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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

It was night at Halloween town. Jack came back to Spiral Hill, but this time, he was sure that Sally was sleeping. He didn't want to see her cry again.

Sat on the hill, he remembered when Leon was a little kid. He always liked listening the stories that his father told him before going to sleep, beautiful horrorific adventure stories.

Jack also remembered the day that his son left. He remembered the wonderful words coming from him meanwhile he was embracing him, "Thanks dad, I'm really happy of have a father like you, you are the best!"

Jack did something that no one in Halloween town would ever expect from the pumpkin king, cry! "I miss him!" He said while small tears were falling from his eyes.

Leon was in Halloween, but still flying. He was exactly above Spiral Hill, but Jack was too busy crying to see him. Leon looked down and guess what he found...yes! His own father, the king of the horror, crying!! Leon felt pity for his father and he was near to cry for him too, but he held his tears back and screamed, "Merry christmas, Halloween!" Jack looked up to the sky and saw Leon greeting him.

Jack felt happy from his head to his feet and ran to embrace Leon when he landed, "My son, my dear son! You came back! I missed you a lot!" Leon smiled and embraced his father very strongly, "I missed you too, dad, you'll never guess what discovery I found!" Jack raised his head from Leon's shoulder and see the girl in the coffin, "Who is she, Leon?", Leon smiled and got out of Jack's arms, taking the right hand of the girl, "She is a witch from here. She got trapped by the Valentine's king and I saved her. Now, I think she wants to return home, don't you?" She didn't answer, she blushed and remained silent instead. Jack started talking again, "Hmm... how strange! I haven't seen you before, are you sure you're from here?" Leon was surprised, isn't she from Halloween town? "Ehm...your majesty... I... I'm... I'm not really from here..." Leon felt sad inside. It didn't matter that she lied to him, he wanted her near to himself to be sure that she won't get in danger again (hmm...I'm not sure he really wanted her, only to protect her... :p hehehe) She sighed and continued, still blushed, "...I don't have a house, I'm just a vagrant witch who always wanders searching for a home. When I entered to the Valentine's door, Valentine wanted to marry me and I refused, so he put me in a cage and tried to force me, so I told him that I was from Halloween town and that someone was going to come to rescue me, but he just laughed and said that he was going to change the wedding's date to that same day... but Leon came, thinking that I was from Halloween and saved me... I'm sorry about lying to you Leon, I'm really ashamed..." Leon blushed even more. He felt very loyal for the girl, "Sorry again, Leon...with your permission your majesty" She said to Jack and started to walk into the forest, but Leon screamed, "Stop!" She obeyed and turned around, "What's wrong, Leon?" Leon was even more blushed, his hands were shaking and his voice sounded nervous, "You... you can live here... I mean... if you want" She was very surprised, but happy. She ran back to embrace Leon, crying of joy, "Thank you, Leon. I can't believe I have a home, you are an angel!" Leon's face was red. He was absolutely speechless. It was the first time in his life that a girl embraced him or called him "angel"

Jack stared there open-mouthed, "How adorable!", he thought. He knew that Leon wasn't going to say anything because he was nervous, so he quickly interrupted the moment, "Ehem... and tell me, what's your name and how old are you?" The girl blushed and let Leon go, who was still an immobile speechless tomato, "I'm Ariadna Lora and I'm 17 years old, your majesty" She made a loyal salute to Jack. He smiled, "Call me Jack, Ariadna"

"I'm sorry, your ma....Jack" Jack laughed for a second, "Well, Ariadna, we don't have an empty house, but you can live with Dr. Finkelstine if you want, he is a very good person"

"Anyway here is fine for me... Jack"

"Well, then, tomorrow I will tell him. Meanwhile you can sleep on the sofa, always if you want"

"It's wonderful for me, I'm really grateful"

"Well, then, it's all ready, son..."Leon turned to Jack very very slowly, still very blushed, "...Y...yes?" Jack winked, "Why don't you show Ariadna the way home and her room... could you do that for me?" Leon didn't answer, he was in a complete shock, "Thanks, son, good night you two" Jack left to go to back home and sleep.

Ariadna got closer to Leon, which made him even more nervous, "Is something wrong, Leon?" Leon was shaking. He looked down to the floor to hide his red face and answered, "Ehm... no... I mean.... I'm okay, thanks... just... follow me" Leon walked through the streets to the way home with Ariadna behind him. He was still looking down, until he banged his head against a tree in the way, "Ouch! My head!"

"Are you okay?!"

"Yes... I... I'm fine, thanks... come on.... there's my home" He opened the door and entered, but Ariadna was a bit shy to enter too, "Come on, don't be shy... don't tell me that you want to sleep here" Leon winked. She smiled and entered. She started to examine the place, and found it wonderful, "Wow! What a beautiful place! You live in a very nice house!"

"Thanks. Ehm.... would.... would you like to... sleep in my bed.... I mean.... it's becoming cold, I can sleep in the sofa and...."

"...Oh no Leon, I can sleep here, really, you go to your bed, I'm okay, I couldn't sleep knowing that you are here instead of your bed because of me"

"No really... I couldn't sleep knowing that you are here, cold... so please... go to my bedroom, it's upstairs" Ariadna smiled and kissed Leon's cheek, "Thank you, angel" She left and went to Leon's room, blushed. Leon said goodnight too, then touched his kissed cheek and smiled, "I will never wash this cheek again!"

With all his face red, he got dressed in his pajama and slept on the sofa.

That's all folks....soon will be the next chapters....enjoy them!
And this story hasn't ended! hehheheh!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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