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Just Last Halloween...

Vanished With a Kiss

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2

It was a year later.......

Halloween was on the horizon
Just as the rain was
He went to search for her
It was the boyfriend of the girl who died

Tei Jace Lurthermare
was his name

His hair gave off a bit of the sun rays upon the hour

For it was only six
The sun was setting

His eyes were two pools of darkness in which you could die in

Yet the dead girl loved him so

In all reality, the girl's name was one of a game
Her name you may ponder?
Stefonia Violetta the III.
But she preferred the name Sora.

That being a single video game character who sealed the hearts of all.
And she unlocked her friend's heart.

" But I love Stef, not Sora."
" But I am, Sora."
" No you aren't.You will always be my Stef."

He told her that before the murder of her.
All on Halloween, too.
So as he carried himself down the streets of Halloween, he knew what to do.

" Its time to kill the king."

He wanted revenge.
For the Halloween ruler didn't mean to murder, but he didn't know.

Neither did Sora when she dropped dead of fear.

" I wish I was there.
To fight him off of her....
but no.
I had to play Kingdom Hearts."

The game she loved.
Just like she loved him.
Even through death.

And as he entered the graveyard
he took out the thing that he adored.
A silvery, sleek sword.

When she was in Japan, she forged it for him.
And on the back of the blade, in her elegant cursive writing was something he was never to forget.

" Let my heart guide you just as you guide me."

" To this.
Your grave.
My despair and yet I love you.
But now its time for hell to be banished."

So as he raised the sword above the grave where which the King was
something stopped him.
He turned around to see her.

His one true love.
Stefonia Violetta the III.

" Stefonia!"
" I have to tell you this. Don't kill cause of the king."
" What do you mean?!"
" I know you want revenge. But my love will be with you."
" Stefonia, what are you saying?!"

" She belongs to me, now."

And from the grave emerged him.
The King of Halloween.

" Sora, come on. Everyone's awaiting you at the party."

" Stefonia, please, don't leave me."

She got off the top of her tombstone
It was of an angel holding a blade
All along she stood upon the blade

" Stefonia......."

" Sora...remember, I showed you a life you never knew before."

She walked in-between the two.
A clever smirk stayed on her face

For a moment, she seemed unordinary
But it was proved when she turned to face Tei

And then
she kissed him

" Jack...understand that you did kill me and show me a life of wonder, but, I 'm ready to give it all up. I love Tei and no one can change my mind."

" Sora........fine. I understand."

" Don't take it wrongly, I love him."

" I will not."

" I love you too."

He threw his weapon to the side, as he took her into a dip
With that, they did one thing all teenagers do
They kissed.

The Pumpkin King returned to his realm of Halloween
And he seemed to acknowledge one thing

That Sora would be back
He knew it too

And as the couple walked away in the rain
Jack held one thing in his grip that no one seemed to notice was gone

The sword.

Chapter: 1 2

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