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Nightmare in the Woods

The Holiday Worlds of Old

© Halloween Town Tales

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Later in the evening, Luke, wheeling a wagon of camping supplies, and Amy climbed up the hill the shop keeper recommended and settled up the campsite. Luke fancy up a green, spherical tent and placed the rest of his supplies inside. He started up a campfire with the nature materials around him, and began to cook some pack in sausages he saved for the occasion. He roasted his meal, as Amy settled down, and whined.

"I know, girl. You must be tired. Don't blame you. All the sneaking, running and hiding. I'm feeling a bit tired myself. He led out a long sigh. "That town over there, I can't get my mind of it. We're all human, and yet those damn higher-ups refuses to help the poor!" Luke cooled his roasted sausage, as he gave it a big bite. "I want to help them! But, what can a stupid teen like me to do?! Maybe I can fight the wolves myself, but with what?! Fire? No, that's foolish. I don't want to start a wildlife. I did say that I'll find help. But, who will listen? Will they actually care? Then again, would they even care for those many homelesses around the world?! And what if my dad gets involve?" Luke growled with anger and threw a small pebble in the fire, causing a small spark, with frightened Amy and yelp.

"Sorry, girl. I inherent my dad's hot headness. I lose control of myself sometimes." He calmly sigh. "I promise to that shop keeper that I'll help. I need to find out just about how. If only I was like Superman or something. If only I was a big hero to those in need. That'll show my good-for-nothing father of mine that I am not just a mindless athlete. If only wishes were to come true." Luke and Amy ate their dinner in peace.

A full moon shines on the midnight hour. Luke's sound asleep in his blue sleeping bag, with Amy sleeping by his side. Just then, she picked up a strange sense of smell. It was powerful enough to wake her up, She bark nonstop, waking up her master. Luke stood up, watching Amy bark at the front of the tent's exit.
"Amy, something had alarm you! Do you smell any sign of those wolves?!" She didn't answer. Suddenly, she ran out of the tent.
"Where are you going?! Do you want to be any wolves next meal?!" He jumped out of his sleeping bag, put on his shoes, grabbed a flashlight and binocular and chase after her. What sense of smell did she picked up that got her all hype up for?! He wondered to himself.

In a big open space of the forest, Luke shines his flashlight on Amy, who had her head pointed downward, barking.
"Such of strange open space for a forest. Amy, don't run off like that! You know wolves can come out and attack you, especially in this hour! What are you barking at?!" He kneel down near his dog to find something very particular. "Is that, a seed?" He picked it up to examined it. "It's black, big as a ping pong ball, But, also has molded shape icon on them. Like a heart, pumpkin, Christmas tree? Wait, these are holiday icons!" He quickly starred at Amy. "Is this want you were smelling?!" She bark as a agreement. Luke starred back at the seed. "A seed with Holiday symbols on them. Hmm? This seed looks like something straight out of a fairlytale book. How did something like this ended up here? Maybe a child crafted this and dropped it in the forest here! Perhaps that child is long gone. Whatever the reason is, there's no way a seed like this is real."

Just then, the seed jumped out of Luke's hand like a jumping bean, and fell in a tiny hole. Luke shines his light at the hole and looked down. "It slipped out of my hand. Better pick it up." Amy looked down too, panting with her tongue out. Her drool landed in the hole, hitting the seed. Just like that, the seed started to glow! "What it's glowing?! Was it made with glow in the dark paint? Wait, I feel shaking! An earthquake!, Girl, lets move!" He grabbed Amy and hid behind a tree. They quickly lived that it was no originally earthquake. The seed began to spout many roots as seven trees raised from the ground, forming a circle. Luke and Amy's eyes widen with shockness, as the earthquake faded away.

Luke placed Amy on her feets, as she followed him to the formation of the trees. He finds himself really dumbfounded.
"What's the hell is this?! Did that seed grows these trees, from just dog's drool?!" Even Amy was confuse. "I don't understand! This is real life, I don't feel like I'm dreaming! Where all these tree come from?!" He looked all around him, Starring at each trees with the same Holiday icons on each of them. "Every tree has a holiday icon on them, All the major icon, a heart, a shamrock, an Easter egg, a fire cracker, a turkey, a pumpkin and." He starred at the brightist one of them all "A Christmas tree." He began to walk towards it. "For some reason, this tree is giving me a warm feeling. Reminding me of my lost child hood. When me and my mom would go and give helpful supplies for the unfortunates during the holidays, a family tradition we did till the year she died." He starred at a golden tree decoration.
"For a painting on a tree, this orb sticks out." He touched it, only to discover something surprisingly shocking. "It turns, like a door knob." He gasps "And opens like a door knob! What's going on?!" He looked inside and founded nothing. He then looked back at his dog.

"It's as empty as a hollow tree! But, What seed grow trees with Holiday doors?! Girl, I'm losing my mind and I don't ever get drunk! Come on, lets go before I end up like Alice-in-Wonderland." Funny he said that. Suddenly, an icy cold wind blew out the Christmas door, sucking Luke inside, dropping his flashlight! "Amy!" He shout, only after he was drag in the tree, with the door slam shut. She bark at the tree but, no reply.

After going through a dizzily swirl of blues spirals and snowflake, which almost made Luke vomit of dizziness, he lands on a hill of snow. After shaking off his sickness feeling he got up and look behind him, a single tree with a planet earth symbol on it. "Did I, leave my world?" He stupidly wondered. He looked around. "How did I ended up in a snowy forest?! At least it's not that cold!" He then looked down at a colorful sight. "Look like a small town. Fill to the brim with Christmas colors. No, it's can be!" He took out his hi-tech binocular and felt his heart dropped. "A merry-go-round, whimsical trains, elflike creatures, snowballs fight, a workshop! Is this the Northpole?!" Luke dropped his binocular and stook his head.
"No, only children believe in this stuffs! Does that mean Santa Claus, elves and flying reindeers are real?! No" He hold his head. "I lived i a world of hell all my life and now I discover a world of fairy-tale whimsey?! I need to explore more!"

Using his athlete skills he explore every nooks and cranny his could. He did it all without being seen. He came to a shocking conclusion.
Amy still waited by the Holiday tree, to hope that his master will return. And just like that, the door open, and out came Luke. Amy jumped for joy, as he got up on his feet. He picked her up and held her up high.
"Amy, you'll never guess what I just experience! I discoverd a world perhaps you seen in your dreams, AND IT'S REAL!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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