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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

In the morning, Leon woke up. He dressed himself in the phantom suit and went downstairs, where Jack and Sally were as usual. He looked at his father, who was writing something. Sally was sewing. It was a violet suit for Leon with a long tail-coat. Black long phants. White t-shirt but without buttons, instead, a red thread. And a very long blue scarf that reached the knees. Sally looked at Leon, "Son, I finished sewing this, why don't you try it on and wear it in the meeting?" Leon walked closer to her and took the clothes, "Thanks mom, it's very nice, I will put it on it now" he walked upstairs to his room. He changed to his new clothes. He looked wonderful in them, more than usual Tongue. He came back downstairs and looked at Sally, "Thanks again, mom, I love them, now I will leave to the meeting, are you two coming with me?" Jack looked at Sally, "Well... we will stay here until you came back... we want to leave you alone.... you can tell us how it went when you come back" Leon raised his eyebrows, "Well, if that's what you want... see you later, and thanks again mom!" Sally smiled, "Welcome! And good luck in the meeting" Leon waved and left.


Before going to the Town Hall, Leon went to take Ari as he promised. He knocked on the door and the Dr. came out, "Hi, my boy, is there something I can do for you?" Leon answered blushed, "I'm here to take Ariadna to the meeting, Dr... I think she should know more about them" The Dr. raised an eyebrow, "Well, she is being punished, but I think she's learnt her lesson, go upstairs to take her and please tell her that she can go out again if she wants to" Leon nodded and went upstairs to Ari's bedroom. She greeted her and went out again with her. He told her that she could go out again and was holding her hand until they arrived at the Town Hall.

After about one hour of talk about all the plans, the meeting finished and all the people inside came out.

Ari went to kiss Leon (carefully, not to let anyone see) "Great idea for this Halloween, your majesty" Leon smiled and embraced her neck with his right hand and walked to the Skellington Manor with her. He took her right hand with a hand and opened the door with the other. They entered, closed the door and walked through the corridors to the dining room where Jack and Sally were sitting on a couch watching a photo album. When they saw Leon and Ari entering they closed the album and greeted them, "Hi guys, how did the meeting go?" Jack asked. Leon smiled, "Fine. This Halloween will be different, but it still will be Halloween" Leon winked at Jack. Jack was thoughtful, "What are you talking about? What did you decide?" He smiled at Leon, with a hopeful face to have a very funny and horrorific Halloween, "This year, we will make a dance in the Town Hall. There will be music and dance mixed with horror.... what do you think?" Jack smiled, looking at Sally, "I think it's a great idea, we must start the preparations"


It was only April yet, six months left till next Halloween, but like every year, the town started preparing it very early. All the town was preparing the Town Hall for the big party... meanwhile an old evil character was being resurrected.

Lock, Shock and Barrel were using the resurrection spell for the last time. It was a powerful spell that requires three members and only can be used two times and for the same people. It was the second time that Oogie was being resurrected, so this time he had to win, or he couldn't come back again. Their plan would take place on Halloween's night, so they got prepared for the special night, for the night they would take revenge.


It was finally October 30th, the day before Halloween! It was early yet, about 5 p.m., but Leon was ready with his new clothes and his black mittens. Also, he had a black collar with half a pumpkin and half a heart shape.

Ari was ready too. She was wearing a black T-shirt with an huge white heart on the chest. Her paunch uncovered. A very long black dress. Gloves that covered her hand and arms, they were made of black thread and in the start of it it was violet. She also had her usual collar with her black heart shape. She was lying on her bed, caressing Luna, impatient.


Finally, it was 7 p.m. and Leon left to the Dr.'s house. Ari came out and kissed him. Hand to hand, they walked to the Town Hall, where everything was ready.


At 9 p.m., the Town Hall was full. The seats were removed to have a big empty place to dance. The reflectors had black, white and orange colours and they were controlled by the Mayor. Halloween Town musicians were on the stage, playing music. All the town was dancing inside.

Jack was dancing with Sally and Leon with Ari.

Sally had her hands on Jack shoulders and he on her waist.

With Leon and Ari was another story. They forgot that all the town was there: Ari was embracing Leon's neck with her head lying under Leon's chin and on his chest. He, on the other hand, was embracing Ari's back strongly.
All the town noticed that something's wasn't right, but they continued with the party without saying anything.

