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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Meanwhile, in Halloween town, Jack was sitting on top of the Spiral Hill with his loyal partner, Zero.

Jack was very sad, filled with an emptiness that began the day before, the day that Leon left. It was very late, about 1:00 a.m., but he couldn't sleep, he had his mind elsewhere.

Sally saw her husband up there, watching the forest in silence with Zero next to him. She went up the hill and sat next to her dear husband. She put her head on Jack's shoulder, but he didn't notice that she was there. Both of them were silent, until Sally said, "Jack, I miss him too, but you know that he will come back and although you miss him he will not be here now". Jack didn't answer, he was still in another world, troubled.

His wife didn't want their son out there neither, but she always knew that some day something like that was going to happen.

Sally watched Jack's sad face a few seconds. She never saw Jack so miserable. A small tear fell from one of her eyes and landed on Jack's hand. Her husband woke up from his thoughts. He raised his hand and saw the tears coming from the eyes of his wife. He looked at Sally. She was very sad too, which made Jack even more sad than before, feeling responsible for making her cry, "Sally, no, please, don't cry... I'm sure that he will come back soon too... It's just that... I miss him a lot. I have a giant emptiness inside me". He embraced Sally, caressing her head and cleaning her face of tears. He kissed her cheek and continued, "Come on, let's go back home, it's becoming too late". He stood up and took Sally's arms to help her too. He looked at Zero, "Come on, Zero, let's go home". Zero barked and flew behind his master all the way home.


Leon found himself on a giant heart. It was shaped in the ground perfectly. Leon stood up and examined the place: it was a very lovely place, with heart flowers, trees with hearts, castles on hills... wait a minute, castles on hills?

Leon went closer to the castle and touched the ring bell that was a heart. A lovely music started to play then. A fat, ugly, small, and ancient angel opened the door. The ugly kid looked at Leon's eyes, surprised, but with a demonical smile, "How are you and what are you doing here?" He said with a silly voice. Leon took that offensive, but he answered as politely as possible, "Hey, I'm the prince of Halloween, Leon, and I'm searching for new discoveries for next year's Halloween, so... could I pass and see the king of this place?". The little creature made a smile that showed something was wrong, but Leon didn't notice it, "Oh yes, the prince, of course, come on, pass quickly" Leon obeyed and the angel flew through the corridors, with Leon walking behing him. The angel opened a door and entered a big room with lots of heart shapes on the ground. He pointed to a very peculiar black broken heart in the ground, "Could you stay there, sir?" Leon obeyed confused. The angel flew next to a wall with a white broken heart shape on it. It was like a small door with a button inside. The angel opened it, "When will I see the king?" Leon asked, "Right now!" The angel answered while pressing that button. The black heart on which Leon was standing was a door that opened when the angel pressed the button, making Leon fell in the black hole.


Leon opened his eyes. He was in a steel cage.

A tall man with black air and lot of muscles entered the room and saw Leon still stunned, "Comforting? Hehe, you made a big mistake when you came here, you'll never save my precious jewel!"

"Your precious jewel? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, come on! Don't lie to me! You came here to save the witch that I've stolen from your city! But now you are in that cage and I will marry her!"

"Oh well, then, if you want to marry her and she wants to marry you, have a nice wedding... but now... could you set me free?" The Valentine's king took that as an offense, "Do you think that I'm stupid?! You will be there until I become her husband! And will die in a lava pit!" The king laughed out loud and left the room.

Leon was angry and confused. Surely the girl didn't want to marry him and that is why the king acted like that. It was his duty as the prince to save a Halloween citizen, so he changed to his pumpkin king suit and breathed fire to the bars. When they were completely hot, he changed to his Santa suit and froze them. Done this he changed to his phantom suit and kicked the frozen bars strongly making them break and set him free.

He opened the door slowly. Two guards were in front of him, but looking the other way, so they didn't notice him. He prepared the soul robber and attacked one of the guards, throwing him to the ground. The another guard ran to Leon to catch him but Leon was faster and trapped him, "Soul robber!" Leon started to spin, "I am the Pumpkin Prince, hahahahaha!!!" and threw him at the other guard, who was trying to stand up. Leon left them there unconscious and ran through the corridor to the next room.

