOU FOOLISH HUMANS! YOU DON'T GIVE A SHIT OF WHAT I BROUGHT TO YOU?! THEN I'LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN!!!" his skin turned dark brown and hairy, his face began to morph, he grew claws, a long tail and larger in size. His clothes begin to rip open, as the victims begin to panic. Amy yelp and ran away!
"Luke, what's happening to you?! Son please!" Raymond beg to him.
"YOU ARE NO FATHER OF MINE!!!!" Strip off his human clothes for a big furry coat! He howl and silents his father.

Amy ran with a frighten face, across Halloween's grave site. She pass Zero's doghouse, waking him up and quickly soon followed. Jack stood by the gate entrance, along with Sally, who was holding a jar of strange bugs.
"I wish you luck." But before she can give the jar to him, the two dogs came up to them, with Amy barking madly.
"You're Luke's dog! Has something happen to him?!" A loud moaning sound, they all stared at the wolfman, who was just recovering from an eyesore. He looked at Amy and gasps.
"No, get that dog away from me! I'll just have rat meats tonight!" Realizing the situation, Jack race up to him with a mean glare.
"What did you do?!!!!!" Jack demanded.
"I'm sorry! I saw this dog and follow it to this boy's camp! I did't do anything to that kid, I only wanted the dog! The kid sprayed my eyes and that was it!"
"You fool! You must had scratch him by accident!"
"Jack, it's a harvest moon tonight! And his anger!" He quickly looked up to her, who had a worry face. The dogs worried too.
"Sally, our chances maybe slim but, if we don't act soon, things could get real bad, for him and that human town! Hold on to the jar for a little longer and tell the ghosts to hold off to collect the Holiday items till later tonight! I got to run to the doctor's lab to pick up something then, I'll to stop him!" Jack ran fast, as the dogs followed him. Sally hope for the safety of everyone.

All three jumped out of the tree's portal, as Jack quickly pluck the seed out of the ground. They all watches the Holiday trees sink underground.
"I should of had done this sooner!" He continued to run, only to stop in great horror. The tent was destroy, and dead body pile around the ground! All had the same slashes and wounds. "I may had frighten many to an early grave, but nothing like this! Even for a werewolf from Halloween Town!" He then spotted his town, grim reaper, who was busy collecting Luke's father's soul.
"Raymond Hecker Long, age 36, time of dead_" Jack walked to him.
"Ah, Mr. Skellington. You are about to witness my last soul count in this area." The reaper faced him.
"Isn't that Luke's father?!"
"Indeed. Murder by his own son, not good for his soul's reputation. His fatal wounds, slashes by his throat and heart. But by the looks of it, this body received the most damage." He looked back at Raymond's body.

"It's not his fault! He was turn into a werewolf! Where is he now?!"
"Judging by his trail, my guess is that human's town. More souls for me to collect. I feel pity for those mortals."
"Not if I can help It!" Amy whined as if it was her fault. "Don't blame yourself. You were only trying to help him. I'll make sure he'll be safe and that human's town! Come on, this isn't over yet!" They ran down the hill.
"But it will be for the human boy!" The reaper looked down on them.

Down at the celebration, Thomas took the podium, as everyone cheered and the camera man shoot his speech.
"We are all gather here for a very special night. Our town was in the bricks of ruins but now it is saved, thanks to a brave lad who call himself the Dark Stranger!" They cheered and clapped. "Those it's been a while since he came to give us more supplies but, I think he did enough. However, I would like to give a warm call out to my dear friend: Luke Long and his dog Amy. They are good customers to me and help me believe in hope. Though he may not show up but I know he's there in spirit. As honor to cut the ribbon that'll reopen our fair town. Let give one big cheer for Luke and the Dark Stranger!"

But instead of cheers, they all screamed! As they find a hideous creature running to them and led out an angry howl!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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