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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Next day, Leon woke up and went downstairs dressed in the dancing suit, but without the hat. Jack was going to go to Dr. Finkelstine's house to talk about some experiments. Sally greeted Leon, "How did you sleep, son?" Leon yawned, "Fine...thanks, and you?" She smiled and winked, "Fine too, except for the snoring of your father" Jack looked at her and smiled, "I heard that!" He embraced his wife and kissed her cheek. Leon watched the lovely moment, until he asked Jack, "Ehm... dad... could I ...ask you something... alone?" Jack looked at Sally and Sally at Jack, thoughtful, "Sure, let's go out" They waved to Sally and then left to Halloween Town, walking through the streets to arrive to the tower that was Dr. Finkelstine's house. They were in the center of the town when Jack asked Leon, "What do you need, son?" Leon blushed, but that didn't stop him, "How did you and mom... let's say... get married?" Jack stopped walking when hearing the question. He sighed, "Why do you ask?" Leon was yet more blushed and with a nervous voice, "Because... I... I'm curious to know" Jack started walking again and explained all the situations with Sally to Leon (Except how they had Leon, hehehe... how did they have Leon??? Tongue). When Jack finished explaining, they were in the front of the door of Dr. Finkelstine's house. Suddenly, Leon remembered that Jack could discover what really happened if the Dr. told him that Ari wasn't there either all the night two days ago, so he quickly talked with the Dr. when he come out, "Hi! Dr.! Ehm... I have to... see something with Ari... could I pass too?" The Dr. nodded and Leon ran to Ari's bedroom. The Dr. and Jack were in a complete shock, until the Dr. invited him to pass too and then they walked to the laboratory to start their experiments.

"Hello, love, how are you?" Leon sighed. He was a bit nervous, "Fine to see you but bad to see my father here!" Ari opened her eyes wide, "Your father is here?! But... love... what will happen if they find out what really happened?" Leon embraced her, "I don't know, I just know that I love you and nobody will ever separate us"

Jack was walking to the laboratory and heard the last words of Leon. He stopped walking, shocked, but the Dr. kept walking. The door was a bit open so Jack could look through and saw Leon embracing Ari! His jaw dropped, "but then it's possibly that two days ago..." He thought and then ran to the laboratory where the Dr. was waiting for him. Jack muttered to the Dr. "Dr., did something strange happen to Ariadna two days ago?" The Dr. was in a complete shock, how could Jack know that?, "Yes, she left at night and came back the next day" Jack was with his jaw dropped, speechless, shocked, silly and blushed. Leon was having a romance with Ari and that's why he was very strange all those days. Jack thought that he had to talk about that only with Sally and then decide what to do.

At the time of leaving, Leon kissed Ari and promised that he was going to take her out that same night. He walked downstairs and his father asked him with fiery eyes, "Ready to go, son?" Leon noticed that something was wrong, which made him feel chills on his back, "Ready... ehm... dad... is something wrong?" Jack smiled, "Nothing, son" That didn't convince Leon but he didn't continue talking. They said goodbye to the Dr. and left to the Skellington Manor.


Ari was reading a spell book. It was about how to fly on brooms. She started reading it a year ago and finished it that same day.

She put the broom on the floor and then said, "Fly!" The broom quickly stood up and Ari took it with her right hand, "Now it's my turn" She thought.


At Jack's house, Leon was "supposed" to be sleeping when Jack was talking with Sally about what really happened, "Then, is Ariadna Leon's girlfriend?!" Sally said excited, "It looks like that, but I'm not sure"

"Did you talk about this with Leon?"

"No. I prefer him carrying the fantasy, but I will talk about this with him when I'm sure that they are a good pair" Jack embraced Sally and took her to sleep. Meanwhile Leon was preparing to leave. He saw a broom flying at his window, it was Ari flying on it with her spell, "Come on, love, sit behind me" Leon nodded and jumped on the broom. He kissed Ari and embraced her while the broom was flying to Spiral Hill. Leon got an idea, "Love, I was thinking, why don't we go to somewhere new this time?"

"Where would you like to go, sweet?"

