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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

In the morning, Leon woke up early and ran to his parents' bedroom. He opened the door slowly and entered. He didn't want to do any kind of noise because he didn't want to wake his parents, so he tip-toed closer and closer to Jack until he was next to him. He changed to an attack-like position and let out a terrific scream, "DAD!!!". Jack didn't move, but Sally jumped out of the bed, screaming. She felt that she was going to die of a panic attack, "Leon!" She scolded her son, "Why did you scare me?" Leon smiled and winked, "because that's my job". He laughed for a second, but then he saw Jack, still sleeping on his bed, quietly. He screamed with all his voice. Why didn't his father have scared open eyes, like his mother? He was troubled. There were horrible thoughts in his head, but then..."Aaarrrggghhh!!" Jack woke up with a jump and screamed at his son. Leon let out a terrific scream as response, then Jack smiled, "Innocent!" as Jack said this, he started to laugh. Leon felt silly at first, but then started to laugh too. Sally was there, watching the two skeletons laughing. She felt silly because she was the only one in that cursed room that didn't scare anyone and because she let her son startle her, but she was so happy of see that wonderful friendship of father and son.


Leon left the room to get dressed and to let his parents get dressed too. Quarter an hour later, the family was downstairs dressed. Jack was wearing a totally back suit, with the usual bat as a tie, but with a new white vest with black buttons. Sally was dressed in a white t-shirt that just covered her chest and shoulders and a black dress from her waist to the ground. She also had the wedding ring and a black collar with a white heart that her husband gave her for her last birthday. At last but not least, there was Leon, with the phantom suit, his favourite.

They went out and saw all the citizens in front of the town hall waiting for them. The group of three went closer to them, and quickly the mayor made a hand-like movement and all the town started to scream at Leon, "Leon, the future pumpkin king! Why not? He is a perfect prince! And soon he will lead us, he will rule Halloween! Wee!!" With these words, Leon didn't feel like the pumpkin prince, he felt like the pumpkin king in the precipitation of his soul! He felt that he was growing and growing with the courage received from the citizens.

Everything was ready, except one thing that Jack was planning, "Son, before you leave, I want to give something to you". Leon moved his head in sign of not knowing what his father was talking about. Jack extended his right hand and took Leon's, "It's time, my dear son, and now... soul robber!". The soul robber slipped from the original owner to the new one.

Leon was surprised about two things... One is that his father gave him his precius soul robber. That incredible weapon that helped him sixteen years ago. And on the other hand, he was surprised about the power that the soul robber had. But it wasn't enough... with those powers, also came the sandy claws and the pumpkin king clothes, which had wonderful offensive and defensive power. And the dancing power too, that as we all remember, helped Jack a lot in his adventures against Oogie, and showed us the wonderful voice and dancing footsteps that Jack had... ahem... but back to the story.

Happily, Leon embraced Jack, smiling, "Thanks dad! I'm really happy to have a father like you, you are the best!". Jack smiled. He was also happy to have a son like Leon. He let out his son of his arms, "It's time, my dear son, now, you must go out with your new toy and search for new discoveries for next year's Halloween". Leon nodded. He saluted the town, kissed Sally's forehead and embraced his father again, then left running.


He was in the forest, walking and walking, searching for something that could help him in his mission. Suddenly, he stopped... He was in the center of the holiday trees!

He kept watching the Christmas one, surprised. He heard something in the town when he was little, about his father becoming crazy and tried to make Halloween different, but all that he planned became a disaster and luckily, he didn't spoil Christmas, but he put a lot of lifes in danger, including his own.

But all that wasn't enough to stop Leon's curiosity. He couldn't believe that his father became insane one time and all for a stupid holiday. So he went closer to the door and opened it. He looked inside, nothing! But the same icey wind that pulled Jack in before, was pulling Leon in this time.


Leon opened his eyes. He was in a colourful place with snow, toys, children, songs, fun and snowmen. All that made Leon absolutely impressed... But not the same impression that his father had. He thought that that town was not really wonderful. He preferred the horror of Halloween town. How could his father not see that? How could the pumpkin king try to become the Christmas king?
Leon continued examining the town. He was in front of a giant Christmas tree in the center of the town, hiding behind a small snow mountain to keep the peace. But he needed to go closer to the colourful giant tree. He was curios to know what his father saw in Christmas. So when he was in front of the tree, he touched the decorations: the angels, the red balls, the yellow sewings. Everything was a simple material of another holiday. He saw the huge yellow star on top of the tree. He took it with the soul robber. He examined it, "what do these people like about an ugly star?". Leon was troubled, "How strange these people are", he thought.

