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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

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The next day, Zero licked Leon's cheek (Luckily not the kissed cheek, hehehe) and took him from his dreams back to the real world.

Leon was still sleepy. He went to the kitchen, where Jack and Sally were preparing to go outside. He looked everywhere but he didn't see his new friend, "Where is Ariadna?"

"She is in Dr. Finkelstine's house, she said that she didn't want to annoy anymore... although it wasn't any annoyance but.... you know how women are!" He smiled at Sally and she made an angry joking face and kissed Jack. He got a little bit blushed, but only a little bit... He looked at Leon again, "...Ehem...son...I want you today in the meeting. You must explain all the town the plans for next Halloween, and if it's scary enough, you will become the pumpkin king very early!" He winked at his son. Leon was very happy, finally he was going to rule the town that he loved so much, "Really?!?! Yes!!... ehm... I mean... then I will go upstairs to prepare my speech and..."

"...and Dr Finkelstine will be busy with some experiments so you must go to his house to take Ariadna to the meeting" Leon blushed. He didn't want to bang his head against a tree again, "But but but... what about my speech?"

"You will have a lot of time to prepare it. It's at 6 p.m.. You can take Ariadna at 5 p.m. and be at the meeting in perfect time... so... good luck with it!!" Leon got a bit angry at his father, knowing that he was doing all that with all the intention (Your intentions are evil, your thoughts are all bad... hehehe ....Jack is having bad thoughts about Leon and Ariadna....hehehehe!) "Fine!, see you there, then, and have fun outside!" Leon left to his room and Jack smiled at Sally, but she was only confused, "Why do you want him to take her to the meeting, Jack?" Jack smiled yet more, "Because... I think they must spend more time with each other" (It looks like Jack's intentions aren't evil at all.... hahaha!) He winked at Sally and she understood the message. The pair left the house a few minutes after that...

At 5 p.m., Jack and Sally came back to the house, "Son, your mother and me are going to go to the meeting now...And don't forget to take Ariadna, remember that she still doesn't know the town"

"Okay!" He said nervously

Everything was ready. Leon was wearing his phantom suit and had the speech memorized. But only one last thing... taking Ariadna to the meeting without losing his head.

He was in the front of the door of Dr. Finkelstine's house, but he didn't knock on the door or touched the ring bell. Instead of it, he now prepared the speech to talk to her without sounding nervous, "Ehm... hey, how are you? ...No.... hmm.... hey! Ready to go to the meeting? ...Hmm... neither.... ehm.... Hello! How did you sleep?"

"Fine thanks!"Leon turned around... Ariadna was there, behind him! Leon was red, "Oh... hey... How good that you slept fine... ehm.... ready to go to the meeting?" Leon put his hands behind him when he noticed that they were shaking, but she was totally calmed. She didn't notice that Leon was blushed, "Ready! Thanks for coming to take me" She took Leon's hand, but she didn't notice that he was shaking. Leon didn't move, he looked like he was dead (Wait, he's almost dead! Tongue) "Come on, Leon, is something wrong?" Leon was going to become the tomato king. He was more blushed each second that he was with her, "I...I'm fine... come on... I ... I will show you the way" He closed his hand that he was gripping Ariadna's hand with.

All that was so lovely. A blushed skeleton taking the hand of an absentminded witch, "What time is it?", Leon answered nervously, "It's... It's 5:15 p.m. ... I think"

"Isn't too early for the meeting yet?"

"Yes... you are right"

"Why don't you show me the town... I mean... if it isn't a problem for you"

"S...Sure... would you like to go to Spiral Hill? It's a beatiful place" Go to Spiral Hill with her completely alone? He would be too nervous... but what is done... is done! "Of course, it would be wonderful!"

"Well...then...let's go"

In Spiral Hill, Ariadna released Leon's hand and ran happily to the top of the hill, but Leon just stood where she left him still a bit blushed, "It's wonderful! I love my new home! You are lucky to live here!"

"And... and you don't know how is it at night! ...I... I can come here with you after the meeting... if... if you want to" Ariadna smiled, "Thanks! You are the kindest person I've ever known!" Leon smiled and looked at ground to hide his red cheeks, "Well... let's go to the meeting, or do you want to miss your speech?" She smiled and winked at Leon, "O...Okay, let's go" They took each other's hands again and walked to the Town Hall, where Leon showed Ariadna a place where she could sit. It was in the back of the hall, the farthest place from where Leon was going to talk, but that was the only empty seat.

Jack went up to the stage, "We are today here to hear the actual prince and the future king of Halloween town. He went bravely outside for us, for Halloween. Now he will tell us what he found in his adventure... here is.... Leon!!!" All the town applauded and hissed to Leon when he walked up in place of his father. He went behind the meeting desk meanwhile Jack sat next to Sally and took her hand. Leon started with his speech, "Well... as all you remember, I left the town two days ago in search of new discoveries for next year's halloween. First of all, I'm glad of inform that we have a new citizen, Ariadna Lora!" Leon pointed with his hands at Ariadna, a bit blushed. All the town applauded for her, including Jack, Sally and Leon. Ariadna smiled and blushed, "Thanks... I... I promise that I will do my best as a witch of Halloween! I'm really glad of live here!" She smiled at Leon and he got a bit more blushed, "Ehem... well... now we know her, time to talk about the plans of next Halloween.... It will continue right the way it is!" All the town was confused. Leon wanted to say that all was going to be the same old thing? Leon continued, "Can't you see it? Seventeen years ago all became a disaster just because my father wanted to change the things! Just because Halloween wasn't enough! A year after that, the king tried to change the things again, and what happened? Disaster! Holidays in danger! Lives in danger!! All that just for a stupid holiday..." All the town was in a complete shock. Leon was the only one who really saw the things right the way they should be. Same goes for Jack, he thought that his son was right, and he felt responsible because that, so he went next to Leon and continued with the sad but true speech, "My citizens, I don't know what you think, but I think he is right. I don't know how I could be so blind, and I'm sorry with all of you, I never deserved this throne, I never deserved be the pumpkin king" All the town felt pity for Jack, but they always knew that he was the perfect pumpkin king. A citizen stood up and screamed at Jack, "But what are you talking about?! You've always been OUR king, and you ruled us perfectly, but you just made a mistake to help us! How can you say that you weren't deserving to be our king?" Another citizen stood up too, "Yes! Your intentions never were evil, and you saved us everytime we needed!", more citizens started to stand up too, to continue the conversation, "Where would we be without you as our king?", "Surely making disasters in all the world because of that Oogie Boogie!", "And talking about Oogie, he is the one who put us in danger, but our deserving king was there to save us!", "How could you say that you don't deserve to be the king with all the things that you've done for us?!"

With all the encouragement of the town, Jack felt the happiest skeleton in all the whole world. He wiped off his tears of happiness that were almost falling from his eyes.

But anyone could see it without Leon, he was like a benediction, "Son, we thank all this day to you... now... I only have one more thing to say to you... congratulations!! You are the new pumpkin king!" Leon cried of happiness and embraced Jack while all the town was acclaiming the new king, "Thanks dad! Happy Halloween!!!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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