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The X-Laws

© Tifa, the Strange

A mishapen 15 year old girl named Linetra is seeking to kill and have revenge on Jack Skellington for her creation, but what did Jack do? No one knows, but Linetra is getting more creatures like her to have revenge on him, will Jack die? Or will the X-Laws meet their demise? Set after "The Princess and the Skeleton Prince", it's not the sequal, just a story I really needed to post...

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

It was the end of Halloween night, Jack Skellington had finished guiding the citizens to their Halloween Scare in many worlds and they were very delighted. "Thankyou all, citizens of Halloween Town" shouted Jack Skellington from the fountain. "This was the most horrible Halloween yet." All of the citizens cheered, but stopped when an explosion was heard comming from Dr. Finklestein's Laboratory. 'What is the Dr. doing now?' Jack thought.

He ran off to Dr. Fink's lab and slammed open the door, "Dr. Finklestein?" there was no answer. "Dr. Finklestein, are you alright?" Before long he heard coughs from above and ran up the rail way ((Can't say staircases cuz there weren't any in Fink's lab). "Dr. Finklestein?" Jack say lots of smoke in Fink's lab and found the doctor on the floor, "Doctor, are you alright?".

"Yes, I'm fine Jack" the doctor said while coughing out the smoke in his lungs, Jack helped him up to his wheel chair. "It's not the first time I made a failure"

"Doctor, what other failure?" Dr. Fink just covered his mouth with his wee-little hands((Sorry, couldn't help myself), "Forget it Jack, I said nothing"

"Doctor, I can see it that your trying to hide something, you can tell me" Jack gave a friendly smile to the doctor as Dr. Fink sighed. "Jack, before I returned from Amos a year ago, me and Dr. Aminstein were working on a project to make an unstoppable creature, but it failed, the creature we made was a teenage girl and she was horrible when me and Aminstein created her, so the Dr. preserved her in ice."

Jack was very surprised "Doctor, why didn't you just destroy her?" "We couldn't" Fink said "The girl was indestructable, we tried everything: molten lava, the lowest temperature known, everything, even magic couldn't destroy her, so Dr. Aminstein decided to preserve her in ice"

Jack now understood why the doctor always wanted his creations to be perfect. "Well doctor, I must get going, I hope you get your project done" he left the lab and went to his manor.


In Amos, inside Dr. Aminstein's lab were she was doing another project, an explosion occured. "Dr. Aminstein, what's happening?" said one of the doctor's helpers. "I don't know, get out of here"

"But doctor, what about you?"

"I'll be fine, now go" Her helper obeyed her and left the lab, in just seconds, a creature appeared from the smoke. "*cough* *cough* Unggghhh"

"Oh no" Aminstein gasped, she ran to the creature but she got attacked by it. "Why?" the creature said when Aminstein got up from the floor. "Why what?" "Why have you CREATED ME" the creature shouted at Aminstein before using her stretchable arms created by toxic quemicals to grab a huge generator. "What are you talking about?" the doctor said. "Maybe THIS will make you remember" the teenager slammed the generator at Aminstein but the doctor avoided it.

"STOP IT RIGHT NOW" the doctor shouted at the creature "I don't take orders from a MAD SCIENTIST" she slammed the generator again at Aminstein but she kept avoiding it until the whole lab was now on fire.

"WHAT did I do?"


"I only wanted to make an unstoppable army to stop the dark side"

"But you didn't succed, instead, YOU MADE A MONSTER OUT OF ME" she grabbed another generator and slammed it again at Aminstein who was still avoiding it until the creature got her, the doctor screamed in pain. "I... only wanted to create an unstoppable creature..." the teenage girl grabbed an electricity storage and raised it into the air. "And I succeded..." the creature slammed the doctor and killed her.

The laboratory was now burned to the ground, she was the only person standing on all the rubble. She noticed something beneath some metal and picked it up, it was a picture frame with her creator, Dr. Aminstein alonside another doctor and a tall skeleton, she recognized the skeleton quickly. "Jack Skellington... You will meet the same fate as Aminstein," she started to walk away from the burned down laboratory.

"Everyone who made me will meet their demise slow and painful, but first, I must get some... accuantincess, no one will mess with me..."
Why didn't Dr. Fink tell this sooner to Jack? Why does the creature think that Jack was responsable for her creation? Why? All of this will be learned in time...

Disclaimer: I don't own Jack, Dr. Fink or anyone from the NBC, Timmy does ^_^, Me wuvs yew Timmy...

Comments pwease, me needs it to continue...

Amos (c) JacksLament13
Dr. Aminstein, Linetra((The failed project) (c) Me

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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