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Nightmare in the Woods

The Halloween King

© Halloween Town Tales

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Another midnight hour has struck. Luke slept comfortably in his sleeping bag, with Amy by his side in her brand new doggy bed, snuggling with her squeaky ball. But, she didn't sleep for long, as her nose picked up a very strange sense. She quickly got up, and bark by the tent's entrance. Luke, half asleep, stood up and yawned.
"Girl, what's up. There's no need to be excited. The wolves population is very low." She continued to bark like mad. Sighing, he gets out of his sleeping bag, puts on his shoes, and walked to the front of the tent. "All right, lets see what's bothering you."

Luke took out a flashlight and shined outside.
"I don't see anything. Amy, maybe your nose is acting up. Perhaps a cold?"
With a frustrated face, she shook her head and barked again.
"Okay, I'll keep checking!" When he searched again, that when he spotted a small orange light floating in mid air. Luke became curious. "Is that what you're barking at? It's only a firefly. Although, I don't think there's any ponds anywhere. And when does fireflies shines orange?" The orange glows stopped moving for a few seconds, only to begin to float at their direction! "Girl, get back! This light could be toxic!" Luke and Amy backed to the end of the tent, as the light followed inside. As the light got closes, Luke got out a fly swatter to wack the light. Suddenly, his body is revealed, happily barking with a friendly face.

"A ghost dog?" Luke starred in confusion. Indeed, a pale white floating dog with long ears and sheet like body. panting slowly. "Huh, this is what you're afraid of?! For a ghost, you're awfully cute. reminds me of you when I founded you as a small puppy." Amy barked in jealousy, as the ghost dog tried to greet her by smelling her butt, only to bark in defend.
"Cool it, Amy. i don't think it's like those dogs at the park to tries to hit up on you, it's seen friendly enough." She calmed down, as the ghost dog stares back at Luke. "Hey, you seems to have a pink collar. Are you a girl dog, like Amy?" The ghost shook it head. "Oh, a boy dog then." He barked.

"Well, I guess boys can like pink too. So, what brings you here, ghost dog? How did you light up like that?" He shined his light once more. "Oh, your nose shines, like that one famous reindeer! But," He took a closer look at his nose. "Instead, it's a jack'o lantern. Say, are you so happened to be from that Halloween world?" He did a short flip to amply his answer,
"Heh, when I said about a Halloween creature coming at me, I was expecting something more scary. Maybe I was wrong about that place. Judging by your collar, I say you probably have a master." He yep in glee. "Maybe he's a ghost too. Well, i guess he might be looking for you. Here' wanna play fetch?!" He stick out his tongue, heavily panting. "I'm guessing that's a yes."

Luke picked up Amy's bone from her left over chicken leg, as she growl.
"Girl, I'll promise to get you more bones later." Luke poke half his body out of the tent and turned to where the holiday tree are at. "Here, doggy! Go follow the bone! That'll lead you to home!" Using his football skills, he threw the bone to a far distance. The Ghost dog happily chased after it. Luke headed back inside, zipping up the tent. He sat down on his tent, with Amy stares at him. "Oh, don't be jealous. He seen to lost his way and ended up here. I'm just helping him out. Don't worry, he's long gone now. Lets hope no other Halloween creatures come to us. But, why should I care. It's not like those Holiday characters are smart enough to know I robbed from them. Even so, it was for the greater good! Now, lets go to slee-."

Just then, the ghost dog returned from passing through the tent wall. He dropped the bone, panting once more. Luke sighed.
"No, doggy, you were suppose to follow the bone back to the tree, not bring it back here. I'll throw it again. But this time, go back to your home!" He picked up the bone, and head back outside. The ghost dog followed him, as Amy rolled her eyes. Luke walked a bit further from the tent, to get a even longer throw distance. "Pay attention, ghost doggy! Because, I'm not doing this again_" Suddenly, something grabbed Luke's left foot, causing him to fall, along with the bone! The ghost dog vanished, as Amy starred outside, from the tent! Luke stood up and faced her. "Don't mind me, girl! I'd probably tripped on some small rock. Let me get this damn bone, so we can get back to sleep." When he tried to reach the bone, a hand emerge from the ground and not just any hand, A SKELETON HAND! It grabbed Luke's own hand, as he screamed! He yank it out of the ground, and tried to shake it off of him! When he did, it landed on the ground and crawled away like a four-legged spider! Luke stood up tall, his face in a panic!

"WHAT THE HELL?! Did that hand came from that ghost dog?! I knew that dog seem a bit too friendly! Wait a minute, where is that ghost dog?!" But as he looked around, in his place, a spine slivering laughed echo through the woods. Luke heart begins to pounds.
"Girl, there's something out there! That skeleton's hand must belong to some creature, a creature from the Halloween world! Girl, quickly! get me a pilgrim's rifle!" She left back inside, to come out, pulling a big barrel rifle from her mouth. He picked it up, holding it tightly with both hands. "Come out, you shitting coward! Or i'll shoot your bones to dust!" It laughed.
"Then, go ahead. We'll find out who's the real coward is." That voice! were did I heard it? While thinking, a tall, skinny shadow appears high on a tree! Luke, shoot, only for it to jump to the next tree! Luke tried again and again but, keep on missing his shots! "Stop jumping like a damn frog and let me shoot you!" He voiced filled with anger! Just like that, his shadow landed right in from of Luke.
"If you what to shoot me so badly, be my guess!"

