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Nightmare in the Woods

A Fallen Hero

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Every surviving humans came out of their hiding buildings and surrounds the aftermath sight. They all gasps with sadness and horror at the bloody and heavily wounded teen laid on the cold ground, with the slim skeleton keeling next to him, with sadness in his eyes. To think, a big demonize hairy fiend, was just a normal boy in a curse state. Thomas and the children made their way into the crowd and felt their hearts drop!
"My boy, Luke! It was you?! Then, were you also_" Tears start to ran through his cheeks. "Why I didn't realize it sooner! What cause you to turn into that furry freak?! Have we ask for too much?!"
"Luke is the dark stranger! I could tell from both their eyes. He was curse for our sins!" Said the oldest kid.
"But, he almost ate us!" pointed out the boy.
"Can't you blame him? Though we were thankful, many others were selfish. We're sorry, Mr. Dark stranger." The smallest one started to cry, as others citizens felt bad and disappointed.

A loud barking came through the crowd, as Amy weep in deep sadness. Zero caught up and felt sad as well. He floated to his master's side, as he petted Zero's head and sigh. Amy walked to Luke's face and lick his cheek. He moan and weakly opened his eyes. Jack took notice, as so did the citizens
"Amy, I'm sorry. I'm a terror owner. I could of got you kill, like many lives lost because of me." He said in a fragile voice. He cough out some blood and was too weak to get up. Jack lifted Luke's back, as he face him.
"Skeleton, you were right. that illusion you show me in the woods, I did ended up getting shot to the heart. You were trying to save me front the start." Jack sigh.
"A friend of mine told me of a possible death you could face if not careful. Perhaps I was too harsh on you."

"No, only I was to blame. I was greedy, obsess with fame and ego! Wanting to prove to the bastard that I can bring good to the world! I hate this world and it's selfish people. I didn't mean to ruin your worlds Holiday. I just wanted to bring their happiness to a town in need. Like, how my mom use to do."
"You seem to be horrified when you saw that woman being crush."
"Yes, that what snapped me out of my monster's mind. My mother was a sweet, kindly woman. She taught me everything there is to know about helping people in trouble and to learn to sew clothing for them. Though my old man was harsh to me, she was the only one who loved me. Then one night, an earthquake shook a football locker room, where she was visiting my father's coach section. When an old homeless woman taken in the place for quick brake, my mom stay to help the lady. My father could of had stay to help but, he think it was all pointless and left without looking back. Though she saved the old lady, she got caught in the crumble, just like that woman I killed. I became like my father. fame hungry. I'm really am a son of a bitch." Amy and Zero whined.

"Luke, don't punch yourself. If you were completely like your father, you wouldn't help all of these wonderful people. your heart was in the right place, but sharing your father's personality brought a challenge to you. Though I must erase their memories of this event, I'll make sure to at least restore the damage you accidently caused and make sure they're have enough to live their human's lives in peace, if they keep it that way."
"Then, do me a favor. Can you also erase their memory of my existed, including my own dog." Hearing this cause Amy to bark to stockiness. "Amy, I'm dying. I don't want you to spend the rest of your dog's lives feeling bad for me. This is my sins, not yours. I'm sure someone else will take a lot better care of you more than I could." She shook her head and cried barking.
"Skeleton, my time on Earth is running out. I find it funny that before all of this, I tried to kill myself from drowning. Never thought I'll die of being a wolfman like those old horror movies. But, I accept my death. My mother die from saving someone, so I must do the same. If I was better at myself, maybe I could of made a different in the world. To make the world a better place. Maybe someday that dream will turn to reality, even if I can't be there to experience it." Luke cough, as Amy cried.

"Amy." He faced her. "And everyone here. I'm sorry I wasn't the hero you wanted me to be. I'm only one kid. But maybe, you can carry my words to others. Even if you can't remember what happen after tonight, remember to be good to others! Fight for peace and happiness! Help others in need. And don't forget, greed and violent is never the answer!" They all took it in deeply, as Luke gave one last smile.
"Amy, goodbye my best friend. And Mom, wherever you are. Please forgive me for my troubles and I hope your kindness will continue without me. Goodbye." And like that, he died in the skeleton's arms.

A moment of silence, as many around him dealt with grief and sorrow for the one who restored their town has pass away. Amy cried and Zero whined. Jack sighed and warmly smiled.
"Luke, a brave soul you were. Admitting your wrongs and hope for others to carry your legend. I will keep my word for then to forget you were here but, I'll have them remember your finals words. You may were curse as a werewolf, you still have a good soul. You made not step foot in Halloween Town alive. For all you done and understanding, I'll make sure your body and soul rest in peace in my land forever," Jack summon a dark portal, as he carries Luke's body to it. Amy, with tears running from her eyes, tried to caught up with them, only for Jack and Zero disappeared through the portal, never to see her master again.

Amy howl in sadness, as she is joined by Thomas and the children. The small one laid the Dark Stranger's rose where he died, as she, her friends and Thomas cope with the sad dog as another moment of silence take place. They all gaze where their fallen hero once laid, as his legend lies within their hearts forever,


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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