Jack and Sally were watching the lovely pair, so busy with their love to notice them, "Jack, I think it's time to get to know Ariadna better" Jack nodded. They got closer to Leon and Ariadna still dancing, "Son, would you like to switch?" Leon woke up from his dreams. He looked nervously at his father and tried to sound normal, "S...sure" He smiled at Ari and switched pairs with Jack. Sally and Jack tried their best to get far from each other. When finally they were far enough, Jack and Sally started their conversations. First Jack, "And tell me, Ari, how is your relationship going with Leon?" Ari blushed, afraid. She was sure that Jack was suspecting something, "It's.... It's fine.... he is my best friend.... he is a very nice person" Jack smiled, "I'm glad that you too are... having a nice party" Jack continued talking to her ironically, meanwhile Sally was doing the same with Leon, "How is everything going with Ari, Leon?" Leon blushed, "Do you mean... our friendship?" Sally smiled, "Yes, son, about what else could I talk about?" She winked. Leon knew that that wasn't a joke, "It's.... It's fine.... she.... she is a nice friend?" Sally winked again, "And nothing more?" Leon blushed. That meant that his parents really knew what was happening, "Just... just friends" He blushed even more and tried to dance near Jack and Ari, "It's change time!" Leon said to his father, "Okay" Jack answered. They switched and the two pairs danced far again, "Leon, your father was very strange, he asked me weird questions about us, I think he knows what's going on" Leon wasn't surprised, "I know. My mother was strange too. I'm sure that they know it, we must stop lying to them and tell them the truth, now we can" Ari nodded nervously. They stopped dancing and walked hand to hand closer to Jack and Sally. They saw Leon and Ari coming closer to them and they know about what were they going to talk. Leon stopped in front of Jack with Ari behind him, nervous, "Dad... I'm sure that you and mom.... I only want to tell you that I was afraid of.... you know.... well.... I'm sorry" Jack smiled and put a hand on Leon's shoulder, "It's okay Leon, we know... what are you waiting for? Go have fun!" Leon smiled. Jack winked at him and started dancing with Sally again. Leon smiled at Ari and she at him. He took her hands to continue dancing, like Sally and Jack, who were very happy for their son.

"It seems that we will have a happy final" He smiled and kissed Ari's lips.

Lock, Shock, Barrel and Oogie were hiding under a sheet inside the Town Hall, "Then it isn't the final" Oogie muttered and smiles at his servants, who smiled at him too demonically. The now big brats were preparing a very powerful spell which could make Oogie giant, but they need to make it during all that day. It would be complete at exaclty 12 a.m., Halloween! But it was only 10p.m., so Oogie had to wait.


In the flank of the hall, there was a buffet. Ari and Leon went to eat something. He embraced her with a hand and caressed her chin with the other. She took an ice cream and shared it with Leon, getting closer the spoon full with ice cream to Leon's mouth. He closed his mouth to taste it, "Hmmmmm.... chocolate!" He said and took the spoon from Ari's hand to submerge it in the ice cream bowl and then introduce the now full spoon in Ari's mouth, "Hmmm.... tasty!" Leon smiled at her answer. They kept eating ice cream for a few moments and then left to dance again.

Jack saw them coming back to dance and he stopped dancing, "Come with me, Sally, I have an idea" He took her hands and went upstairs where the Mayor was controlling the reflectors.


Leon and Ari were really having fun. Suddenly, the music stopped and all the reflectors pointed to Leon and Ari. All the townspeople stopped dancing, including the young pair. Leon looked up, where the lights were coming from. He saw Jack smiling at him, "Very funny, dad.... when this all is over I will kill you" He muttered. He looked at Ari and smiled, "Let's dance?" She smiled. The musicians started to play the music that had the same rhythm as "Shadow Oogie".

Leon took Ari's hands and started to dance in the center of the hall. Fantastic footsteps, rhythm and spins. They were dancing perfectly and wonderfully. When they finished dancing, Leon screamed, "Happy Halloween!!!" The clock started to play the bell, it was exactly 12 a.m.! All the town applauded for Leon and Ari and continued with the big party of another Halloween.

Hope you enjoy it by now, chapter 9 coming very soon...I hope Tongue

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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