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Black Wedding Bells

© Oogie Boogie

After Oogie was defeated Jack and Sally had a daughter named Zeleana. When Oogie came back Zeleana was sent away to hide. After Oogie's defeat Zeleana was raised without interupptions. She is now in her late teens and has met the man of her dreams. The whole town is getting ready for the wedding of the century. But marriage isn't as easy as it looks...
Zeleana's hair blew in the breeze, a gust of wind just passed her. It was a windy season in Halloween Town this year. She shivered and hurried to the Witches Shop. In the cozy little shop she browsed for the item she looked for.

"I wonder why Mom and Dad sent me to the store for." she said as she picked up a bottle of Wormswart. "They must be up to something..." Zeleana walked to the counter to pay for the Wormswart. "Congratulations!" shrieked the tall witch at the counter with delight.

"Oh thank you." said Zeleana with a smile. The tall witch looked at the Wormswart and from there looked up at Zeleana. "Its free. Take it was a wedding gift." she said with a toothy grin. Suddenly there was a loud explosion in the back room of the shop. Both Zeleana and the tall witch were startled by this unexpected rumble.

"No! No! You did it all wrong!" said a voice which sounded like the short witch. "Geez, Sorry." a smaller voice which everyone could recognize said. The door to the backroom swung open. Smoke floated out of the doorway as the short witch and Shock came out of the room. They both coughed as the smoke drifted into the main room of the shop.

The tall witch opened the window to let the smoke get blown out by the wind. "Is everything alright in there?" coughed Zeleana. "Oh don't worry. Shock is learning to become a witch. She asked me for some lessons in witchcraft and magic. I decided to give her some proper training." said the short witch. After another cough she spoke again. "Today, she was practicing spells. That explosion you heard was the result of a misinterpreted incantation."

Shock was wearing her same witch hat along with a matching tank top and skirt with ruffles. She had black bracelets on her arms and still had the same hair style. Her legs showed except for the long boots she wore. Shock looked to see Zeleana, she put on a warming smile that could have fooled anyone.

"I am sorry Zeleana. But I really want to become a full fledged witch." she said with her arms behind her back, looking at the ground shamefully. "Its all right." Zeleana smiled once more. "We'll try again tommarow." said the short witch. "Alright, I'll catch you later." and Shock ran for the door. "Bye Shock." Zeleana said but she was already gone. She put the Wormswort in a basket she was carrying and bid farewell to the witches.


The climate of Halloween Town was cold and clammy. Black clouds covered the sky giving the day a more gloomy atmonsphere then usual. Zeleana came up to the gates of Dr.Finklestien's labratory. She looked at the high tower and shuddered at the thought of her mother jumping through the window. Zeleana went up the rocky steps toward the door, which was open to her surprise. Inside the experiment facility Zeleana walked to the lab part of the tower when she heard a wrinkling voiceof Dr. Finklestien.

"Now this device is called the Life-O-Matic. I use this device every Halloween when Jack needs his skeletons. I just set this up so you can call a soul from the world of the dead to be revived in Halloween Town in their dead form." Zeleana peered in the doorway and saw Dr. Finklestien point to a big machine. A tall kid in red jeans, a red hooded sweater with devil horns and red hair was standing before the Doctor. A short but not very short boy with a black shirt with skeleton bone prints on the front, black jeans, and green hair was standing next to the devil kid.

They both played around as the Doctor spoke. "Stop it you kids!" scolded the Doctor. "You have to know how to treat every machine with care, no matter what! Don't you see I am giving you valuable information?" "Sorry Doc." said the boys and stopped. Dr. Finklestien turned his wheel chair around and moved toward a different machine next to the Life-O-Matic.

"Ahem, now this other piece of machinery is called the Berserker Cannon. I built it out of spare parts, this is used only when Halloween Town is in an emergency." The Doctor opened his head and scratched his brain. "After Oogie came back alive twice and switched my brain, I decided that I wouldn't take anymore chances." The Doctor closed its head and continued his explanation on the device. Zeleana realized she was eavesdropping, and quickly went through the doorway making herself known...
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