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Nightmare in the Woods

The Dark Stranger

© Halloween Town Tales

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Standing on top of the hill in the dark of night. He looks down at the sad little town below him, as he smiled a grin. dawning a sleek black top hat, a long-sleeve black tunic, gray tights, black lace up boots, a dashing black cape, pale white gloves, and a mysterious eye mask. His dog, wearing a full body night suit, stood by his side.
"Tonight shall change their history forever!" He announced in a dramatic tone. "For I, The Dark Stranger, will bring light to their eyes! No more sorrow, only joy will be in their place! Now, lets the show begin!" Amy led out an encouraging bark as Luke grabbed his big sack of Holiday goods and jumped down the hill, followed by his dog.

Blending in with the night, hiding in every corner, he spot his first victims. Two very dirty husband and wife arguing on the streets.
"We are down to our last damn bread and yet, you refuse to share with your wife?!" She bark.
"You get your own bread, you bitch!" He hog the bread all to his self"
"What did you call me?! I'll claw your eyes out! Go to hell!" While this happened, Luke took out a love bow and two arrows. Aim at the right angle, and shoot the rude husband right in the butt! At first, in a dazes, as the arrow slowly disappeared, Then, with a dopey face, he lead out his single piece of bread.
"Oh darling, I had been such a dirty fat ass to you! Take it, i don't need any more food!" His wife was confused.
"What games are you playing? Kissing up to me so you won't get beaten up?1 You are a very, dirty_." Luke hit her with an arrow too. "Lovable husband I would't trade for another! Let share this bread together!" They munch in on each side, sharing their love.
"Ha, such idiot love! But, we just help our first clients! We're just one step away for great success!

Three small children were looking for food in a trashcan in a lone alley. When they saw a shadow appeared for their eyes. scared at first, he warmly smile.
"Don't be scare of me! I'm a friend! Forget about the trashcan, I got something better!" He handed them a basket of Easter eggs, the children were amazed. "Think of them like fun flavor candies. Go on, eat." Each of them tried one, Immediately, their frowns turned upside down.
"Wow! Mine tastes like blueberries!" Said one girl!
"Mine taste like strawberries!" Said another.
"And mine taste like chicken! Oh, I hope there wasn't a chick inside" Worried a boy.

"Nah, it's only taste. Take the whole basket! Share it with friends and neighbors!
"Thank you mister!"
"Please, call me, The dark Stranger! I'm here to spread happiness to all!" He and Amy jumped in the shadows of the night, as the children cheered for him!

He jumped from roof after roof. sneaked into every porch, every back door. Like a dapper Santa Claus, He leaves presents to all! Guns for the men, toys for the children, foods and golds for the poorest of the poor! Sneaking in their bedrooms, slipping them in their kitchens, leaving goods for those poor souls who sleeping in the streets. Amy did her best by tracking down people with her sense and helping to carry extra supplies. After delivering the last of his supplies (leaving some for himself) He returned to the hill, with the moon behind him.
"Citizens, you with wake up like it's Christmas morning and find your long waited rewards! I hope you will cherish what I be-stone upon you! I will be you new hero that'll go down in history! Fore I am, The Dark Stranger!" He pull out a paper crafted rose and let the wind carry it in the air.

People indeed went in total shock when they awoke with these Holidays items by their side. Though they have failed to notice that they came from the Holiday worlds, they didn't know what to think! Some went mad, some went crazy, some had panic attacks but the rest, were in heaven. Now, they have healthy foods to eat, money to fix the town and to buy better clothing, toys to entertain children and guns to fight. With the luck of their shamrocks, the strongest of men can get the perfect shot at the wolves with their new (sort of) gadgets and board the cargo trains. Some used their new wealth to veneer out for new life, while others brought construction workers, gardeners, home builders and more to restore their town that was once forever lost.

Planters planted veggie seeds from Thanksgiving Town in their reborn garden, four leaves clovers from St. Patrick Town to make sure their luck never runs out, Eggs from Easter Town to fill up the supplies of a brand new egg candy store. Even Thomas was as surprise as ever when he gain new shipment in his store and people were demanding to buy his supplies like the days of old.

Luke and Amy"s days of torment were far from returning as they slowly witness the once broken town becoming wealthy day after day. Luke would spread rumors about his secret ego, saying that he is best friend with him, he'll keep bringing goods to them if they promise not to give him away or ask where they get their supplies from. With that, Luke was a well respected young man in their eyes. If they need more Holiday supplies, like more toys, eggs, golds, he'll say to give him a few days, as he once more, steals from the Holidays and give them the supplies as his soon to be famous ego; The Dark Stranger! Rumors broke out, he appears in the shadows, only children can see him, he's friends to all! Young girls find him handsome and romantic, boys find him powerful and strong. But to all, he's a legendary hero that came to them when no other would. Luke had received what he wanted, his dream has now became a reality! He is now famous as a hero who helps people in need. No more abusive father, no more trying to be something he's not. He's not live a life of fame, all thank to the worlds of the Holiday!

When someone asked for more golds, Luke and Amy headed back to St. Patrick town to steal more gold. Amy had a pot tied on her back as she followed by her green dressed friend.
"I am an happy man! Stealing from Holidays as I can! Happy people I set free! No Holidays can stop me!" He Sing drunkenly and hiccuped as he skips back to the tree's door. But then, a tall slim fellow, dressed similarly to Luke approach to him.
"Excuse me, sir. Would you like a rabbit's foot? It'll bring extra luck." Luke, who heard a voice like that before, stopped being drunk and turned around. He starred at the strange gentleman, who face was hiding under his top hat and wore black gloves on his hands.

"Aren't you a little too tall for a leprechaun?" He asked half drunk.
"I would ask the same." He curiously wondered.
"No, me lad! I'm just an Irish by passer. Here, I'll take your free rabbit's foot!" The stranger handed him the item.
"Good sir, it was pressure doing business with you." Luke quickly saw the stranger's mouth had a big grin, but a strange grin. The gentleman left, leaving Luke curious.
"That Irish man's mouth! Were there stitches on his lips? And why his voice sounded familiar? Oh man, I must be higher than I thought! Lets get of here!'

As like the strange snowman before, the strange man return to watch Luke and Amy go up the green hill, wondering as they have met before.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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