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Leon's Adventure

Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The clock bell started to play. The last bell played and Oogie's spell was ready, "In fact, Happy Halloween everybody!!!" He screamed laughing meanwhile he was growing, "Oogie!" Jack screamed, "Oogie?... That potato sack is Oogie?!" Leon asked, "Be careful with what you say, your majesty!" Oogie laughed at him. Oogie was giant. Bigger than he was last time when fighting sixteen years ago with Jack. The three partners were laughing, "And who are you?" Leon asked to them, "Lock", "Shock", "Barrel!"

"Why do you help him?" They laughed again, "Because he is the real king!" Leon growled, "How could you say that? He is evil!" Barrel answered, "But funny! And we like the fun! And we cannot be funny with Jack or you as the king!" Leon answered angrily, "You three are crazy! And you will pay for that!"

"If I don't die laughing first!" Oogie laughed at Leon. He growled again. He quickly looked at Ari and took her in his arms. Then, he jumped where Jack was and put Ari on the ground again, "Dad, please, protect her and the town" Jack nodded, "Ariadna, come with me and Sally, Leon will be okay" She didn't want to. She wanted to help Leon, but he didn't let her, "Please, love, go with my father. I will be fine, I swear!" She nodded, containing the tears. Jack went downstairs with Sally and Ari and screamed, "All the town, follow me! We must leave, NOW!" All the people left except Leon, who stayed there to defeat Oogie. A few moments later, the town wasn't near to the fight, but they weren't far either. It was just a few meters, where they were safe.

Jack screamed to the town to make them hear him, "I have to help Leon, now, please, stay here!" But when he turned around, he saw Lock, Shock and Barrel standing there, "Where are you going, Jack?" They laughed. Jack growled, "Move now or I will trap you in the jail forever!"

"Okay, okay" Lock said and the three moved away, "But it isn't our fault if something happens to your dear citizens, especially your wife!" Jack was a fire storm near to burn them alive, "I will kill you!!!" He screamed and started fighting with them, meanwhile Leon was with Oogie, "Surrender now, Oogie! You've never won and that isn't going to change today!"

"That isn't goin' to stop me, young king! Now I will be the new owner of this throne!" He said. Leon started to laugh and Oogie screamed angrily, "What is so funny?!" Leon stopped laughing and answered, "You! Those were the silliest words I've ever heard!" Oogie growled, "I think that you are just a cowardly king and that is why you don't want to fight!"

"Is that all you got to say? Let's dance!"

(Music of filthy finale, and very similar footsteps, wee! :p... and by the way, m.n. means that Leon throws musical notes against Oogie)

Well, well, well, now the throne will be mine
Still sure... that you... aren't goin' to lose that?
So why don't you just give up? You know, surrender!

It's over! It's over! Your scheme was bound to fail! (m.n)
It's over! You're finished here! You now will know the dead!(m.n)

He insults me, he attacks me, I don't know which is worse
I might just split a seam now if I don't die laughin' first!

(Oogie grows yet more!.... darn it! Tongue)

What's this? A trick? I'm not impressed
You're bad and now you're tall (change to Santa suit)
It makes it all the more worthwhile to see a giant fall!

Talk, talk, talk but I tell you
This giant will win the game
If I were you I'd leave with your dad
Or you won't see him again!

Whoa oh

Leon: Whoa oh

Oogie: Whoa oh

Leon and Oogie: Whoa oh

Leon: Whoa ohh!

Oogie: Hahahaha!

Leon: I'm the only pumpkin king!

(throws giant snowballs against Oogie, coming from the black sky)

Halloween Town is mine!

Oogie: Well, aren't we confident?

(Leon changed to his pumpkin king suit)

Well, I'm feeling angry
Because now you're here to annoy (m.n.)
It was a big mistake for you came back here
Because today I will finish you! (m.n.)

How silly, oh! Please stop it!
Now who will help me stop laughin'?
Can't you see that I'm a giant goin' to kill
And now I will turn you into smithereens!

Leon: Whoa oh

Oogie: Whoa oh

Leon: Whoa oh

Oogie: Whoa oh

Leon and Oogie: Whoa oooohhhh!!!

Leon: I'm the only pumpkin king!!!

(Leon made a giant fire wall against Oogie)

This ends here

Oogie: I'm laughin' to dead!

(Leon changed to the soul robber Leon)

It's over! You're finished!
You just deserve to be dead (m.n.)
You? The king of my Halloween?
That will never happen! (m.n.)

How insolent! How mad!
You really think that you won?
I could be the evil and you the good
Then this time the good is wrong!

I'm the king of the town of Halloween!

Leon: You are king of nothing!

(Oogie grows yet more! DARN IT!!!)

This time I'm really gonna win
Just beatin' you at my game!
'Cause I'm a gamblin' Boogie man
Although I don't play fair
It's much more fun, I must confess,
With YOUR life on the line
Yes, YOURS, of course
It couldn't be more fun
So now I will have a party time!

Whoa oh

Leon: Whoa oh

Oogie: Whoa oh

Leon: Whoa oh!

Oogie: Whoa ohhh!

Leon: Hahahaha!
I'm the only pumpkin king!!!

(Leon finally throws the last musical notes against Oogie that defeat him)

*Working on the next chapter*

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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