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© Lock-Lynn

There's a war going on in the hinterlands, vampires against witches. The vampires are losing horribly, so they've sent all children away to live free of war. Belle is sent to live in halloween town. Where does she end up? The TreeHouse of Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Belle sat atop the spiral hill, almost crying. She was to go back to the hinterlands in 4 years. FOUR. She turned 20 in four years!angrily wiping her eyes, she looked back at the treehouse. She liked it there, she liked it alot. It suited her much better than her previous house, and Lock Shock and Barrel seemed incredibly nice...but she still missed home. Belle brushed her blue hair out of her face, which was in two long braids teid with black bows. Her grey and blue striped top overlapped her long sleeved black shirt. Her black poufy skirt reached just below her knees and she wore flat greyish blue shoes with black bows, like in her hair, on the top of the toe. Belles Grey-blue eyes gazed over the pumpkin patch, which looked so picturesce in the sunset. Then, she slowly turned back towards the treehouse.
"Hey," Said Lock, looking at her worriedly. "You okay?"
"Yeah...yeah, I'm fine," she shrugged, taking a piece of candy from the cupboards in the kitchen.Shock looked concerned, for none of the trio could imagine being away from family for as long as Belle had to be.
Suddenly, Belle snapped at them, "STOP IT! Quit worrying about me, quit STARING at me, your only making me feel WORSE!" And she flopped down on the couch(or..recycled half-couch...heh, it's on the special features on the NBC dvd... Tongue )beside Lock. Lock suddenly felt his stomach flutter and his tail twiched.he glanced awkwardly at Belle, then said, "Uh...I have to go to the bathroom." Head down, he hurried off in the wrong direction and turned to go upstairs.
Barrel grinned and pulled his lollipop out of his mouth. "I think Someone liiikkkkeesss you." as Lock came back and muttered something about going the wrong way. As he actually went in the bathroom this time, Shock smiled.
"I can't believe it. Don't worry, Belle, Lock likes almost every pretty girl he sees. And you rank pretty high on that scale. He's harmless,really."

And Lock was harmless. Every time he got near her, he would put his head down and his pale face would turn as red as his shirt. And why? Because Shock told him that if he ever tried anything she would beat the crap out of him. Lock took this really seriously, considering what she did to him when he assured them that the Easter Bunny WAS Sandy claws and the egg-shaped door DID lead to Christmas town. He had two black eyes and a broken tail after THAT incident. And he was already too shy to even have a normal conversation with Belle.

Belle sat morosely on the roof of the treehouse, the wind playing with her hair and drying the tears on her cheeks. "Stupid war." She thought to herself, "stupid Witches.I wanna go home. " Suddenly she heard a voice behind her. Lock had managed the courage to talk to Belle.
"Huh?" She replied, looking at him. "Oh...It's just you."
"Whatcha doin?"He asked, determined to not blush or shuffle away.
"I'm just thinking."
"...About what?"
"Well, to be completely honest...I miss home." She said, turning away because tears had welled up again. Lock was now sitting next to her on the roof. Trying to be cheerfull, He put his arm around her and said something dumb.
"Don't worry, you'll be back home in just a few short years!" And he leaned in to kiss her, thinking,"I'm so smooth".
Slapping him hard across the face, Belle shouted, "Lock, you are such a JERK! Who do you think I am?!" and climbed down from the roof, leaving Lock with a big red handprint on his face and a horrible thought of what Shock would do tomorrow.

EnD Of ChaPteR. Hope everone likes it, I'll post a fanart of Belle as soon as the scanner is fixed. ^^please reply and tell me what you think! I'll add another chapter as soon as I can think of one! This is based on a comic I wrote awhile ago.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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