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Nightmare in the Woods

Escape to the Hopeless Town

© Halloween Town Tales

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

8:00 P.M, Luke and Amy stared down from upstairs near the railings, watching his old man put on his police cap, as he heads off for his night shift. He added a security lock on the front door, to keep anyone from bustling in. Out the door he went, as Luke and Amy rush to Luke's window to see Raymond drive his police car out of the drive way and far he drove.

"Come on, girl. now our chance!" She bark in agreement as Luke picked up a large blue hiker backpack, placed it on his back, and a big briefcase, which hold his portable sewing machine inside. Amy jumped on his right shoulder, as he opened his window. "Dad may secure all the doors and downstair windows, what a fool he is for not securing mine!" Slipping his right hand through the briefcase's handle, he jumped from the window and grabbed a nearby tree branch. Pulling himself up, he jumped to a neighbor's tree, to avoid the alarm mimes his dad placed all over the front yard, and slided down. Checking his surroundings, he sneaked his way to a bus stop. He dressed himself in all black shoes, pants and hooded sweater, he sew up, so he can blended with the night and to hide his face from anyone to report him. But also sneaked away to not to be mistake as an assassin or a crook. Right on time, the 8:30 bus has arrived. He had Amy hid under his sweater and board the bus.

Inside was a teen his age, with similar face and hair. Luke watched to him.
"Here, a lifetime pass for free meals and seat to the sport crow bar! Now, you better keep your end. You pretend to be me infront of my dumb dad and at least a decent athlete at school! Just give my dad the silence treatment and you can have anything in my room! Just as long you go to college!" They shook hands as the strange teen leaves the bus. Luke sighs as Amy poke her head from his sweater.
"Girl, I think we may have a chance of breaking free!" She smiled as the bus drove off.

A cargo train is being loaded, as Luke and Amy watched in a distance. Just as the train prepares to leave, using his running skills from many years of being a running back and other athlete sports, he ran to a slightly open cargo and barely manage to jumped inside. He stood inside, catching his breath, as Amy jumped off his shoulder, shaking her body. Luke rested his back on some shipment boxes, sliding to his rear, Amy jumped on his lap, wagging her tail.
"Amy, we don't know where this train is going, but at least we'll be as far from those bastard people in that town!" She agreed.

Luke changed into a more casual wear of blue plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers, as they watched trees and town go by. Days and nights goes by, eating from any snacks Luke brought from his backpack and taking bathroom breaks from using old buckets lying around. But then, one night came. Luke resting in peace, when a crooked laughter called out. This wakes up Amy, as she barked in front of her. Luke immediately wakes up as well.
"What is it girl?! Who's there?!" Luke jumped up on his feet, find a crooked old homeless man, with an old farmer hat and dirty clothes.
"What's a rich boy like you doing in my house?!"
"You're house?! I haven't seen you until now!" He laughed.
"Because I just arrived tonight! Running away from home, I see. You should be lucky you had a life! Those rich bastards took anything away from me! And now, I'm going to take yours!" He took out a sharp knife, as Luke backed away.
"Hey, look, old kook! I'm a good guy! I help homeless people like you all the time! I can lead u something if you want!"

"Sure, I'll take your rich things, AND YOUR DEAD BODY!"
"This guy is a nutball! We got to get out of here!" Quick thinking, Luke picked up a bucket and faced the madman. "Fine! Have have some piss instead!" He threw a bucket full at the homeless man's face, blinding his eyes and dropping his knife! Luke grabbed his things, holding Amy in one arm, and jumped off the train, rolling down a brown covered hill. Amy licked his face, as he opened his eyes. He sits up, as they turned to watch the train goes by.
"Those I enjoy helping those in need, it's sad to see someone turn mad. Come, on girl, lets see where we ended up to." He got his things together and tried to find any town nearby.

They indeed founded a very small town, but also a very sad town. Life seems to be drain and lifeless as all around, broken homes with broken doors and windows can be seen. Crooked signs and crooked streets. Hungry parents with hungry children, with sad hopeless eyes. Luke seems very shock by this.
"What the hell is this place?! How did a town like this be so wasted?!" Amy whined, as they founded the only decent store in town, an old fashion general store. Walking inside, The walls had crack woods, and rodents romes all over the floor. They walked to a counter, where a slim, but surprisingly healthy, middle age man with a mustache appeared.

"Ahh, a visitor! We haven't had one for years! Even since the hurricane happen."
"Why, yes frankly. About five years ago, a big hurricane wipe out everything this little town stands for, Luckily, we all had underground hideout to keep us safe, only a few died."
"Five years ago?! Then why is this town so hopeless?" He sighed.
"Sadly, not many know this town is real. In the days of old, this town was bright, green and hopeful! But strangely enough, wild wolves started to appeared, mean and violent too! We have no weapon to fight them off. And it seems no governments has notice our needs. So, our only hope was to sent brave volunteers to find whatever supplies we need. Some have return, some had gone crazy and never returned!" I wondered if that hobo was one of them.

"We don't have any telephone service either. I'm the only one who have a decent life to live, most of my supplies has survived. But sadly, even I'm soon going to run out of supplies! And soon enough, everyone is going to die and this town will become nothing but dust." He lead his head on his hand and sigh.
"That's awful! Those political shitheads shouldn't leave this town like this! I'll fine help myself! I won't let this town rot any longer!"
"Thank you, young man, you have a heart of gold! I would offer you a place to stay but, everything is in ruin."
"That's okay. Do you have any camping supplies?"
"Well, I have plenty, since nobody dares to sleep with the wolves. However, I believe there is one safe place to camp, up on a nearby hill! But, will you take the risk of your life?" Luke smiled.
"Don't need to worried about me! I'm an athlete! And my dog is skillful too! We can handle anything!" Amy happily barked.

"I guess that's what you call a brave heart! I'll go get the stuffs." Before he could, Luke placed down somes money on the counter.
"Oh, good sir. There's no need to pay. It's free."
"No, I'm a customer. I have a lot more cash to spare. You need it more than I do."
"Oh, thank you. But, it's going to take more than a fell bucks to save this town."
"Hey, every little things counts."

But, what can Luke and Amy do to save a little town of hope?

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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