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Nightmare in the Woods

All is Lost

© Halloween Town Tales

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Luke founded all of his Holiday supplies stripped out of his tent when he returned. To make matter worst, if he tried to jump into a Holiday's door, his body will bound backwards, preventing him from entering. He pound his fist on the ground, as Amy stares with sad eyes.

He hides his face from the public's eyes for the next few days. Only to eat and falls in depression, a depression he hasn't felt for a long time. He started to head back to town to get more food and other need. As he walks down the street, one by one people went up to him.
"Hey, boy! You promise that the Dark Stranger will get me more of that gold! I need more to fix the hole on my damn roof!" Demanded a greedy middle age man.
"What happen to the gold you got last time?!"
"I gamble it away, a neighborhood's goat ate my shamrock! So, I lost my luck."
"Well, maybe you should of relied on a stupid leaf and used your money wisely!" He grabbed on to Luke's shirt.
"Listen, punk, Your little friend saved our lives and now you're abandoning us?! Tell me when's he coming back?!" Luke push him away!
"I don't know! Fix your own roof. I'm just a stupid kid!"
"Damn right, you are!" He walked away.

More kept on coming, soon he was surrounded.
"I thought my husband loved me, now he won't even have me in a single room! Please! Where's the Dark Stranger's gift of love?!"
"I need more eggs for my candy shop! My business will close up if I don't get more eggs!"
My rifle is busted and I need more bullets!"
"More seeds for my garden!"
"Where is the Dark Stranger, you piece of crap?!" Luke grew overwhelm.
"People, listen! Can you just be grateful that you're not longer poor?! Now that you have a living, maybe you don't need the Dark Stranger help!"
"BUT WE DO!" They all said together! They continued to please for his help. Luke couldn't take it any longer.
"SHUT UP!!!!!" He outburst. He ran away, with Amy not far behind.

Hiding behind an alleyway, He caught his breath. Amy looked up to him.
"ungrateful people! Can't they rely on themselves?!" Luke said in an anger voice.
"We're grateful for what you done." Luke look up and founded the three children for his first night out. Now with clean clothing and faces, the smallest one was holding Luke's paper rose in her hand.
"We founded this on day. I have a feeling it belongs to him. Even if we can't have him come anymore, we are grateful to finally a good foster home to live it." Luke smile and walked up to them, patting the little girl's head.
"I'm happy to hear that, if only the grownups would think the same." They all smile and went on there ways Luke sigh and was about to leave when.

His dog stopped him. A deadly sense she picked up, Luke checked around the corner to find his worst nightmare, his own father! Officer Raymond and his fellow lackeys were investigating a citizen. Luke listen carefully.
"Have you see him?! Tall, slight muscle arms, tall, skinny, black spike hair!" The old man was frighten of Raymond's appearance.
Why, yes, sir. I see him around. He's friends with the Dark Stranger. (gulp)." Raymond picked him up high!
"I heard rumors that this forsaken town was restore all because of this so called hero! Sounds like my son to me! I was order to find out how this town got on the map in a matter of months! If my son is behind it, TELL ME WHERE HE IS!!!!!" He shook the poor man.
"I don't know! Please, put me down!" Luke watches in horror.
"Crap, my old man found where I'm hiding! I guess he isn't all dumb> We got to hide!" Luckily, they were by the general store. They ran inside, locked the door and closed the window's blinds.

"My goodness, Luke, is someone after you?" Thomas asked behind the counter. Luke sighed, and walked up to him.
"That cop of an idiot outside is my father. I ran away from home to escape from his contend abuse he gives me."
"Oh, a poor family matter. What a shame. I haven't spoke to my own father in years. We never got along and I was like you, wanting to get away, That's why I started this little shop here."
"Nice to have someone to relate to. Compare to everyone else of this town."
"Yes, I heard rumors that the Dark Stranger vanish without a trace. Well, with or without him, we are still holding that grand opening soon! I got all the decorations from his last venture right in that box." Luke see the Christmas supplies and sighed.
"Well, I'm glad you're okay without him."
"I'm just happy for my customers. You're the best one of them all! I'm sure the town will go on without him at some point."
"I guess so, is there a way to get pass my old man?!"
"Just take the back door. Pick up some supplies before you go."
"Thanks and if my father ask about me, don't say where my tent is."
"Your secret is safe with me."

The sun begins to set. Luke sadly looks down on the town from the hillsides. Fireworks flies up in the sky, the town decorated with Christmas trims, Foods from Thanksgiving Town filled every table. The bandstand plays an uplifting tune and a big banner that welcomes every guest.
"Happy, they are. But soon, it'll all be a lost memory." Luke lower his binocular and sighed. He headed inside his tent, followed by Amy. She looked at him, who was looking at his ego costume, and sighed again.
"Just when I thought I had it all, fame and fortune. Only to lose it all." He stepped out of his tent, with Amy next to him. He sat down. "I thought I can prove that I can be a hero to the world! That damn skeleton, strip me off my ability and now my bastard father is down there looking for me! I can't leave town till that bonehead wipes my Holiday memories I guess. Than what?! My father finding me and back to being a puppet again?! Thomas may be fine without my help but, what about the others?! I'm useless without the Holidays! The skeleton told me to finds other ways but, nobody is going to listen to a shitty kid like me! My precious plans, my glorious dreams! All gone! Maybe I should of had suicide myself long ago." Amy whined but, Luke was too depress to respond to her. He went inside, zipping his tent.

Amy thought, if she can find and stop the skeleton, maybe she can make Luke happy again. She grabbed a nearby rope with her mouth and ran to the Holidays trees. Spotting the Halloween's door, she jumped to hang a rope around the knob and pulled the door open. Luke may not enter, but Amy can! She jumped in with the rope before the door's closed. Appearing out of the tree, near a creepy hill, She used her sense to track down the skeleton. Running through the graveyard and into a town square. She founded him, along with a tall blue skin woman with red hair and a patch work dress. Amy listen to their conversation.
"Sally, is it almost ready?"
"The doctor will arrive with the jar at any moment." He starred at her with sad eyes.
"Your clairvoyant skills rarely fails. We can still save him."
"The way we're handling it, we can." Jack looked up in the sky.
"Despise his angry and what he did, he does have a good heart. All he wanted to help people in need but, using the Holidays to gain fame is not the best option."
"Reminds you of someone?" Sally smiled. He turned to smiled.

"Yes, myself. Many years ago, I too used a Holiday to gain fame and to bring a Halloween-Christmas to them all. Only to almost get myself turn to dust." He sighed. Sally placed her hand on his arm.
"But now, you learned your lesson and respect each Holiday's worlds."
"You're right and I want to protect and research them all! That's why me and the doctor created a seed to gain access to the Holiday trees from anywhere! I still have no clue how he claimed it. If your vision is correct, if he's not careful, unspeakable things could happen to him!" Amy quietly yelp from hearing this!
"You are seeing him, right?"
"I only just said that, he'll be too angry if he see me again. I'll just let the flies drain his memory in peace."
"I hope he can still help those human in need." Jack faced her.
"I can't promise anything, only if he have the heart to continue to."

Amy knew from there that the skeleton is really trying to help both world. But also hearing about her master's fate, she must warn him! She ran back to the tree and into the door, but without realizing that she was being followed. Amy ran to the tent, barking very loudly. Luke came out of the tent, looking at his dog.
"Amy, not now! Can't you see I'm_"

Before he could finish, they both starred up at the most dangerous wolf of them all: THE WEREWOLF!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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