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© unfortunatexSally

Chapter: 1 2


Chapter 2: Meeting

"J..Jack... Kids?" Sally called out uneasily as she stumbled into the dark house, of the Skellingtons. She put down her basket and walked into the main living room, looking around as she saw Kye walking dreamily up the stairs. "Oh Kye, sweetie. How was your day?" She tried to make some sort of communication with her son. He glanced at her and sighed.

"Spent time with Jade today...Now I am going upstairs. Goodnight, mother." He said and walked up the stairs leaving Sally alone in the room. She sighed, and walked into the kitchen still seeing no sign of her other children, or her husband. Where are they, she asked herself. She decided to just head up to the bedroom. She wasn't feeling too well anyway. The thought of her daughter, made her depressed and sad.

"Sally!" A voice shouted from behind her as she touched the railing of the stairs. She looked behind to see her darling husband, who raced up to her, kissing her passionately. Her eyes widened as she pulled away.

"Jack? What has gotten into you, today?" She said with her hands on his shoulders. He smiled and brought her closer with a hug.

"Nothing! Its just... I love you so much!" She smiled as he snuggled with her closer. That is until Jonathan showed up raising an eyelid and walking up the stairs.

"Jeez, get a room!" He said and Jack was about to scare his son away, but he held Sally closer. Sally wondered why he was being so loving today. He was acting very strange, very.

"Jack, please, theres got to be a reason that you are so affectionate." She giggled a little as he spun her around. He smiled.

"Do you know its been seventeen years since I proposed." He said, and she gulped hard. Of course she remembered. It was the most horrible day of her life... When her daughter was stolen from her. She looked away from him, and her eyes saddened and he looked down at her curiously. "Wha...What's wrong Sally?" He asked. "I was hoping you'd be happy..." He gestured towards the dining room, and a loud gasp escaped Sally's lips, as the room was elegantly decorated. Candles where everywhere. Fine dining plates and utensils were set across the table. Jack reddened as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "...I figured tonight, You, all of our wonderful children, and I, have a nice elegant dinner, and later on...when the kids go to bed.....well... " He kept going. All of our wonderful children....?, Sally thought. How can all our wonderful children be here, when Noa is at that lab. This has been eating away at her for seventeen years... and now it had almost swallowed her whole.

"Jack..I... I have to go right now..." She said and turned towards the doorway leaving Jack cluelessly looking at her. A bit of hurt was inside him, that she didnt sound willing to spend a romantic evening with him. There was definently a problem. He caught up to her as she reached for the entrance door.

"Sally?" He said with concern. "What's wrong with you today?" He put his hand on the door as she was opening it. But she looked at him.

"I know honey, we will spend this nice day together when I get home...I ... have something important to do really quickly." She pulled the door harder and Jack's hand came away. She ran out of the house quickly and down the steps, almost stumbling over on her fragile legs and out the gate. Jack stood at the doorway with his arms hanging down at his sides and a saddened face.

Sally raced down through the town, hoping to get to Doctor Finklestein's house quickly. She hasn't seen the man except for at town meetings. Of course he wouldn't bother to bring Noa, so that she couldn't see her. She wanted to see her today. She wanted to see her daughter and hopefully get her out. But who knows what that doctor would have done to her. She bit her lip as she ran up the stone trail to the laboratory. It was bigger than she remembered and she remembered the spot where she jumped out the window several times... to escape from that man. She rang the doorbell. It was old sounding. It was very worn out sound and the door opened slowly.

And Sally's eyes widened, as the door was fully opened and she thought she was looking at herself. She thought, that the doctor had made a replica of her, when she was made, but that was impossible. This person in front of her was a pretty ragdoll, standing about 5'0'' who had long raven black hair. Her face had fewer stitches than Sally had, but the rest of her body, looked pretty beat up and full of stitches. Sally instantly knew....this was HER daughter.


Noa opened the door slowly after just finishing clean up work in the kitchen. The doctor gave about 50 chores a day, if not, more and she was tired. The door bell rang, and Noa thought, Who could be here at this time of night? The woman that she was staring at now at the door's eyes widened as they made eye contact. Who was she? Why was she here? Why does she look like me? Questions swam throughout her mind as she stared at this woman uneasily. She decided to speak up.

"Y-Yes..What can I do for you, ma'm." She spoke slowly while thinking that she knew this woman from somewhere. But where? She shook her head quickly and spoke softly, her voice was magically soothing to Noa.

"Um...Yes... My name is Sally and I-" She began and Noa soon realized who she was.

"Sally?! So...That means... Your'e... Your'e...." Noa stammered and Sally smile. "-so that means you are the Queen!" Noa proclaimed quietly so the doctor wouldn't hear, and a sweat drop went down Sally's face.

"...Yes... I am the queen..." Sally said unbraggingly but looked up with a faded smile. " I am also something someone else......" Noa raised an eyebrow as Sally grabbed her hand. Noa felt some sort of warmness when Sally grabbed her hand. Why did she seem like Noa knew her so much. ".......I am your m-"

"SALLY!" The doctors voice stormed throughout the lab and Noa let go of Sally's hand and leaned against the wall with fear. Sally looked at her and scowled as the doctor rolled down the steps. Noa looked at Sally with horrified eyes.

"P..Please dont let him hurt me..." She pleaded quietly and Sally mouth widened. Finklestein has been hurting her daughter all these years? And all Sally did was blame herself. She put Noa through al this hell. It was HER fault.

"Igor.. Please escort Mrs. Skellington in..." Dr. Finklestein announced with a cackling laugh. And Sally felt her arms being grabbed by many distorted creations of his. The grabbed Noa also, and were both pulled into the lab, the entrance closing behind them with a loud bang.

Thanks for reading my fanfic.. This is Chapter 2, hopefully ill be done with 3 soon. Thanks again.

Chapter: 1 2

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