There were four guards this time. Leon entered the room calm, and when the guards noticed him, he changed to his Santa suit, took out a freezing present and froze the guards... but then he broke the ice quickly. Leon changed his strategy and used a stunning present to paralyze them, but they only got angrier, so Leon used the last present, a calming one. With all the damage done before plus the calming present, they fell on the ground, unconscious. He went to the next level.

There were ten guards waiting for him. Leon changed to his pumpkin king suit and breathed fire to make them stay away. Leon finally stopped and started running to the door, but the guards jumped at him. The guards laughed, thinking that Leon was harmless (they were big fat guards, so... :p) but Leon's fire bomb attack made them change their minds. This knocked them out, and Leon left.

He entered a room, where Valentine was talking to a girl trapped in the same type steel cage that he was trapped a while ago. He hid behind a pillar that was there and overheard the conversation.

"In a moment, my dear, you will be my wife, and even that stupid pumpkin prince won't change that!"

"I don't want to marry you! I don't love you! I... I only want to go back to my home, Halloween, and if you don't let me go.... the.... the pumpkin king will be here and destroy all the Valentine holiday!"

"The pumpkin king? Hahaha... the silliest of my servants trapped his son easily, what makes you think that he will do it better? Ahahahaha....! And my dear... it doesn't matter what you want! I'm the king here and the things will go the way I want! And you will be MY wife!" Valentine left and the girl started to cry.

Leon got out from his hiding place and tried to calm the sad girl, "Oh... please, don't cry. I can't take seeing a girl crying..."

"...Leave me! I'm not in the mood for jokes! Go with your evil and stupid king to trap the pumpkin prince or something like that!"

"Ehrrrrr... I... I am the pumpkin price..."

"Stop joking, it isn't funny!"

"Hey! I'm not joking...let me explain..." The girl believed Leon and stopped crying, "...I'm Leon, prince of Halloween town. I'm here because I'm searching for new discoveries for next year's Halloween. Santa, the Christmas king, told me that I could find here at least one discovery... and it looks like that it's you!" Leon winked and the girl smiled, "Me?"

"Yes! And is my duty save you now"


"You can start going to the back of the cage"Leon smiled and the girl obeyed, confused. Leon broke the bars the same way that he broke his. The girl got out of the cage and embraced Leon, making him a bit blushed, "Thank you, your majesty! Thank you!" He smiled, "Leon, please"

"Leon, prince" The girl winked and started to laugh with Leon, "Just Leon is better" He smiled, "Well, are we going to talk more or would you like to get out of here?" The girl smiled and followed Leon out of the room. They went through the corridors until they were at the exit of the castle... but when Leon opened the door, Valentine was there waiting for him, "Why don't we fight for the girl my dear prince?"

"Hey! I only want her happy in the town, not like you that you trap her in a cage and force her to marry you!"

" looks like the pumpkin prince will become the coward king, ahahaha!"

"Well, then have it your way... Let's dance!"

(Music of Oogie's casino)

"The citizens of Halloween will only obey one king!
It's my father, but he's not here, so you'll have to deal with me!"

"The cute girl of Halloween is now standing on my ground
You just can't stop me 'cause I'm the king of this lovely holiday!..."

(tan tan, tan tan:p)

"Whoa oh!"

"Whoa oh!"

"Whoa oh!"

"Whoa oh!"

"Whoa oh!"

"Whoa oohhhhh!"

"The girl now will leave with me!!!" Leon sent musical notes at Valentine and struck him.

Quickly, he changed to his Santa suit and whistled to the sky. A minute later, the skeleton reindeer flew to him, carring a coffin as the sleigh. He invited the girl before entering, "Ladies first" He winked. She smiled and sat on the coffin, and Leon next to her. He ordered the reindeer to fly back to Halloween town, flogging them with a black whip. The reindeer ran a few meters then jumped to fly.

Enjoy it until I finish the next chapter Tongue

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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