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© Nightshade Boogie

Nightshade, a cat demon, is forced to work for the Boogie Man. She longs to visit the town and finally gets her wish.
But of course, once you get a little taste of freedom, you want the whole thing...
Romance later on in the story. My first fanfic ever.

Chapter: 1 2 3

"Finally!" shouted a cat girl as she threw a misshapen toilet brush across the room. She slumps to the floor and mutters "I'm done cleaning the whole treehouse and just a few more hours till those little monsters get back."
But then her ears perked up as she heard the front door slam. 'Crap,' she thought. 'Better get outa here.'
The cat demon walks toward the bathroom door and as soon as she opened it, a short chubby boy rammed into her stomach.
"BARREL!" She shouted as she pushed off the little boy. "What the hell are you doing here? You're not supposed to get back till midnight!"
"It was midnight an hour ago, stupid!" A little girl dressed as a witch shouted as she walked in. "Isn't she stupid, Lock?"
"Yes she is, Shock," laughed the devil boy. "You reallt need to keep up Nightshade."
The trio laughed as Nightshade gritted her teeth.
"We got you a present. we know you will reeaally like it," Lock said with a grin. Barrel brings in a wet carboard box.
"What's in there?" Nightshade snapped, glaring at them suspiciously. the trio giggled once more before they shouted, "MUDDY FROGS!"
Lock, Shock, and Barrel opened the box and unleashe the hundreds of frogs that dwelled within it. The mud-caked frogs hopped around the room, getting mud on everuthing.
"ARRGH!!" Nightshade screamed and punched the wall, then quickly withdrew her fist. 'Damn, that hurt like hell.'
The trio rolled on the floor laughing. "um, Nightshade, we're over here!" Shock said while waving her hands.
"THAT IS IS!!" Nightshade screamed at the top of her voice and kicked a frog in their direction. She ran out of the room and towards the casino.
"OOGIE! Try and control your henchman! I spent hours cleaning this dingy treehouse and release muddy FROGS!" Nightshade yelled into the shadows.
A deep laughter echos throughout the casino. "They're just having a bit of fun. And who doesn't love a bit of frog?"
Nightshade clenched her fistsand growled. "well, how come THEY get to go into town? Why can't I?
"Cuz, you're nothing but a servant. A slave!" replied the shadows.
"Well, they're henchman! How is that any better?" cried Nightshade. "And besides, that doesn't mean you can control my life!"
A gargantuan burlap man walks out of the shadows and glares down at her. Then in one sweeping motion, he strikes her face, causing her to fall down.
"Oh really? I think it does" the boogie man growled. "You've been working here for five years. You should now know your place."
Nightshade stares at the floor, with her teeth bared and tears streaming down her cheeks. 'I'll him tear apart. I'll him tear apart! I'LL TEAR HIM-'
"So what is it that you want?" Oogie Boogie asked, interrupting her thoughts. Nightshade wipes her tears away and looks up at him with a strong face. "I want to go to town. I want a break. I want a room instead of a f%#@$& cupboard!"
Oogie slaps her across her face again. "You can go to town tomorrow night. Be back by midnight and if anyone asks, you just got here. Got it?"
"What?" Nightshade couldn't believe her ears. "Why now? Why are you giving me a break now? after all these years?"
"You haven't been working well lately. maybe this break will clear your mind," The Boogie man replied nonchalantly. "Now get out of my sights before I change my mind!"
Nightshade quickly ran out of the underground casino. She could hardly hold in her glee. She giggled on her way to her "room".
"NIGHTSHADE! Clean up the bathroom! It's caked with mud!" Shouted Shock.
"I'll get to it tomorrow!" Nightshade shouted back. She tried to make herself comfortable in her cupboard. 'I have a long night ahead of me. Better rest up'
So what do you think? Flame me if you wish, just give me honest answers.
It'll be reveiled later why she can't just run away, punch threw that wall, or beat up Oogie Boogie.

Chapter: 1 2 3

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