"To the Valentine Holiday!"

"But what about the king?"

"Don't worry about that, we will be far from the castle" He kissed Ari's lips again. She smiled and ordered the broom to fly to the Valentine Town.


When the lovely pair was in the lovely town, Leon took some violet and red heart flowers and gave them to Ari. She smiled and kissed his cheek. They walked hand in hand until they were next to a beautiful river. It was absolutely clean, with red small fishes swimming in it. It was surrounded by flowers and trees. There was a small wonderful bridge. Leon and Ari walked to the middle of the bridge and stopped to watch the river.

Suddenly, Leon smiled demonically at Ari. She was thinking for a moment and then understood what was Leon thinking, "No, Leon... don't even think about it!"Leon laughed and embraced her, "About what, sweet?" Ari sighed, "Oh... nothing" Leon laughed again, "Innocent!" He jumped to the river with Ari in his arms.

Leon came out of the river and started to laugh. Ari was still in the river. She looked unconscious. Leon looked at her. First, he thought that it was a joke, but then, he screamed and took her out of the water in his arms, "Ari? Sweet? Love! Wake up!" Suddenly, she opened her eyes, smiled, and spitted water at Leon's face, "No! You innocent!" She laughed and Leon looked at her with demonical eyes again, "Oh... sure?" He smiled and started tickling Ari. She laughed, "Stop! Love... hahaha... sweet! I'm serious... hahah.... I'm very touchy.... stop" He obeyed and kissed her. She embraced his neck and he her back, while they were still kissing.

Valentine was walking in the forest, sad because he lost Ariadna, his supposedly future wife. When he was walking through the bridge, he saw Leon embracing and kissing Ari. That looked like he was becoming a demon, "Enough! I will kill you this same day!" Leon and Ari turned to Valentine, who whistled to the sky. A giant red and black dragon with huge spike wings landed on the ground behind Valentine. The king sat on the back of the dragon, "Kill them, my huge monster!" The dragon growled and spitted a hurricane of fire at them. Leon quickly took Ari in his arms and jumped away, "Quickly, love, prepare your broom!" She nodded and cast the flying spell. Leon jumped on the broom, but he wasn't sitting, he was standing with Ari in his arms to control the broom himself, but carefully, not to fall, then, they flew away. The dragon extended his wings and flew behind them, spitting fire. Leon did all he could do to stay away from the fire, but he knew that with that way sooner or later the dragon was going to catch them, "Sweet, fly to Halloween Town, I have to defeat him" Ari was holding her tears back that were going to fall from her eyes, "No! What about you?!" Leon put her on the broom, "I will be fine if you too, now leave!" He jumped on the head of the dragon, but Ari didn't want to leave, she just stood a bit away, but near.

On the head of the dragon, Leon used his pumpkin king suit and breathed fire. The dragon growled of pain. He started to move his head to make Leon fall but he jumped on his back, next to Valentine and took his blade from the sheath, "I will take this for a while" Valentine growled angrily and tried to steal it back from the hands of Leon but he jumped on the dragon's head again. He stabbed it in his muzzle. He screamed of pain. Leon took the blade again and entered the dragon's mouth towards his stomach. From inside, Leon cut his neck, paunch and tail. Leon came out the dragon through a huge slashed hole that he's done to him and landed on the ground. The dragon landed behind him, dead. Ari was still flying there and landed to embrace Leon, "Oh, sweet, you are fantastic! I'm so happy to see you are fine!" He smiled and embraced her too. They sat on the broom and returned to Dr. Finkelstine's house.


Finally, in Ari's bedrrom, both of them were lying on Ari's bed. They were too tired, especially Leon, so they took their time to rest. Leon looked at Ari, "Sweet, tomorrow I have a meeting to talk about the plans for this Halloween, would you like to come with me?"

"I would like, but... What about the Dr.?"

"I will talk with him tomorrow before the meeting"

"Okay, Leon, then, tomorrow I will be here waiting for you" Leon kissed her and left. Ari fell fast asleep, impatient about the next day.

chapter 8 coming...soon

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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