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Forgive Me Sally

© SoraSkellington

A deal takes more than guts. In this case it takes someone's life.

Chapter: 1 2

- I've rode the carousel of excitement
and you know what I found?
I found all the trouble it was worth getting on.
But yet, I think I want to ride it again.-

Up in the looming tower of Jack Skellington, the glory of Halloween, something was going on.

Ever since the whole quote, " try to take over Christmas," thing, Jack felt as if things were not the same anymore.
On the inside, that is.
After he married Sally and had two kids, Roy, and Maria, things inside him, were different. He was usually hyper and vivid with new ideas for his day.
That being, Halloween of course.

-I realized something
Life's like a brass ring
Used for the carousel of death
Only just to let one of the spirits ride one of its little metal horses
I'm one of them.
I'm riding the lead horse named Dior.
And I don't mean the lady who makes the perfume known as
But whenever my wife wears it, it makes me die again.-

His youngest child, Maria ran up to him.
She was only half his leg size, as she remained only five. Her innocent looks dove into her father's eye sockets as he seemed to wonder if she would see the depression.
The ingenious works trying to come up with a new thing for the holiday.
But no, she was only a girl.

-When I first saw the chance of a lifetime
I took it
And now look where I am-

" Daddy? What's wrong?"

" Hm? Oh nothing. Daddy's planning for next Halloween and if you go play with your little brother, I'll treat you to a ghost spice float!"

( Ghost spice is like pepsi. I made it up.)

" Yay!"

With that she ran off, leaving her father to misery. The door slammed out on the way, as Jack felt a wave of hurt swim over him. He knew she didn't mean it, but something just struck him in the part of his heart. He knew it was weakening and there was nothing he could do to prevent it from decreasing in strength.
It was already weakening due to the deal he made with Oogie. His memory burned with a searing pain as he wondered why he had ever made that deal.

' If you don't hurt them when I'm gone, then I'll know they're ok.'

-I'm in another nightmare
Where my heart got reborn
Its not the same way it was but its good to me
I'm a father now and I'm painfully torn
By the way how my heart was formed.-

It was five hours later in the day of the pumpkin sun.

It was quiet.
Too quiet.
Suspicion lurked around every corner as something was going on the Skellington house.
The two children were napping in their beds and dreaming of sweet things, that oddly enough weren't dead.

While up in the tower, the Pumpkin King was sipping on something that looked like wine.He trudged over to his window as he looked down below.

No one was around.

The only witness was the fading light of the pumpkin sun. But what could light sing even through the darkness?
Because it had no voice.
Or did it?

-I felt the walls collapse on my little girl
And as I grabbed her I wondered if I should of
But that's how I'm supposed to be or so they say
But in the end I wonder if I must be their way?-

The silence was broken by the sound of breaking glass.

First the wine glass.
Then the window.

Only to be broken again by the sound of tears and a cold, anciently bitter voice say one thing to strike terror in all.

" He's dead."

Chapter: 1 2

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