Luke fired his bullet right at the mystery shadow's heart. But when he lower his gun, he saw no shadow but, a mirror reflection. In the shadow's place was him, in his Dark Stranger alter ego, with his hand on his heart. Pulling his hand away, his chest begin to bleed rapidly, his hand covered with deep blood. Luke's eyes were horrify!
"No, that's not me! I'm a hero! I'll never harm myself!" He was petrified.
"Boy, you're lying! This is your future! THIS IS YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!' Luke's reflection's face morph in a scary skeletal face, as he revealed his real self! A tall skeleton with skinny limbs and dressed in his pin-stripe tuxedo! He screamed to the top of his lungs, and began to run far away, dropping his rifle.

Luke ran and ran. Never he had met such a fright before! His mind in a panic that all he can think about is getting away from that creepy skeleton! But as he ran, the surrounding tree begin to turn evil looking with mean looking eyes! He looked up to face what it seems to be the Christmas tree's door. Hoping to jump inside, when he got too close, it turned into the Halloween's door! Luke slammed into it, as it morph again into an evil tree! It's arms wrapped around Luke's arms and body, as he struggle to break free! He heard the skeleton laughter, and look to find him slowly walking.
"The Dark Stranger, I recall. Though perhaps I should refer you by your real name; Luke Long." Standing just three feet from Luke, he looked at his round skull and gasp.

Those eyes! That lip! No, you're not!"
"The snowman and the Irish Man? Surprise! I am both of them! I'm been keeping an eye on you, Luke! When I heard that each Holidays were short on supplies, I wondered if there were a thief. So, I pose as a snowman and found you and your dog sneaking away a few toys. I didn't see your crime at first but when it happened again, I learned you'll hit St. Patrick own next! So, when I met you a second time, I gave you this rabbit's foot! But in reality, it was a tracking device! I recorded all your movements and voices!" He shown it in his hand, it grew spider legs, jumped off and crawled away!"
"You fiend! Why you spied on me?! Did your ruler sent you?!"
"No one sent me, I sent myself! And if you are wondering, I AM THE RULER! i AM THE PUMPKIN KING!!!" He changed into a jack o' lantern head creepy scarecrow, engulfing in flames! Luke gasp.
"Crap! With flames like that, you can burn a whole forest down!" He turned back to his skeleton self.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jack skellington, the king of Halloween. I'm here to shame you for your crimes!"
"What crimes?! I only gave a few things to help a poor town from a sorry state! Beside, I never went in your world!"
"True but, when you steal from the other worlds, you harm us! We holidays put sweats and tears to share our cheers for you human when the time comes. If you just give them our Holidays goods, they'll get greedy and forget the point on what we work on! Wanting more and more, forgetting the true heart of our magical worlds!"
"I wasn't trying to ruin your worlds, I only helped one town! Beside, they don't know that they are holidays things!"
"But, some will find out! Our world aren't meant to be discover by humans! Leaving for them to chose what to believe in! If others find our Holidays trees, it'll bring great chaos! You wouldn't want to ruin for everyone now, would you?!" Jack brought his skull up to Luke's face, with mean eyes!

"I told you, I wasn't trying to expose your worlds! That seed founded me! I'm the chosen one!" Jack backed away.
"That seed belongs to me! It was part of an experiment to gain access to all Holidays at once! I don't know how it ended up in your procession but, I'm taking it back!"
"You can't! Those people need me!"
"I'm not saying that what you did for those people is wrong, but you should of thought more carefully of your decided. They seem happy now, but being flashy can turn deadly!"
"Since when you started to look after me?!"
"I'm not evil! I'm doing this for your own and everyone's sake! Since the seed is a proto type, it'll take a while for it to be pluck again. But, when it's pluck, the trees will vanish! I'm also planning to wipe out the town's memory of your little act! Which will so happen to be on the day of their reopening.
"You are going to make them all sad and poor again?!"
"No, Only their memory of the Holiday items I'll leave the town as it is. I'm not heartless. Though, I'll be taking the Holidays goods back as well!"
"Do what you want! You can't stop me! I;ll just steal again!"
"Oh, you think I'll let you go that easy!"

Taking out a long injection, he rolled up Luke's sleeve and stabbed him on his right arm. Luke screamed in pain,
"What did you inject me with?!" He backed away.
"This will prevent you from entering any Holiday tree as long as you live! It'll also prevent you from leaving town until I return to wipe you memory clean from what you done!"
"You rotten skeleton! Why must you do this?!"
"Luke, if you wish to help people, do the right thing, stealing and fame is not what you do! I do hope you'll learn about your mistakes and correct them." The ghost dog appeared before the skeleton.
"Come, Zero. Lets return home. We'll meet again, Luke Long." They disappeared in the shadows, as the evil tree turned back to normal, releasing Luke.

With both fists and knees on the ground, he scream loudly in anger.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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