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Nightmare in the Woods

Strange Things at Great Success

© Halloween Town Tales

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A town that was once poor and hopeless, is now a town of fancy and wealth! Under the affect of the love arrows, the town people were nice and thoughtful. new clean clothes to wear, nice food to eat, stores blooming with business, what else can it be?! Green trees, grass, brushes! The Easter eggs candies sell like hot cakes, The kids always has something to play with, and the wolves population has heavily gone down. And it all thanks to one hero, The Dark Stranger! Posters of him were hang up, books were written for his good deed. Luke couldn't of been any happier!

"My, boy! You don't know how happy I been for these last months!" Thomas laughed for joy when Luke and Amy visited his shop. "Our town to dust, I believe not! My shop hasn't been busier, even when I first opened the place 20 years ago! I never lived in a town with so much clear air! Even my mustache fills more alive!" He laughed like a mad man.
"That's wonderful. Forget the governments help! The Dark Stranger only reward is happiness and joy!"
"Oh, you must be blessed to find a guy like him. you must know, the news press are planning to get our town on the map! Think about all the tourists we'll get! Our town with be an historical place, all thanks to him! In one week, we'll be hosting a grand reopening of our town!"
"That's awesome! I'll let the Dark Stranger know to bring decorations and fireworks for that night!"
"Maybe you can also have him come for the celebration! People would love to meet him!"
"Sorry to disappoint you but, he does not show his face to the public. He'll be around but not in sight."

"Aww, that's too bad, but understandable. I hope you'll show up though."
"I would but, not in front of news reporters. I refuse to give out any dire information about him."
"Hmm, it got me thinking, colorful eggs, turkey dinner, toys, shamrocks? Why do these items remind me of the Holidays?"
"It's all just a coincidence. What matters is that this town has no more poor and homeless people on the streets. This will set a right example of what towns and cities should look like!"
"As long as this Dark Stranger keeps the goods coming, we'll never be poor again!"
"You got it! I'll see you around!"
"My wares are free for the guest of honor! I do hope you'll show up!" With a sack of supplies on his back, and a new squeaky ball in Amy's mouth, they leave town, with people cheering him on.

Late that night, Luke and Amy were having a big feast around the campfire. Munching on chicken legs, with an even bigger tent in place next to them.
"Girl, we finally kick my old man's ass!" He ripped off a big piece of chicken with his teeth. "Within months we successfully helped out a poor town in need! My ego has become famous as Robin Hood, maybe even better. Perhaps maybe." He looked at the direction of the Holiday trees. "Once we're done here, we should bring our ego around the world. Maybe if I can uproot the mysterious seed and take it with me. Why be town famous when I can be world famous! The world will be in a better place and it all thanks to me and these Holiday worlds!"

When Luke turned to his dog, she had a curious face.'
"What's wrong, girl?" Amy left, only to returned pushing a pumpkin.
"Oh, maybe you want to have pumpkin pie for desert?" She shook her head, bark at a tree and made a scary face. "Oh, you're wondering why we never tackle that Halloween world." She nodded. Luke sigh.
"To be honest, I don't think it's necessary to. The Easter eggs serve as unique candies and the Thanksgiving world got plenty of pumpkins to harvest. What's am I suppose to bring; eyeballs, dead people, flying brooms? I don't think so." Amy made a smug face as if Luke is scared. "I ain't scared. A world filled with scary monsters and super creeps, even my skills may not have a chance. I'm just playing it safe. What I learned from doing this for months is, each world has some kind of ruler of sort. Like Santa is to Christmas or George Washington is to Independence. To imagine what the ruler of the Halloween world, girl lets not picture it" Amy agreed with him.

Throwing his chicken bone aside, he went into deep thoughts.
"But still, there were a few times I ran into a strange fellow. The snowman with the eye sockets, that Irish man with the stitch mouth. They both sound and talk the same way, They both has a spooky atmosphere to them. You don't think some creep is watching me?" Luke's felt a shiver feeling down his back. An owl hoot made him jumped, only to calm down.
"There's no need for this childlike fear! I faced a crazy old man with a knife! It's all in my mind, girl! I haven't touch that world, and planing on not! If someone from Halloween come at me, with is unlikely, I'll fight! I ain't afraid of nothing! Like I said, no Holiday will not slow me down!"

As Luke and Amy sit around the campfire, someone was watching them from inside a very old fountain in a strange world. A skinny tall shadow starred at to duo, pondering to himself.
"So, I was correct, there is a thief among the holidays. I knew he looked out of place. You steal from our time and care to bring to you human so you can gain your own fame. very shameful, very wrong. I don't know how you gain the Holiday seed but, I think you had enough time with it. You may not set foot in Halloween Town but, when you harm the other holidays you harm us! Not afraid of Halloween, no Holiday can stop you. Well, perhaps it's time to meet your worst nightmare!" He revealed his stitch up grin.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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