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Nightmare in the Woods

Werewolf VS Skellington

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

And now, we're back were we started from.

A full harvest moon shines in the ominous sky, as people scream of bloody murder. Running for their lives, as if all of Hell broke loses. The giant monstrous werewolf, that was once a young man named Luke, chase away the poor citizens, to their death! The same group of children his human had once met before, bundle together in a dead end ally. Their lives flashes before their eyes, as he corner them and charged in rapid speed. The children frighteningly closed their eyes.

But when he was about to reach the wall, a skinny shadow swoop down and quickly grabbed the children in his long arms and amazingly jumped very high, causing the werewolf to bump his head and painful growl. He looked up and saw that trickster skeleton stand tall on top of the building's roof. He had a menacing face, while the children had a frighten and confuse face. Reminded of his human's humiliation, his eyes boil red and howl with such anger. He began to climb up the building with his sharp claws, as the skeleton jumped down, with the children in his arms.

Meanwhile, a very paranoid Thomas looks behind his shop's front door, watching his citizens panic and run.
"I knew we had wolf problems but, not as evil as this! Oh, our poor town! I sure I hope Luke is okay. Suddenly, Jack jumped right in front of him! Tomas scream and quickly grabbed a broom from his shop. "Back away, you demon! Don't you dare harm those poor children!" He pointed his broom at the skeleton. Jack released the children, as they ran behind Thomas.
"Don't hurt him, he saved us!"
"Yeah, please let him go, mister!" Thomas went confuse and lower his broom.

"Go! Take them somewhere safe! Or you will be eaten alive!" Jack said in a threatening voice. Without another word, Thomas ran in his shop, with the children following him. Zero and Amy ran up Jack, as he face them.
"Zero, you and Amy must lower the humans to safety. make sure no living soul get in any harm way!" They barked in agreement and went on their way. But only a few seconds alone. The werewolf almost charged down at Jack, as if he would ambush him, but the skeleton simply jumped away. The werewolf clash again, on solid concert. He gets up, with streams of blood rush down his face.
"Lukey boy! You been very naughty. I warn you to stay out of trouble. But don't worry, I can cure your illness with this." Jack took out a sharp injection from his coat pocket. Upon seeing it. He is reminded of a bad memory and growled.
"I GOING BREAK EVERY BONES IN YOUR FRAGILE BODY!" He roar in a demonize voice.
"I guess we have to do this the hard way."

The werewolf slashes and slashes with his big heavy arms but, the skeleton was always on step ahead of him. Jumping and jumping from one move to the next. Bumping to a firework ration, Jack aims the mini rockets at the werewolf's direction and lit them on fire, with his fire magic on the tip on his finger. The rocket dazed the werewolf, but his body repels them off. Jack ran to an abandoned warehouse, as the werewolf gives chases.
Inside, he search his surroundings, using his rounded nose to smell his presents. But, not realizing he stepped on a trap, dozens of Easter eggs hurl at him, causing him to grow more angry. Jack, standing on top of a construction beam, he swoop down on the werewolf's back and almost stab him with the injection, but only to be grab away!

"CAUGHT YOU! i'LL TURN YOU TO DUST!" But, Jack only smiled. Suddenly, the werewolf's hand glow hot red, as he let go and cried in pain. jack transform into his pumpkin king form as if he was about to charge his fire attacks. The werewolf find a barrel of water and hurl it at the burning scarecrow. Just if he won, the water turned to ice and shatter, turning Jack back to a skeleton. With both his hands, he ice bean the werewolf frozen solid and ran outside! The werewolf broke lose and chase once more.

Back outside, The werewolf search again for the skeleton. Only to be fool by a lone roasted chicken on a table. Growing hungry, he grabbed it, only for him to set again trap! Warp up in Christmas trims and a single wreath. Jack pop out from the table but like before, the werewolf broke free.
"You're currently the most trickily werewolf I had met." He roar again and tried to claw the skeleton, only to miss.

Jack settled another trap, with the werewolf trip over a rope and summon arrows on his back, but a strong roar repeals them off. It looks like nothing can stop that werewolf! He lure the bounding skeleton to a lone shop and unleash a powerful punch! Though Jack moved out of the way, the building crumble hard. But as the dust clouds disappeared, a poor woman is caught under the crumbles of the building. The werewolf's eyes grew sad as her face reminds him of someone he once loved, the only woman to loved him, his dead mother! He grew frighten and back away to the middle of the streets. Seeing the werewolf's mind in a daze, Jack almost had his chance to give Luke the cure, only for a fire shot was heard and the werewolf roar in pain! Jack gasps and ran to him. The werewolf's hand was on his heart, Jack moved it out of the way and harshly yank out a shiver bullet! He faced the half fallen building, where the dead's woman weary husband stands, holding a long rifle, shaking in fear.
"YOU FOOLISH HUMAN!" Jack ran to the husband's side, grabbed and snapped the gun in half and chased the husband away with a big, horror scary face!

Jack rushed back to the werewolf's side and stabbed him with the antidote on his back. He then watched his screaming turns to silences as he slowly reveres back to a human. Luke falls on his back and faints, naked and alone.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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