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The Tears in Destiny

© Halloweentown-Gurl

Sequel to "A Dreamer's Destiny"........

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

A Terrible Accident

"I wouldn't worry about Ky, Sally. She just needs to get a few more stitches. But Jack..." Dr Finklestien's voice trailed off. Ky stepped away from the door. She Knew what he was talking about, the accident, Ky and Jack had been hit by a car.

Jack had pushed Ky away but wasn't fast enough to move himself. The car hit him and threw him to the edge of the road.

She sat on the edge of the bed on which her father was. "Dad, dad! Get up, please!" Ky begged shaking Jack's shoulders. Jack opened his eyes and looked at the twelve-year-old.

"Ky..." he said. He set a hand on Ky's cheek. "Are you okay?"

"I just had to get more stitches," she answered. She had big tears running down her face. Jack wiped away her tears with his thumb.

"You be a brave girl and help your mother," Jack said. Ky nodded and tears fell on his hand. His eyes closed and he became motionless.

"Dad, dad! No! Please, wake up, wake up! Don't leave me!" Ky sobbed. She shook her dad's shoulders, no response. "Dad! Dad!" Ky continued. Jewel, Sally, and the Dr ran in the room.

Ky had curled up on Jack's side. "No..." Sally whispered. Jewel lead Sally from the room. Dr Finklestien set an arm on Ky's shoulder.

"Come on Ky. He's gone," he said.

"No, he's not! He's fine!" Ky said. But in her heart, she knew it wasn't true. Her grandfather sighed and left the room. Ky pressed her hands to her face and sobbed. "Dad... dad... how... could y-you?" Her long hair fell into her face.

'It's all my fault,' Ky thought. After a few more minutes of sobbing, she opened the window and climbed to the ground.

She looked up at the sky and searched for a new star. To her, if somebody all ready dead died, they would become a star. She had star charts in her room, if there was a new star, she would know.

A big white star caught Ky's eye, it was in the middle of the Big Dipper. "Dad...."

Ky walked to Moonlit Hill and sat down. Her eyes suddenly turned orange and shadows flew across her mind.

A speeding shadow flew by. In her mind, she could she someone in it, it had big yellow eyes. Ky blinked and her eyes turned hazel again. She touched the locket her father gave her on her birthday.

"Ky, this was your grandmothers, I want you to keep it," Jack had said. She traced the outline of the heart and stood up.

Ky ran as fast as she could to Skellington Manor. She walked quickly up the stairs and ran into her room. She pulled a picture of her father out of a drawer and set it on her side table. She set candles around the photo and with a wave of her hand, lit them with a gray flame. Jack's smiling face was illuminated in the gray light.

She slipped into her pajamas and crawled into her bed. Her hair fell around her head in a halo and she snuggled into the sheets. Sally knocked on the door.

"Come in," Ky said sadly. Sally walked in and saw the mural Ky made. She sat on the bed and stroked the sheets.

"Ky, how hard are you taking this?" Sally asked.

"Very," Ky whimpered. Tears rolled out of her eyes and stained her cheeks and sheets. Sally ran her fingers through her daughter's hair.

"It'll all be okay. In a few months, you won't feel so bad." Ky shot up.

"How can you say that? Dad's gone! And you... you..." Ky cried. She rolled over and sobbed into her pillow.

"Oh Ky, it will be okay. You'll see," Sally said with tears running down her cheeks. She kissed Ky's cheek and left the room. Ky sat up and looked at the mural she mad in memory of her father.

"Wishing I could hear your voice again. Knowing that I never would," Ky sang a line from a song she sang in the human world. "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" was one of her favorite songs and showed her feelings.

Zero flew into the room and curled up by Ky's feet. Ky scratched his ears. "Zero, do you know?" she asked. Zero looked up at her with sad eyes and nodded.

Ky started to sob again, Zero licked her tears and nuzzled her. Ky wrapped her arms around him and sobbed herself to sleep.

Ky felt herself getting shaken out of sleep. "Ky! Ky wake up!" Sally said. Ky groaned and wondered why her dad wasn't waking her up instead. Then she remembered the accident.

"I'm up," she moaned.

"The Mayor wants to see you in an hour," Sally said. Ky nodded and swung her feet off the side of the bed. Sally walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

Ky pulled a dark black outfit out of her closet and slipped it on. She waved her hand over her head and made her hair black. She aimed magic at a black nail-polish bottle and made it paint her nails. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail and tied the black and white ribbon over it. Ky ran black lipstick over her lips and pulled the hood from her hoodie up.

Ky relit the candles on her mural and clipped the locket around her neck. Sally knocked on the door.

"Ky, breakfast is ready," she said.

"I'm not hungry," Ky called. She wiped off the black lipstick thinking her mom would kill her if she didn't.

"Ky, starving yourself won't make your father come back."

"I know, I'm just not hungry." Sally opened the door and walked in. She looked at Ky and pulled the hood back.

"Ky!" Sally exclaimed when she saw Ky's hair. Ky looked at her feet. "Why did you do that to your hair?"



"I can change it back.... But you can't stop me from wearing black." Ky muttered a few words and her hair went back to the reddish-brown color except for a streak by her face.

"You'd better get going. The mayor is a very impatient man," Sally said. She sat there and watched her daughter, clad in black, walk out of the manor.

"Ah, Ky!" The mayor said as Ky walked into Town Hall. "I'm sorry about the accident. Now... to the reason you're here. As you know, you are the only child of Jack and Sally. As such you are heir to the throne until your father declared you queen. But, when your father was killed, you, by blood, are to rule until your mother marries or when you marry."

Ky almost fell backwards. "I can't rule! My dad never gave my lessons!" Ky cried.

"So? I can teach you! That's why you're here! So I can start training you!" Ky fell into one of the audience seats.

'Some New Year this turned out to be!' she thought. It was the beginning of January and she had already been in five fights, two accidents, and now, training!

"Um, Mayor.... I don't think we should start this week... to many things have happened."

"Good point. We'll start next week all right? Jack's funeral will be on Thursday."

"That's in two days!" Ky cried. Nobody told her that, not even her mom! Why didn't any of them feel the same way as her?

"See you later," the mayor walked out of the town hall. Ky brought her knees to her chest and sobbed. A citizen walked in on hearing the sobs.

"Oh! Your highness!" he exclaimed. Ky looked up and wiped her tears away. She looked closer at him, she hadn't seen him before. He had a dark blue outfit, short black hair, and big brown eyes. She guessed he was probably the son of the famous singer that lived in town.

"Yes?" Ky whimpered.

"I...I was just wondering why you were crying," he answered.

"Don't you know? Doesn't anyone in this town know?" Ky asked. The corpse shook his head. "My father's gone... dead... not like you and me.... No longer here dead."

"Oh.... I'm sorry!" he exclaimed. Ky buried her face in her arms. "My name's Nick, I don't need you to tell me yours."

"Hi Nick...." Nick sat by her.

"So... how'd he die?"

"He... we... were hit by a car. Dad pushed me you of the way but wasn't fast enough to move himself. It's all my fault! If I hadn't gone to the graveyard, this wouldn't have happened!" Ky started to cry again.

Nick set a rotted hand on her shoulder. He wiped a tear from her face and took one of her hands. "It wasn't your fault," he said.

"That's sweet of you to say so," Ky said. Nick's cheeks turned a pale pink.

"I can take you home... if you want," Nick said.

"Thanks." Nick stood up and pulled Ky up. The two of them walked silently to Skellington Manor.

Poor Ky!!!! So alone and misunderstood.......... Just like the real me................ Uh......... I'll post the next chappie tomorrow............... BUH-BYE!!!!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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