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Nightmare in the Woods

To Steal fro the Holidays

© Halloween Town Tales

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When the time was right, Luke and Amy would gear up and prepare their heist. Their plan, to collect the Holiday's goods and sneak them to the poor town all at once. Looking at the blue prints. Luke knew he has a foolproof plan on his hand.

First up was, Valentine's Town. A world where hearts and love were everywhere! The clouds, the trees, even the houses were all heart shapes. Cupids fly in the bright pink sky, practicing their aim of their love arrows, and that is what Luke was after. With these love bows and arrows, Luke can use them to bring peace and love to the poor. One cupid was pushing a cart full of these bows and arrows, only to spot Amy, pretending to be injured. While the cupid heals her 'wounds', Luke, hiding inside a big, dark pink heart prop, come out, takes a handful of arrows and bows, stuff them in the prop, and returns inside as well. The cupid heals Amy's 'broken leg' with a sweet kiss, as she jumped for joy. The cupid flew back to his cart. Though almost notices the few missing supplies, but let it slide and went on his way. Am came up to Luke's prop, as he let her in.
"Nice one, girl! Now, lets dope another angle!" And soon they were drowned with love supplies

Next was St. Patrick Town. Rainbows filled the light green sky. Shamrocks grew all over the ground and pots of golds are the most prize procession of the happy Irish leprechauns. To think, with so much golds, it will surely bring the town back to high wealth. Plus, the four leaves clovers can bring the right luck to get out of their troubles and on to a bright future. Luke disguised as a local resident, top hat, green suit, orange hair and all. He walked in a small bar, with a prop pot of gold in his arms. He cleverly used strong gold paints and glitters, that no leprechauns could tell it's fake

"Aye, me lads! May spare me a drink or two?!" He said in a thick Irish accents. They all cheered back as Luke grabbed a seat near the counter. placing his pot on top. Despite being a bit underage, he still glop down a jug of beer and talked highly of his 'gold'. When he pulled them away to dance a jig or two, Amy sneaked out from under Luke's pot and quickly switched another one's golds with the fake and went back to hiding. Sometime later, Luke, half drunk, wobbly stepped out of the bar. bidding a farewell.
"And remember, me lads! Lucky Charms is the best cereal of em all!" he hiccupped. They all went 'aye' as they clicked their beers together. Stealing from the drunken leprechauns was a full fire hit. But, Luke learned why his old man mind gets in a daze when he is down on his luck. Though drunk, he still tried to keep his mind straight while plucking shamrocks and placing them under his pot.

Easter Town was a beautiful meadow. The baby chicks wondered and the bunnies hop all over, with baskets filled with colorful eggs. Easter Town was one of the easier town to steals from. Eggs were everywhere! Growing on trees, hiding under rocks, in every body of water, and each one them has a unique taste of flavors. All are just a delicious, mouth-watering taste of delightfulness! The poor town would love such a treat! A more silly disguise, a full-body, blue Easter bunny costume, with a functioning mouth movement. Embarrassing, he hop and collected eggs in a custom basket he made. Amy, dressed in a small bunny outfit, she giggle at him.
"Oh, shut up!." He blushed under his head mask.

Independent Town was designed as an old American colony town of 1776. Luke, disguise as a fellow solider, comes running down the streets, yelling 'The red coats are coming! The red coats are coming!' While the soldiers ran to check, Luke and Amy, with a little patriot hat, sneaks to the fireworks ration, to store for a special celebration.
"So easy to dope! Don't want to be an American idiot, huh, girl?
Hope stealing some fireworks won't change American's history."

And speaking of American's history. Thanksgiving Town was rich with healthy harvests of livestock's and vegetables. And though they are ancients, these old guns can help to finally take down those nasty wolves. Luke would disguise as either a pilgrim or an native American for hunting and trading. Amy made a great hunting dog. Helping her master hunt down prey. Luke uses his gun skills that he picked up from his old man.

Finally, it was back to old Christmas Town. As a pointed ears resident, he sneaked away toys, feast of food, and festive treat of all kinds. But, when he's need a break, he'll have a little snowball fight with Amy, reminding him of when he would played with his mother on a cold winter day.

"we have just enough to begin our final mission!" He told his dog, walking down the snowy road, heading back to the tree's door. He holds the last small sack of toy on his back. "Starting tomorrow, we shall make our first deliveries and soon, we'll be famous! I admit, it really turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. Those fools! How blind can they get?! Stuck in their whimsical land and in their minds! No Holiday characters has no chance on me!"

Suddenly, a small toy train fell out of his bag. A skinny arm reached out and grabbed it.
"Excuse me, sir. You seems to drop this." Luke turned to find a tall snowman, with a green top hat, holding a candy cane umbrella in one hand and the train in the other.
"Oh, thanks, magical snowman." But as he receive it and placed it back in his bag, the corner of his right eye caught it's very strange head when he turned back around. Wondering, he turned again to find the snowman to be gone.
"Girl? was it just me or did that snowman had big black eye socket?" Amy gave a confuse face. "Nah, forget it! Lets go and begin preparation."

When they reached the hill, the snowman returned, wondering about the elf and his dog.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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