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A Dreamer's Destiny

© Halloweentown-Gurl

Ky is made fun of.... her heart hurts because her class tuants her for liking the NBC...... in her heart... she feels a certain bond to the town....... What she doesn't know is that her real dad RULES it!!!

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Her life

Ky walked slowly through the school doors. The words her classmates had said to her still rang in her head.

'Nobody likes you!' 'You're so weird!' 'I don't believe you like something so stupid!' A tear rolled down her cheek as she ran towards home.

Her classmates, of course, were talking about her obsession of Jack and Sally... the main characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Ky's best friend, Sara, once told her, 'Don't listen to them, Ky!' She couldn't help it; their horrible taunts hurt her. She knew it sounded stupid, but to her, Jack and Sally were closer to her than her parents. She pushed a strand of dark, strawberry-blonde hair out of her eyes.

She had always looked towards the haunting couple when she was low. But most of her 'friends' and family acted like that was a bad thing. A few more tears rolled from her hazel eyes.

Ky shoved the door to her room open and threw herself on to her bed. She grabbed her Jack's head pillow and buried her face into it. She lay there and sobbed. Her hand hit the play button on her CD player. She hummed along with 'Jack's Lament'.

She heard a knock on her door just as Jack's tenor voice faded from hearing. "Ky! Ky!" a sweet one-year-old voice called. Ky sighed and walked over to her door. She opened it and looked down on her baby brother. "Ky!" he said again.

"Lincoln, Ky's busy right now. Go play with Anna," she told him. Lincoln's sweet face fell. Ky felt guilty, she had actually finished all of her homework at school. She knelt down and hugged him. Lincoln looked at her with puppy eyes, turned around and left to play with Anna and Kin.

Ky shut her door and skipped from the song 'What's This?' to 'Sally's Song'. Ky started singing along with her own words.

'I sense there's something in the wind,
That feels like all my dreams are gone
And though I'd like to talk to them,
Can't shake this feeling that I have.
My hopes are just around the bend,
But do they notice, the words are stinging
When they laugh at me? I think it's not to be.
What will become of all my dreams?
What will my hopes be made of then?
And though I'd like to change my dreams,
So they will not laugh at me,
And do they notice, my feelings hurting?
No I think not, it's never to become,
For I am not the one.'

Ky ended the song with more tears in her big eyes. Her elbow length hair fell in front of her eyes. She looked in her mirror and gasped. In the place where her face should have been, was a young rag-doll with reddish-brown hair. Ky shook her head, blinked a few times and looked back. It was her same face.

"I need to sleep...."

"Ky! It's time of dinner!" her mom called from outside her door. Ky flipped around and forgot about the strange reflection.

"I'm not very hungry mom. I had a big lunch," she called. It wasn't really true; she had left the cafeteria when her so called friends walked in. Sara had waved for them to come and sit by them, they all smiled at Sara, and sneered at Ky. Tears had clouded up in her eyes.

"I have to go," she whispered to Sara. Sara looked at her in surprise.

"Why?" she asked with big eyes.

"I have to meet with our teacher," she lied. Sara raised an eyelid at her.

"Okay," she said. Ky got up quickly and threw her lunch in the trash and rushed out of the room quickly. Tears fuzzed her vision.

"All right. I'll leave out a plate just in case," her mom's voice called as she walked back to the kitchen. Ky flopped herself on her bed just in time to hear Jack and Sally sing to each other.

Ky ended up sobbing herself to sleep. She heard a high-pitched version of 'This is Halloween'. "My cell phone!" she cried. She grabbed the orange phone off of her drawer.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hi Ky, this is Sara. I wanted to talk about today at lunch," Sara's voice said at the other end of the phone. She had a slight lisp caused by her braces, but Ky didn't remember her friend had braces.

"Okay Sara. What do you want to know?" Ky asked as she hugged her Zero doll close to her.

"Why did you go?" Ky's heart sank. She really didn't want to tell anyone... not even her best friend.

"I told you, I had to go see Miss Harrison," Ky's stomach squirmed from lying.

"Ky, don't lie to me. Yes Ky, I know you lied to me," Sara said. Ky's stomach hurt even more. Small drops fell from her shiny eyes.

"I have to go. My dad needs me. I just came to answer the phone. Bye." She hung up before Sara could respond.

Ky cried herself to sleep again. She woke up to a green light pulsing out side in the backyard. "How odd," she muttered to herself.

She slipped quickly out of the back door. Ky walked over to the glow. At a closer glance, she realized it was a group of green smoke.

Ky walked closer to it. She stuck her hand through it. Then she walked through it. She was sucked into the ground. Ky screamed in terror, but no one heard. Soon, she fainted.

Short chapter..... MAJOR cliffie!!!!! NICOLE!!!! YOU SPILL AND I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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