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One Love, One Lifetime

© SoraSkellington

This is a fanfic by the loving couple known as SoraSkellington and Zacods. The real Jack and Sally!
Twas a nightmare before Halloween
Someone met a mistress, the most beautiful he's ever seen...

She was beautiful charming and smart,
When he saw her, he had a warm feeling in his heart

He was charming and elegant as if he were royal
When in all reality, he was definitely loyal

The moonlight gave them both a certain glow
Little to them it was love for they hadn't to know

They knew they shared something unique,
It was something deeper, beyond their physique

And yet through the starry night
they did not know this emotion couldn't cause a fright

For they did not know it yet, but this was love,
It felt so right, they welcomed this feeling as a sign from above

However they weren't the same
she was from a holiday with a different name

She was from the lively Christmas Town with a heart of gold
Or so young Zack had told

But there was something they had not counted on,
For there was a person who wanted to see their love withdrawn

So with the shadows a villain had came
And regardless of Zack's royal name

He took away the lovely Sora Marie
In hopes that they were never to be

For the bag of bugs hated for true love to arise,
So he devised a plan along with three little spies

Lock, Shock, and Barrel the trio of three
Soon knew that they would make Zack flee

So with their traps and swords, axes and spears
They were going to make a reality of Zack's fears

For they knew that if Zack was down,
That he'd eventually give up his crown

And if not there was blood to be shed
And they would make Sora dead

The tragedy of losing his one and only,
Would cause Zack to be incredibly lonely

This would leave way for Oogie to reign,
He and his henchmen just loved to cause great pain

However if Zack kept his crown
The love of his life would be brought down

The choice was complicated and yet so great
It caused Oogie some fun and yet Zack hate

It was the day that Zack has to choose
Between who must win and who must loose

The choice wasn't to hard for Zack to make,
He had to give up the his crown, for his love's sake

So as Oogie and his men marched into town
Oogie had a feeling he would win the crown

Despite Zack's anger towards the bag of bugs,
For now, he had to ignore Oogie's evil thugs

Although he didn't want Ooige to rule, it didn't matter,
Saving Sora was came first, so Zack's pride had to shatter

When the choice was heard everyone fell with despair
They knew Oogie's ruling was dreadfully unfair

And so Oogie's terror began
And all Zack did was ran

Zack ran, trying desperately to find the girl he couldn't do without,
He searched frantically, before Sora's time was out

Zack finally met up with Lock, Shock and Barrel,
When he did, he noticed Sora was in a state of peril

They just slipped some poison in her with a demonic smile
They knew she would last for just a while

However they didn't notice the Skellington son
Only then did their fun end and they began to run

Zack made sure they paid for their dreadful mistake,
As he held her, he hoped that the poison was a fake

Unfortunately it wasn't but he didn't have much time
There was still the fight and more to this awesome rhyme

As he ran into town he realized she was alive for a while
And in a way that made them smile

They had noticed that Oogie had everyone cornered to the Town Hall
It was a definite that Oogie was going to control them all

Zack had to save his town,
And eventually reclaim his crown

Despite the dire situation hanging over her life,
Sora felt that she had to help and fix Oogie's rotten strife

So with that she took out her two keyblades and joined the duel
She didn't treat Oogie like any precious jewel

When the battle concluded it was obvious who won
The town was saved by two heroes and not just one

With the town safe and the battle won,
Zack felt as though a new journey had already begun

He was still nervous, for everything was happening in such a blur,
But then Zack turned to Sora and managed to confess his love for her

She did the same only she didn't have much time
Which had brought Zack back to the memory of her little time

Zack remembered then began to fret,
He then took Sora to the Dr. to cleanse this threat

With the Dr.'s help, they managed to make it in time,
They devised a potion to counter Oogie's final crime

She thanked the both of them with the greatest of gratitude
and soon lost her teenage attitude

So as she stood alone on the spiral hill that night
she wondered about this land of fright

And knowing that Zack was at her side
She knew this was going to be more than a roller coaster ride

It was going to be

A nightmare in reality
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