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A Dream's Reality

Memories Painful and True

© SoraSkellington

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Yet again, I am trapped in the dwellings of my tower.
I adore it up here.
You can see the view of town.
The glamour of the dusk.
An awe - inspiring dream unfolding throughout all people's minds. Just as it did in mine, the first time I came here. I remember it, as if it were a nightmare gone haywire.

It was a long, cold December day.

It was all going perfect.That day, it was snowing. I was at the school.
All alone.
I missed my bus for home by accident.
Casually, I sighed. Remembering the atmosphere of a frozen time. Wearing a lone, short sleeve to school. It was yellow. Yellow, like the Florida sun with a pink outlined kitten. Underneath it, in a glittery pink color, it wrote, " Smitten."
My black, denim jeans were torn like as a voracious hyena was trying to devour them. But in truth, they were ripped by the thrist of fun for the " popularity" of the hated.

Yet, on both of my arms, were two bleeding scars. They were the reason why I missed my transportation home.Almost all of the "popular" people in my district gave me an early Christmas present. They didn't forget my back, my legs, and near my personal spots. Even my ticklish spot that my boyfriend knew about was damaged. It was like all of my memories, torn, and thrown into an ocean of a malice laughter.
Tears in my eyes grew. Burning like a miracle of hell.
No one was around and I heavily began to walk into the school.

Before I even reached the school, I knew my body was weak. I knew it wouldn't last for long. I could tell because my hand was already in the fallen snowflakes. My other hand gripped my stomach. That's where they slashed me the most.
But then, I heard footsteps.
I really didn't need their presence nor anyone else's. If I was to die. Then I would take it like the young woman I was. I wasn't afraid of death. I wasn't afraid of the darkness!
If I was to fall to it, then let it be. For it could not penetrate my soul nor heart.
The footsteps grew closer.
I stood up and then, I ran.
I ran like I never did before. Like as if a criminal was after me and wanted to do the Michael Jackson on me.

I knew the perfect place to hide.

I swung open the auditorium door.
No one was around. They all left for Christmas delights. I heard the door swing open yet again, as I began to frantically climb the metal ladder that was backstage. There was a place up there that people could make out, hide, or do whatever. I finally reached the top.
Weakly, I threw myself onto the platform, and hid in the shadows. I kneeled on the hard wood floor up there. I saw this place in my dreams and I acknowledged the fact that it was always real. The figure now stood on the edge.
I knew who it was.

" Sora....?"

" Tei? Oh, Tei....."

I lost it all.
My control, my light, for a moment I was no one. I hot the floor hard.
In my unconscious wake.

Then I saw it. The vision of Halloween Town. I stood on the spiral hill.
No one was there with me, as I called out my boyfriend's name. No response. I called it one last time, before someone touched my shoulder. I turned to see the dreamy of the horror, Jack Skellington.

" W- who are you?"

" Sora, you're not dead yet."

" What?"

I awoke yet again.
Before long, I was in Tei's arms. Falling to the power of darkness in his arms. Dreaming.
Only then, he carried me to his black corvette.
Then drove me to his place.

That was it.
My first time to Halloween Town.
A mere glimpse before the day in July.

The day when they shot the car down.
We went rolling down a steep hill.
And I, yet again, was helpless. For I saw the lunatic carry him away and all I could do was escape and cry.
Cry with my tears of blood one last time.
Escape this world only by death,
And as I fell to its power, I heard his voice one more time.

" Don't forget me and the darkness won't steal you. I love you, Sora the Grey. I love you."

Jack doesn't know about that July day.
But he knows about the December one. I saw him in the shadows.
Watching me. He saw my wounds.
And as I saw his hand reach out to my figure, the voice of Tei arose.
Only then, the Bone Man vanished.

But I believe its time I told him.
About the summer day.
The day when the sun was the hottest.
The day when the darkness took control.

And the day, I felt love for the first time in my life.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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