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A Dream's Reality

© SoraSkellington

Sora the Grey Loneliness of the Waves ( my character) wonders something. She understands how her friend the Pumpkin King feels, but does he acknowledge the fact he sees it? She wonders if he'll ever see the true inner Sora.
But yet, will she get her answer?

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Up in my tower next to his, I watched him.
Observe through stained glass windows of red and black, orange with yellow, too.
I possibly lived in the tallest tower of this town. Jack being my best friend, he got me this place. In Halloween Town, its known as the Lucky Horror Manor. I dunno why though.
I had adored it ever since I stayed at Jack's place the first time I came here.

Its funny.
Once you hold onto something.
You have it forever.
Or until you lose it or throw it out or find it all crumpled or damaged in the wash. As for me, I have a million things to hold onto for a lifetime. And to think, my heart keeps them all. Except objects.
I mean, you try shoving a wax figure that your friend made you into your heart. I tried it when I was five while the wax was still hot, and it burned like a flaming volcano of intense magma.Or even an increasing forest fire.

But as for me, I had a single song.
Little lyrics I'd make up everyday in my head. Then write it down on the same piece of paper. Only when I'd finish it, I'd play it on my acoustic guitar.
So that Jack wouldn't be able to hear it. I never did want him to, because, well I'm not sure he'd understand.
I'm still unsure if he'd understand.
Understand that I, I know how he feels.

When he gets depressed and all.
When he feels all empty inside, I can see it in his eye sockets. I notice it behind the original skeleton grin. For some its hard to observe, like the Mayor for example. He gets so wrapped up in plans and projects that he doesn't see the emotion. No offense to him. Not at all.
I on the other hand do.
I used to feel the way Jack did.
The emptiness inside of me.
Growing and consuming everything. Taking control of my life. Longing a thirst for something new. A change, perhaps.
I tired everything to banish it, until, that very unlovely day.
The day of my demise.

All I could remember was the black corvet getting flipped over and rolling down a steep hill. My boyfriend next to me. I got up for a moment, the sunlight in my face.
The last thing I saw was the lunatic that was after him drag his limp body away.
The final thing I felt, was the lone tear sliding down my pale face.
It fell into a small pool of my own blood.
Then, I closed my eyes for the last time of my life.

I never told Jack about my death.
Instead I told him about my true past and how I just wanted to run away and never look back. My problems of life, with my father being a drunken idiot, my mother a defenseless gentle soul, and I. I was the shadow of my family. The different one. The one who was blamed for everything. The one who was alone and teased. The one who was everything a shady figure was. But hiding it all inside me. My friend told me it was unhealthy, but I dared never listen to her. She inflicted my computer with a virus that lost me all contact with my boyfriend before the departure of us both.That's when he understood me.
I didn't know if it was my tears or the way my voice was. It was in a sob and then into my normal tone. Or how I expressed it all through skits, expressions, and dances.
I just didn't know.
But it got through to him that I had errors in life. He knew by the way I looked at him, I had no friends. Through my eyes, he saw that I had a heart of gold all this time. Through the pain, the darkness,the abuse.
He saw it.
And that was only the first time we met.

Now I wondered if he knew that I understood him.
Probably not.

-" Times were like a diamond in the rough
Always a time when dreams actually came true
Until I found the door to my demise
I must admit tragic did follow
Yet no one shed some sorrow
Except for the boy I liked.

Still my lover was taken
The villain won his crime
And as for I
I never got a chance to kiss him one last time
But hey I was used to that
At least for a while

But yet again, the darkness was taking over.
Just like my love and despise for hell.

Oh how I wanted to go beyond the stars.
Past the tears of angels and cries of Neptune
Oh thy heart why do you cry?
When really, it should be me.

Now here I stand to confirm the blood on my blade was his
I vow my revenge upon the time
That I fell through the darkest hours of the night
Here I am, on the unfurling wonder I have discovered
Once again, I am alone.

Oh how I wanted to go beyond the stars.
To see my unknown destiny
And explore the quadrants of life so dear
Yet to me, it slips away."-

That's my song for him.
The song known as, " A Painful Truth."
I named it, created it, forged it, as if it were a song trapped inside a blade. I do posess one, of course for my fighting purpose.
But the song, it contained just about it all.
The emptiness, its all in there. But if only he understood.
I 'd give him my life to just understand, if I only could. But not, there's that something that blocks me. I dunno what it is, but I'd wish it would just stop. Its the reason why I can't prove to anyone that I am true to my life. But now, its gone.
My life.
My everything.

Now look where I am.
Up on the spiral hill.
Just as usual.
My tears flowing once again from my heart. I fear that sometimes my heart might run out of its soulful tears and use blood. My own blood, just to cry.
Its pathetic sometimes.
Or so my memories proclaim.

Oh Jack, if you could just hear me say that I, I..............I know how you feel.

" You do?"

" Jack....I, I..."

" I couldn't help but to notice you up on the spiral hill alone and your song.Sora,"

He took my hands into his, as I felt as if my heart was going to explode. I knew this was it. My fantasias swirling invisibly around us, making this dream become a reality. All those times, why was I so blind?! Of course he understood! I knew it!
Didn't I?
Or was it the moon playing its optical illusions on me?
It didn't matter now. He understood me.
This must've been the best day of my Halloween Town life that I've lived so far! He drew me in now, for the one thing I adored the most.

A kiss.

" Sora, I can't believe I was so blind to see that you actually understand me."

" No Jack, I was blind. I was blinded by my love for -"

I was cut off by the kiss of my phantom.
Perfect, just like he was.
My phantom of Halloween.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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