When Leon turned around, he saw a little child, white and speechless, looking at Leon with scared eyes, then when he noticed that Leon spotted him, the little kid started to scream, "All the town, beware! An evil monster is in our town!". Leon made a thoughtful face and started to look everywhere. Then, he looked at the kid again and kneeled, "Where is the evil monster, boy?". The child took that like a joke and ran away scared. Leon stood up and kept thinking, "Hmm...he saw me and then he said that there was an evil monster... Hmm... He saw me and... Wait! He said that I was the evil monster!... Well... I'm not an evil monster, I'm the pumpkin king!!". All the town heard Leon. They all got out of their houses to see what was happening. At that moment they saw Leon, they were all scared, but two little children came from a house and got closer to Leon, "Jack, you are back, what can we do for you?". Leon was surprised. He thought that his father nearly destroyed Christmas. Although all that was an accident, he couldn't imagine how the two kids could be so kind with him. "I...I'm not Jack...but tell me, where did you meet my father?" The two children were surprised. They didn't know that Jack had a son, and they thought that Jack was the pumpkin king, so they continued talking to Leon, "Well, we heard that your father tried to steal Christmas, but one year after that, an evil monster called Oogie Boogie nearly killed Santa and your father saved him" Leon wasn't confused anymore, he never heard about saving Santa... but who is Santa? "Sorry, but... Who is... Santa?" The child was surpriced, how could the son of the pumpkin king not hear about Santa Claus? "Santa Claus is our ruler, like you're the ruler of Halloween town" Leon was speechless, he said he was the pumpkin king and all the town heard him, "Well...I'm not really the pumpkin king... I'm the pumpkin prince, I was only joking" Leon smiled. All the town felt Leon was a good boy, so they smiled too, "Well, little friends, can I ask you a favor?" The children smiled "Whatever you want", "Well, then, it would be fantastic if I could meet...Santa Claus?" One of the two boys turned around and pointed to a big red house. Leon smiled. He used the powers that his father gave to him to use the Sandy Claws suit. He put his hand in his sack and gave a present to each boy, "Merry Christmas, my friends" He changed to the phantom suit again and ran to Santa's house. All the citizens went back to their houses, except the two children that helped Leon, "Still here?" Leon smiled to them, "We only want to be sure that Santa doesn't... do anything... evil?" Leon was touching the ring bell when the child was talking, "Evil?!" Before the children could answer, a fat man with the Santa suit came out. He saw Leon and he scolded him with an angry face, "What? You again? What do you want? Kill me with a train?! Well no, not this time!" The fat man took a knife from inside his suit (don't worry readers, he is not going to kill Leon, hehehe)and cut a rope next to him, which made a cage made of rope fall from the roof of the entrance. Then he pressed a button on a machine inside the house which lifted cage. Leon got his head closer the children, "He doesn't look like he's in a good mood", he muttered. The children felt bad with Leon, "Santa, no, what are you doing?" Santa got angrier, "Shut up, brats! Now you defend him? Don't you remember what he did to me? What he did to Christmas?" Leon changed his view from Santa to the kids and the kids to Leon, speechless, "Don't worry, kids, maybe he is right... eh... kids, could you stand a bit away?". The children were confused but they obeyed. Leon changed to the pumpkin king suit and used the firebomb to destroy the cage completely and get free, then he turned back to the phantom suit again. Santa was scared and closed the door quickly. Leon this time got angry and entered the door with a strong push, "Hey, why is all this town frightened of me?!Especially you! You should be ashamed! The Christmas king is frightened of the pumpkin prince!!" Santa hid behind a chair scared. Leon saw him shaking and he felt evil, "Oh... sorry Santa, I didn't want to startle you... It's just that... Why did you do that?" Santa stood up and answered angrily, "Because thanks to you I almost died twice! And once you nearly spoiled Christmas too! And what did you do now to be price instead of king? You sure were near to spoil Halloween too!!" That was all. Leon wanted to grab Santa's neck and tighten it until he's dead, "Shut up! Who do you think you are, uh?! I'm the prince because I'm Jack son, Leon! How dare you say that my father could do something to Halloween or another holiday on purpose?!" Santa thought that Leon was going to kill him. Leon was really angry this time. He couldn't take that someone insulted his father. "I... I'm really sorry, sir, please... don't kill me" Leon calmed down. He felt pity for Santa seeing him begging him, "Hohhh... Sorry again, it's just that I can't hear someone saying bad things about my father and get away with it... I really have a close friendship with him" Santa trusted Leon and sat on his chair, inviting Leon to sit on the chair that was next to Santa's. Leon accepted and then started a conversation, "So... tell me, why do you hate my father? I thought he saved your life."

"Well, it's true that he saved my life, but he put it in danger twice."

"Twice, I only heard one story, but you know that it was an accident. He was sorry with you and with all the people he hurt" Santa changed his view from Leon to the roof and then looked down. He closed his eyes, "Well, I think you are right. One year after that, the same monster that tried to kill me the first time intented to be the king of the seven holidays, and I just threw the fault to your father... speaking of which... I didn't know that he had a son... how old are you?"


"still young, well... enjoy it!"

"I will! By the way, who is that monster that you were talking about?"

"Your father never mentioned an evil character called Oogie Boogie?". Leon thought for a moment. That thing sounds important, why didn't his father ever talk about it?, ", I never heard this name... who is he?"

"The most evil of the evils. Tell me something, Leon, is Sally your mother?". Leon smiled, "Yes, how did you guess?"

"The first time I saw those two I thought there was something special" He winked, "About love, I think you must go to the Valentine's holiday, there you will have at least one discovery" He smiled "Luck, boy!"

"Thanks, Santa" He smiled too, stood up, saluted Santa and left.


When finally he was again in the center of the holiday trees, he opened the one that shaped like a heart, the Valentine's door. Leon put his finger on his nose, closing it and jumped into the heart whole, waiting for new and better adventures.

That's all folks....for now, hehehe
Wish me luck with the third part and enjoy the two written by now!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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