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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

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The new pumpkin king finished the meeting. All the citizens came out. Jack and Sally were going home when Jack noticed that Leon was still in front of the Town Hall's door, "Son, aren't you coming home?" Leon blushed, "I...I promised Ariadna that I was going to take her to Spiral Hill this night... you know... to know the place... so... I will come back late" Jack was surprised. He smiled and winked at Sally, but Leon didn't notice it, "Well, then, we will go back home, see you... and, by the way... have fun with your date!" Leon kept watching his father, feeling stupid, angry, confused and blushed, "It's... it's not a date!!" Jack could barely hold his laughing back, "Anyway... have fun!"Leon sighed, "I will"

Ariadna came out of the Town Hall and Leon got closer to her, "Do you... do you still want to go to Spiral Hill?" He smiled at her. She winked, "If it isn't any problem to your majesty" They laughed. Leon took Ariadna's hand this time, and walked with her until they were in Spiral Hill. They went to the top and sat to watch the Moon and the stars.

Leon had black and white flowers hidden behind him which he got on the way, but he didn't know how to give them to Ariadna.

Finally, he decided to give it to her, "For me?" Leon nodded nervously, "these are the kind of flowers that grow here" She took them, "How sweet, thanks!" She kissed Leon's cheek and he smiled. Ariadna smelt the flowers, "Hmmm... what a beatiful smell!"

"I'm happy you like them" Ariadna smiled. She put her head on Leon shoulder. He smiled and put his head on Ari's, "How beatiful this view is" Leon smiled, "I can take you tomorrow too if you want" She smiled, "It would be wonderful"

About one hour of lovely conversations later, they decided to return home. Leon offered Ariadna to accompany her to Dr. Finkelstine's house. She accepted so they walked hand in hand to the house. Ariadna had the door behind her and Leon in front of her. It was a very lovely moment that none of the two wanted to waste. Slowly, they got closer. Ari embraced his neck and Leon her waist. Their lips met and they had a beatiful kiss (Wee!! Finally, the kiss!!! :p) "Good night" Leon said, "Good night, your majesty" Ariadna smiled and entered the house. Leon kept watching the place in a complete shock. He has fallen in love with Ariadna, and Ariadna has fallen in love with him. Leon came back to the Skellington Manor very happy. He couldn't wait for next day.


In the morning, Leon was hyper. Jack and Sally wondered what happened that night. They never expected that that night ended with a lovely kiss, but that was what really happened.

Leon was dressed in a blue vest. A white t-shirt with black buttons and black mittens, "Mom, dad, I'm leaving!" Jack smiled at Sally. He was sure of where Leon was going, "Okay, try to not come too late!" Leon left, "Bye!"


Leon was in the front of the door of Dr. Finkelstine's house, but this time, he knocked on the door. The Dr came out. Leon had forgotten that he lived there too! "Hi, my boy, how are you?" Leon didn't want to answer, but he did, blushed, "Hi, Dr., is Ariadna here?"

"Oh! yes! She is in her room. I think she is studying spells. Do you want to come and see her?"

"Sure!" Leon entered and went upstairs to Ariadna's bedroom. He looked through the open space of the bedroom's door and saw Ari drawing something with a spell. She was finishing it when Leon entered, blushed, "Hi, how are you?" He said while he took a box with holes behind him, "I'm fine, thanks... is that... for me?"She smiled and took it. Leon smiled too, "I think you will like it" He opened the box. There was a black cat inside with white paws and violet eyes, "Wow! Thank you, angel!" She took the cat and started caressing it. The cat purred and lay down on Ari's arms. Ari was thoughtful, " will I call her?...what about...Luna?" Leon smiled, "Luna is a nice name" He winked, "Ready to go to Spiral Hill?" Ari smiled, "Of course, let's go"


At the top of Spiral Hill again, Leon and Ari lay down. One next to the other watching the stars. Ariadna had her new cat, Luna, sleeping on her. Leon started talking, pointing at a group of stars, "Isn't that from there a pumpkin?"

"Yes! It is!... and... isn't that other from there next to the pumpkin a perfect heart?"

"Yes, you are right! It's a perfect pumpkin with a perfect heart!" Leon looked at Ari and Ari looked at Leon. He extended his left hand to embrace her from behind her neck to her left shoulder. With his right hand, he moved her head slowly so she could see him. Then, he kissed her lips,"You are beatiful" He said. She embraced him with her arms and put her head under Leon's and closed her eyes. Leon smiled and embraced her waist with his right hand and under her neck, touching her left shoulder, was the left hand. The cat was right in the middle of the lovely pair. Leon started to talk again, "Ari... I... I really love you... do you... would you like to... be my girlfriend?" She didn't answer, instead, she smiled and kissed Leon's lips again, still with her eyes closed. Leon smiled, "I will take that as "yes""He started to kiss her too, and that became a very lovely moment. Finally, she answered, "I love you too, Leon" She put her hands on Leon's chest and he embraced her stronger.

A few minutes later, they were asleep.


The next day, Leon opened his eyes, sleepy, "Where am I?" He opened strongly his eyes when he noticed that he was in Spiral Hill with Ariadna sleeping next to him! (No, Leon doesn't use drugs ) "Love? Love! Wake up! We fell asleep!" She opened her eyes and looked at Leon, "Asleep?! Oh... love... we are in a big trouble!"

"I know" He said sad and angry at himself, "Hurry! Maybe the Dr and my parents are still sleeping!" She nodded, took Luna and left to the Finkelstine Manor while Leon ran to his house.

It was too late for the two. The Dr was very angry, "Where were you!? I waited for you all night!" Ari was crying, "I'm really very ashamed, Dr. ...please, forgive me"

"How could I?! You are my responsibility! And now you must learn your lesson! You can't go out for at least one month! And now, go to your room!" She was very angry but she knew that he was right, so she went upstairs to her bedroom.

