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Nightmare in the Woods

The Perfect Holiday Heist

© Halloween Town Tales

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Very early in the morning, Amy came out of the tent, to find food already set out for her. Though she enjoyed her meal, her master was nowhere to be seen. She tried to pick up his sense, which led her right to him. His mind stuck in a daze, wondering and wondering. Luke finally took notice.
"Look, girl! The trees! They're still here! It wasn't a dream! I really did set foot in a winter wonderland!" He walked up to the 'Chirstmas tree' door and gently placed his hand on it. "A world of great fantasy is behind this door." He turn around and move his head in a circle."

"I bet all of these Holidays lead to that exact fate. Not base on thier religion and culture origins, but base on their whimsical fantasies! Fantasies that mostly children and the faith of heart believes! Am me, a nearly adulthood grow-ass man had made such a discovery!" He looked back at the Christmas door, in a lost of thoughts. Amy seems puzzled too. "But, why?! After dealing with such harsh reality, only now, when I'm really done on my luck, finds some magical seed and literally escaped from reality and back? Does this make any sense to you?!" He starred at his dog with frustration. Amy stook her head.

Luke slid down on his butt, back rested on the tree, hands on his face. Amy sat on his lap, whinning for her master. He stroke her head and sigh. "If these Holiday worlds are real, do they really bring their cheers to people? To bring warm and happy feelings to good people? Then again, my young childhood came back to me by just seeing this door!" He quickly look up at it, only to look down again. "My old man hated this stuff! If I would tell him, no way in hell he'll believe me. He'll think I'm mental or tell me to grow up or something." Luke tighten his fist. Amy grew a little worried. "People like him! They think they're too tough and smart to believe in these 'mushy' fairy-tale! The more I think about it, The more thier world look ugly! Money hungry, crimes, wars, bleakness! Like how they ignored that small town in need down there. Too bad these Holiday worlds can't help a town in need."

That went it hit him. His face grew in shock. "THAT'S IT!" Amy jumped off his lap and faced him, quickly waging her tail. "Amy, don't you see?!" He got up on his feet! "If the Holidays don't do anything, Maybe I can! Perhaps I can sneak and take their 'extra supplies' to the town in need! Maybe, I'm a chosen hero, like that green-dressed hero in that one video game series! No, like Robin Hood!" He proudly stood tall. "In England folklore, Robin Hood would steal from the rich to give to the poor! Since I'm probably the only human being to know these worlds exist and only I can gain entry! No body would dare to come up here! With my athlete skills and strategy thinking, I can pull it off! I think I founded my role in life! Girl!"He picked her up and held her up high. "Who need to wait for the Holidays, when I can bring it to them now! And that exactly what I'm going to do!" He led out a big grin. Amy yelp in glee.

Luke spended the next frw days preparing for his big heist. Heading back to the general store, He bought every fabric, leather, soles, forms and others for his plans. The shop owner, named Thomas, seems very confuse.
"My goodness. I never seen one person buy so many supplies before. Are you throwing some kind of party up there for you and your puppy?"
"Trust me, it's going to be all worth while! Just keep it between you and me!" He said with high enthusiasm. He left the store, pulling a big wagon, while all of the supplies in a big black bag. Thomas seems confuse. "Well, he's certainly the most colorful customer I had in a long while."

Luke spends most of his time in his tent. Crafting, writing and reading books he borrowed from the town's broken library. Amy just watches and wondered if her master would caught a break. Then came one night. Luke shouted 'Success!' which woke Amy up. So many costumes surrounds the tent. Amy saw Luke laid out his blueprints on a flat table. Luke begins to explain his masterful plan to his dog.

"This is It, Amy! I'll show how it'll work! I read up my knowledge of these fairy-tale and culture side of each Holidays, and based on what my mom use to tell me. Now for each Holiday worlds, I'll wear a appropriate disguise to blend in with the locals. Next I'll hunt down what the right supplies that'll be perfect for the town. Then I'll sneak away with the right supplies, Metal Gear style, and bring them back to base, without getting caught. Then at night, I'll deliver the goods secretly, whlie in my new ego, an outfit that's cross between a cat bugler and of course, Robin Hood! The town will wake up in such luxury and in no time, we'll restore the town back to glory!" He stepped out and starred at the bright moon in the sky, with Amy by his side.

"I know my plan with work! The perfect Holiday Heist! We'll be hero, forever and ever! What you say?" Amy barked with joy. "You hear that, old man?! Eat your heart out! I'm going to show you my true talent and nobody will mock me ever again!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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