About Leon, Jack was an hurricane, and Sally was a storm, "How dare you, Leon?! Your mother and I were very worried about you! What were you thinking to fall asleep in the middle of the graveryard?!"

"Uhm... dad... I'm... I'm really very sorry... I... I was watching the stars when suddenly I got asleep... I... I think that I was tired because of the meeting" He lied to his father. Jack was still super hyper angry, "Well, then, you must go home the next time, but now, you will be castigated!! Now, go to your room immediately!!"
Chills ran through Leon's back after that last word Jack said. Leon nodded, but when he was going upstairs, Jack talked again, "Son... and what happened to Ariadna?" He smiled demoniacal. Leon was speechless, thinking on what was he going to say to his father, "Ehm... she... she couldn't come... she said that... she had to... draw something" Leon prayed, "Please, believe me" He thought. Jack knew that Leon was lying. He never liked so much to watch the stars alone, and he never got asleep, but Jack preferred to talk about that with Sally, "Okay, now, go to your room, young man, and I will tell you when you can come out!"Leon obeyed, but he wasn't going to stay there forever, he needed to see Ari that same night!


"I don't know, Sally, I'm sure that he is hiding something"

"Love, maybe he's telling you the truth, why don't you go to his room and talk with him?"

"Maybe you are right. All of us can make mistakes. I will talk with him right now" Jack kissed Sally's forehead and left to Leon's room.

Leon heard knocks on his door, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Jack" Leon opened the door, "What do you need, dad?" Jack sighed and sat on Leon's bed, "Sit here, son" Leon obeyed, "I think I was a bit... crazy a few moments ago, but you must understand that Sally and I love you and that makes us worried about you" Leon nodded, "I understand, dad, and I said I was sorry" Jack looked firmly at Leon's eyes, "Son, are you sure you just wanted to see the stars yesterday and you got asleep? Isn't there anything that you want to tell me?" Leon's hands were shaking. If he tells Jack what really happened, he would be in a big problem (And who wants to talk about that with his father? :p) but if he does not, maybe his father will find out some day that his own son was lying to him. He chose to lie, "I'm sure, why do you ask?" Jack smiled, "Oh, for nothing... anyway, I wanted to tell you too that you can't go out tonight but you can tomorrow if you want" Leon nodded, "Okay, thanks dad" Jack smiled and left the room. Leon sighed. He felt terrible for lying to his father and he didn't want to lie to him anymore, but he didn't want to wait one more day, and he knew that Ari wasn't going to wait either, so his plan was to go that same night to see Ari and talk to her about what they were going to do.


Finally, it was night in Halloween Town. Ari was in her room, lying down on her bed, caressing Luna and crying, "I won't see him for one whole month" She continued crying until Leon called her, "Love? Love! Are you there?" Ari changed to a hopeful face and looked out of the window. She saw Leon and continued crying, but of happiness, "Leon! You came back!" Leon smiled, "I will always come back for you" He winked and continued, "Well... I'm supposed to be sleeping, what happened to you?" Ari changed to a sad face again, "The Dr. said that I wouldn't be allowed to come out for at least one month, but I want to leave with you" Small tears were falling from Ari's eyes again. Leon kept thinking a moment and then said, "Do you trust me?" Ari was confused by the question, "Yes?" Leon smiled, "Then, jump! I swear that I will catch you!" Ari was very frightened, but she wanted to be with Leon more than anything in the whole world, "O...Okay" She left Luna and prepared to jump, "Ready?" Leon said, "Ready!" She answered and jumped out of the window and fell in Leon's arms, making Leon fall to the ground. They started to laugh. Ari kissed Leon, "I love you, Leon" Leon kissed her, "I love you too, Ari" He embraced her and she embraced him. Suddenly, they started to spin down the hill, laughing. Finally, they stopped. They stood up, still laughing. Leon embraced Ari from her waist and she from his shoulder. They walked to Spiral Hill. Ari ran to the top of the hill and Leon ran after her. Ari stopped and opened her arms to Leon who jumped to catch her. They fell again and spinned embraced down Spiral Hill to the pumpkin patch. Ari's head was lying on Leon's chest. She smiled and said, "This time we can't get asleep" She laughed. Leon answered, "My father will kill me if he finds out that I'm here"

"What did you tell him?"

"That I was watching the stars and I got asleep because I was tired. And about you, I said you couldn't come because you had to make a drawing... and about drawings, what was you drawing yesterday?"

"A picture about us. Later I will show you"

"Okay. Now it's your turn to tell me what you said to the Dr."

"Hahaha... Well... I didn't say anything... just that I was sorry" She smiled and embraced Leon strongly. He caressed her back and kissed her forehead.

About ten minutes of kisses and stuff later, they decided to return. Leon went with Ari to Dr. Finkelstine's house to help her get in without being spotted. So they opened the door slowly and tip-toed upstairs to Ari's bedroom, "Would you like to see my picture?" Leon smiled, "It would be wonderful" Ari took the picture and showed it to Leon. It was about the two on the top of Spiral Hill watching the stars and the Moon. Ari put the drawing where it was and kissed Leon, "Good night, my king" Leon smiled and winked, "Good night, my queen" She smiled too. Leon got closer to the window and said before leaving, "I will talk to the Dr. soon, maybe he will let you go out again" He winked and jumped out of the window, landing quietly. Ari put her pajamas on and slept with Luna next to her. Leon entered the Skellington Manor climbing the creepers to enter to his room through the window. He dressed in his pajamas and slept in his bed.

Chapter 7 coming soon

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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